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BeMusic Nulled Script 3.1.0

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BeMusic is a dynamic platform for streaming and sharing music, offering a “automated” mode that streams video and music via the YouTube API and automatically imports and updates artists, albums, songs, channels, and other data from third-party websites. Users can create and manage content from the admin panel, giving them total control over what appears on the website. BeMusic also features waveforms, user and artist profiles, and a follower system for users to stay updated on their activities.

The platform is user-friendly, with a simple installation process and an integrated appearance editor. Users can create playlists, create and share playlists, and customize their profiles. BeMusic offers both dark and bright themes, channels, custom pages, menu editing, and Google Analytics integration. The admin panel allows users to assign roles and permissions, and the platform is fully responsive and compatible with a wide range of devices.

BeMusic provides thorough documentation, SEO editing, authentication, and a professional design based on Google Material Design. Users can choose from numerous homepage options and receive the source code upon purchase for easy customization.

BeMusic Nulled Script

BeMusic Nulled Script is a dynamic platform for streaming and sharing music. It may be used to create a variety of music-related websites, including those that mimic Spotify, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, and others.

the BeMusic: The Number One Music Streaming Platform

BeMusic has a “automated” mode that enables it to stream video and music via the YouTube API as well as automatically import and update artists, albums, songs, channels, and other data from third-party websites.
BeMusic may be used as a content management system after deactivating all automatic capabilities. Create and manage content from the admin panel, giving you total control over what appears on the website. This encompasses artists, albums, songs, channels, videos, and other content.
Users may build their own accounts, upload their music, and share it with others using the User Artists function.
Waveforms: Auto-generated real-time waveforms will be offered for submitted songs.
Social media users may easily share their favorite songs and albums with others by commenting, reposting, like, embedding, and building playlists.
User and artist profiles: Users may personalize their profile pages by adding a custom avatar, background image, description, social network connections, location, and other details.
Follower System: By following other users and artists, users may stay updated on their activities.
Simple Installation: With our user-friendly installer and instructions, you can install BeMusic Nulled Script in minutes, with no coding or server knowledge required.
The default landing page can be easily customized using the integrated appearance editor and a live preview, even if you don’t know how to code.
SaaS mode: Use the integrated premium subscription system to earn revenue. Provide users with a variety of subscription options to select from, as well as flexibility over the features and constraints of each plan.
High Performance: BeMusic operates well straight out of the box, loading pages swiftly. It’s lightweight.
User Libraries: In addition to playlists, BeMusic Nulled Script users may add songs, albums, and artists to their libraries.


Users may create, share, and subscribe to playlists.
Player: A feature-rich player that includes queue, lyrics, repeat, shuffle, and more.
Dark Mode: BeMusic has both dark and bright themes. The look editor allows you to add new themes or entirely alter them.
Channels: Create manually or automatically controlled channels to display content that meets certain requirements or is organized based on a predetermined value. For example: the top 50 songs from plays; newly released albums; popular genres; albums organized by play; and more.
When the “automated” option is enabled, you may use search to find almost any artist, album, or track.
Custom Pages: The integrated WISIWYG editor may be used to create custom pages such as terms of service, about us, and more.
Menu Editor: With no coding skills, you can easily change and reorganize any menu on the website by dragging and dropping it.
The built-in look editor allows you to easily modify the design of your website, including colors, logos, landing pages, menus, and other features.
BeMusic will instantly display your adverts when you paste them into the admin panel’s integrated ad slots.
Roles and Permissions: Assign user roles and permissions to provide or prohibit access to certain website functionalities.
Analytics: Because Google Analytics is immediately incorporated into the admin panel, you don’t have to go to a different page to check how your website is doing.
Translatable: The admin interface makes it easy to convert the site into several languages.
BeMusic is fully responsive and compatible with a wide range of devices, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop PCs.
Documentation: BeMusic provides thorough documentation that covers all aspects, including installation and feature descriptions.

SEO Editor:

Using the admin area’s appearance editor, you may directly adjust the SEO tags on each page.
Authentication: A completely functioning authentication system that supports normal login, social media login (Facebook, Twitter, and Google), registration, password recovery, account settings, and other features.
Disable Registration: In the admin panel, you may totally disable registration, enabling only users you manually create to log in.
Professional Design: Based on Google Material Design, this design is pixel-perfect.
choices: You may tailor the site to your needs by using the admin panel’s many options.
Numerous homepages: Choose from a number of homepage options, including your own unique HTML website, a landing page, a channel, and a login page.
Source Code: Upon purchase, you will get the whole, unencrypted source code, making custom adjustments easy.



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