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BeDrive Nulled Script 3.1.3

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BeDrive is a cloud storage and file sharing platform that allows users to create a self-hosted website without prior knowledge of coding or server administration. The platform features an integrated appearance editor with a live preview, allowing users to easily modify the homepage. BeDrive is user-friendly and offers a SaaS mode, allowing users to generate revenue through a premium subscription system. It is lightweight, with lightning-fast page loading and exceptional performance. Users can collaborate by transferring files and directories, view upload status, and create shareable links for files and folders. BeDrive is fully compatible with translations and is fully responsive and cross-platform, functioning flawlessly on tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.

BeDrive provides an all-encompassing authentication system, including social media login, standard login, registration, password recovery, and account preferences. Users can also disable registration and transition between grid and list views. Ads are automatically displayed by BeDrive, and the platform has a professional design based on Google Material Design.

BeDrive offers a wide range of homepages, drag and drop capabilities, a context menu, trash, preferences, and a robust search function. The complete, unencrypted source code is provided upon purchase, and the WYSIWYG editor can be used to construct custom pages. The platform requires PHP >= 8.1 PDO Extension, php_fileinfo extension, and a MySQL database server.

BeDrive Nulled Script

BeDrive Nulled Script enables users to effortlessly and proficiently construct a self-hosted file sharing and hosting website, devoid of any prior knowledge of coding or server administration.

2BeDrive Nulled Script Panel and Admin Account for BeDrive, a cloud storage and file sharing platform
You will notice that the credentials for the administrator account are already entered on the login page of the demo site. Note that detrimental operations such as altering or deleting are not permitted on the demo site.
Administrator accounts will be reset and populated with illustrative files on an hourly basis.

Create a new account on the demo site by registering so that a typical user can be evaluated.

Aspects of the BeDrive Nulled Script: Ability to Modify the Default Landing Page: The integrated appearance editor features a live preview and eliminates the need for coding expertise, allowing users to easily alter the homepage.
Without coding or server expertise, you can effortlessly and rapidly install BeDrive in a matter of minutes using our user-friendly installer and instructions.
SaaS mode: Generate revenue through the integrated premium subscription system. Offer consumers a selection of subscription plans from which to select, granting them control over the storage capacity, features, and restrictions associated with each plan.
Extremely Lightweight: BeDrive exhibits lightning-fast page loading right from the start and provides exceptional performance.
Users are able to collaborate by transferring files and directories to one another.

Upload Status:

For each upload, view its current status, progress, remaining time, and more.
Create shareable links for files and folders, enabling users to access them publicly. Permissions, password protection, and expiration dates can be added as desired.
BeDrive is fully compatible with translations, and the administration area streamlines the process of translating the application into any given language.
BeDrive is fully responsive and cross-platform, functioning flawlessly on tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.
Both light and dark themes are available as default settings on BeDrive. The appearance editor provides the capability to modify existing themes or introduce new ones.
File previews enable users to visually inspect a diverse range of file formats, including but not limited to text, audio, video, PDFs, compressed files, and photographs, without the need to initiate the download process.
Uploading files to Amazon S3, Dropbox Storage, DigitalOcean, and other cloud service providers is a simple process for users.
BeDrive provides exhaustive documentation that addresses each and every facet, including setup and feature installation.


An all-encompassing authentication system comprising social media login (Facebook, Twitter, and Google), standard login, registration, password recovery, and account preferences, among other functionalities.
Permissions and Roles: Employ the robust permission and role system to authorize (or prohibit) visitors, users, or subscription plans from performing specific actions on the website.
Disable Registration: From the administration interface, it is possible to completely disable registration, allowing only manually created users to log in.
Users are provided with the capability to effortlessly transition between grid and list views, enabling them to select the one that aligns most effectively with their requirements.
Ads: Ad codes that you paste into incorporated ad spaces in the admin interface will be displayed automatically by BeDrive.
Professional Design: This design is impeccable to the pixel, which is based on Google Material Design.

Appearance Editor:

Modify the colors, logo, landing page, and navigation, among other elements, of your website with simplicity.
You can modify the website to meet your specific needs by utilizing the numerous options available in the administration interface.
Analytics: Since Google Analytics is seamlessly incorporated into the admin interface, you can view the performance of your website without having to navigate to a distinct page.
A Wide Range of Homepages: Choose from an extensive selection of homepages, including the landing page, your personal HTML page, and the registration page.
Utilize the integrated drag and drop capabilities to select, relocate, and upload files and folders.
Utilizing the completely incorporated context menu that appears when you right-click on a file or folder, you are able to perform all the standard operations, such as duplicating, relocating, renaming, sharing, and acquiring links. This menu is also accessible via the navigation bar on touch-based devices. Trash: Objects that have been deleted are initially discarded into the trash, with the option to restore them at a later time.


From the preferences site, you can easily access your preferred files and folders for future use.
Obtain files and folders at any level of detail by utilizing a robust search function.
When a user selects a file or folder, its details, including a preview if one is present, will be displayed in the sidebar on the right.
Origin of Code: Upon purchase, the complete, unencrypted source code is provided, facilitating the implementation of alterations.
The integrated WYSIWYG editor can be utilized to construct custom pages, including those pertaining to the terms of service, about us, and more.
Menu Editor: Navigating and dropping modifications to any of the site’s menus is sufficient; no coding knowledge is required.
Conditions That Apply
PHP >= 8.1 PDO Extension (enabled by default)
By default, the php_fileinfo extension is enabled.
The database server for MySQL.



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