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BeDesk Nulled Script 2.0.1

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BeDesk is a self-hosted helpdesk, ticketing, email management, and customer service program that includes features like notifications, automatic reports on searches, views of articles, and ticket conversion from emails. With an optional Envato plugin that offers automated item import, earnings reporting, and login validation, it is lightweight, fast, and easy to use. BeDesk also has a visual editor for managing menus, SEO tags, and other elements, a powerful HTML editor for creating articles and organizing knowledge bases, and a translation ready function. Users of the open source, responsive platform can sign in using well-known third-party websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Envato. The program features a comprehensive text editor for creating tickets, a strong search engine, and an excellent design. The HTML editor allows users to construct menus and pages as well. The BeDesk sample site is accessible for demonstration purposes; however, because it is a shared site, certain functionality might not be available. A MySQL server, a PHP nulled script, and a PDO Extension with PHP 8.1 or later are required minimums.

BeDesk Nulled Script

Helpdesk Ticketing System & Software for Customer Support

BeDesk is feature-rich, self-hosted software for customer support, ticketing, email management, and helpdesk tasks. To be configured properly, it doesn’t require any knowledge of coding or server settings.

Emails can be automatically transformed into tickets or responses, and BeDesk-generated agent responses can be sent out in emails. Additionally, BeDesk makes it simple for users to submit tickets and reply to them directly from the website.

  • Use the Potent Features of BeDesk to Boost Your Email! Keep your present email account and use it as an email management tool.
  • Email correspondence regarding tickets: Create BeDesk tickets from client emails, then receive responses right to your inbox.
  • Get notifications via email, browser, or mobile device anytime something occurs, such as a new ticket, a reply, an assigned ticket, and more.
  • It’s easy to set up. Even if you have no experience with servers or coding, you can easily install BeDesk in a matter of minutes with our easy-to-use installer and instructions.
  • With BeDesk, you can automatically generate reports on searches, content views, tickets, and more.
High speed:
  • BeDesk is extremely lightweight and comes pre-installed with lightning-fast speed and page load times.
  • The optional Envato module includes Envato login, purchase code validation, earnings reporting, automated item import, and more.
  • Knowledge base managementWrite articles and use tags and categories to arrange your knowledge base using a powerful HTML editor.
  • Edit text, pictures, and colors with the visual editor. With a live preview, modify menus, SEO tags, and more with the powerful look editor.
  • Prepare BeDrive for translation from the admin area directly. There is no need for other programs or settings files.
  • Because the BeDesk platform is responsive, it can adjust to any device’s screen size.
  • Being open source allows you to alter it as you see fit (or hire a contractor to do it for you) because the source code is completely accessible and unencrypted.
  • Obtain a lifetime license for a single payment. There are no unstated expenses.
  • There are thorough offline instructions included in the manual. Everything is explained, from setup to the different features.
  • With the social login option, enable users to sign in with well-known third-party websites (such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Envato, etc.).
  • Google’s material design guidelines are met by the exquisitely created design.
  • This search engine is strong because of Elasticsearch, Algolia, MySQL, and numerous other integrated providers.
  • A rich text editor, which includes many helpful features like the ability to upload files, format code, insert photographs, hyperlinks, undo or redo actions, drafts, and prepare answers, is used to write the body of the ticket.
Dark Mode:
  • BeDesk comes pre-installed with both light and dark themes. With the appearance editor, you may add new themes or make extensive adjustments.
  • Users can change commonly used characteristics including their time zone, language, nation, and more in the “User Settings.”
  • Using the adaptable role structure, users and agents can be assigned to groups, companies, organizations, and other entities.
  • Pages—To construct your own pages, like a terms of service or privacy policy, use the HTML editor.
  • Editor for Menus: You can edit the menus on any page of the website by just dragging and dropping things, even if you don’t know how to code.
Location of the Demonstrations

You can use this URL to access the BeDesk sample site.

Because the sample site is shared by multiple users, keep in mind that certain functionality (such removing persons, changing settings, sending emails, etc.) could not work or be unavailable.

The demo site will refresh every hour, removing any material you have created. You’ll have to log in once more.

Minimum Standards PHP 8.1 or later with the PDO Extension enabled by default
The php_fileinfo extension is enabled by default.
MySQL database server.

php Nulled Script

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