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Bhojon Nulled Script 3

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A simple point-of-sale (POS) system made specifically for restaurants is called Bhojon-restaurant software. It provides a number of advanced features to automate labor-intensive tasks and optimize restaurant operations. A complete restaurant administration solution is offered by Bhojon’s Nulled Script, which includes desktop and offline applications, cloud kitchens, online ordering systems, and websites that may be customized.

A dynamic dashboard, real-time report reservations, account management, human resource administration, and a list of shipment options are further features of the software. A smartphone app for displaying food and drink menus, an admin panel for restaurant managers, and the ability for patrons to place food and drink orders are all included in the Bhojon restaurant software.

Bhojon Nulled Script

The Greatest Restaurant Website and Management Software is Bhojon.

Bhojon is a restaurant point-of-sale system and the best restaurant management software available. Without a doubt, the Bhojon-restaurant software is a user-friendly point-of-sale (POS) system that enables you to manage the billing for your restaurant.
After Bhojon’s intelligent features are evaluated, you will be able to automate all of the tasks that are currently completed by hand at your restaurant.

Bhojon is an all-in-one solution for restaurant administration since it offers a wide range of complex capabilities that can be utilized to automate your business. Online ordering platforms, cloud kitchens, order-taking systems based on QR codes, and corresponding desktop and offline applications are a few instances of add-ons.

By clicking on the following demo links, you can find out more about Bhojon Nulled Script:

If you need custom kitchen mobile apps, please go to this website.

  • Software for Order Management Systems in Restaurants
  • Production Control: Acquisition Management
  • Adaptive Dashboard
  • Scheduling a Real-Time Report Table and Managing Accounts for Different Payment Options
  • Administration of Human Resources
  • Enumeration of Shipping Options Ingredients and the Food Management Unit
  • A restaurant’s website
  • Present a menu featuring food and beverages on mobile devices that have varying screen sizes. Smartphones and tablets, for instance.
  • Irrespective of the platform (Android or iOS), mobile applications must to be cross-language compatible. This is a separate, paid-for add-on module.
  • Images (and videos) may be included on the menu for food and beverages.
  • Restaurant administrators can add, read, edit, and remove menu items from this admin interface.
  • Managers of restaurants will have the ability to designate roles like administrator and waiter and to add new users.
  • The client may choose to order one or more dishes or beverages.

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