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With the help of the viral magazine theme Bimber Nulled, users may quickly and easily construct a fully working viral website in less than a day. Strong sharing buttons, a variety of ad placements, and hot, trending, and popular listings are all present. Popular websites like BuzzFeed, 9GAG, Reddit, Hacker News, Bored Panda, and YouTube served as inspiration for the concept. Lists, polls, quizzes, breaking news, memes, gifs, jokes, social bookmarks, videos, open lists, freebies, celebrity rumors, and jokes are just a few of the shareable viral content demos that it provides. Additionally, the theme has a number of features, including NSFW posts, Main, Relink, Gagster, Freebie, Affiliate, Bunchy, and Celebrities.

Highlighting headlines, gifs, embeds, self-hosted videos, and lists of well-liked, trending products are all examples of viral content optimization. The theme allows visibility of share count barriers, view count thresholds, and comment count visibility thresholds. Posts are paginated with huge, bold navigation. Using the “You may also like,” “More from category,” and “Don’t miss” tabs, the theme also permits NSFW postings.

Using social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, as well as different ad suppliers including Google AdSense advertisements and content delivery networks like Taboola, RevContent, and Outbrain, can result in social media revenues. Bimber is a very adaptable WordPress theme made specifically for affiliate and internet marketing. Many features are available, such as email list integration, front-end submission, and many revenue streams. The well-liked MailChimp for WordPress plugin, which enables users to add custom styling and position subscription forms after article content, is included with Bimber. Additionally, Snax, a front-end submission plugin designed specifically for publishing viral material, is included with the theme. In addition, Bimber has a front-end uploader, a viral image editor, a video playlist, a lightbox gallery, quizzes, polls, fake counters, off-canves menu, ajax search, tracking codes panel, sticky headers, sidebars, social media widgets, posts widget, random posts, lazy load, watermarks, hotlink protection, image sizes, exit-intent newsletter popup, slide-in ads, ads manager, ad blocker detector, shoppable images, Shop The Post, affiliate marketing tools, sponsored articles, donations, shoppable images, mega menu, infinite scroll, standard pagination, auto-load next post, left/right sidebar, and two sidebars.

With more than fifteen preset demonstrations to choose from, one-click demo installation, instantaneous change previewing via the Live Customizer, user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces, and no coding experience needed, Bimber is incredibly user-friendly. Numerous features are available, and it is thoroughly documented. These features include 100% responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, SEO optimization, Google PageSpeed optimization, retina and AMP readiness, GDPR readiness, and support for multi-page articles. ThemeForest Elite Author Bimber is a premium product that comes with online documentation, automated, free theme updates, 5-star support, and a 1-click sample installation.

Bimber nulled theme

With the help of the viral magazine theme Bimber nulled theme, you can quickly build a fully functional viral website in under a day. Strong sharing buttons, hot, trending, and popular listings, as well as various ad positions, are all present. Everything in small, easy-to-use packaging Just get started right now to go viral!

Incredible viral magazine advertisements:

We’ve got a number of examples of viral content that can be shared, including lists, polls, quizzes, memes, gifs, jokes, breaking news, videos, open lists, freebies, celebrity rumors, and memes. Motivated by well-known websites, including YouTube clones, BuzzFeed, 9GAG, Reddit, Hacker News, and Bored Panda.


influenced by BuzzFeed and other well-known websites that generate buzz. View every aspect of the viral NULLED theme in one location.
Reddit, Hacker News, and other social bookmarking websites served as inspiration for Relink. It’s the ideal beginning point for a WordPress-based social news aggregator of your own. Users upload written entries, photographs, and links. Other users can then vote for or against the stuff they have submitted.
Gagster is an online platform for sharing amusing GIFs, memes, videos, jokes, funny stories, and even NSFW photos.

It was inspired by 9GAG and other similar platforms. Users have the option to embed content from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networking platforms, submit their own content, and make memes using a meme generator. When a video enters the viewport, the homepage template allows it to automatically play.


This section features the most recent freebies, gifts, samples, giveaways, and design tools from around the internet. Above all, you can offer premium content and generate revenue through membership plans that require payment. Additionally, all freebies can be safely downloaded by users thanks to a full connection with the Download Monitor plugin.


influenced by excellent affiliate sites like Shut Up And Take My Money and ThisIsWhyImBroke. Regular users can contribute unique gifts, quirky gadgets, and cool things they’ve found on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Banggood, and other online stores, all thanks to the frontend submission tool.


plenty of list-based articles, open lists, and ranking lists; influenced by Bored Panda and other social media sites. Allow community members to vote on the best submissions and add new content to lists that have previously been published. It’s a one-stop shop for creating a network for sharing viral content.


share the newest information on celebrities, entertainment, royals, music, movies, and TV series, as well as breaking celebrity tales and sultry celeb rumors. Include galleries, videos, tweets, Instagram posts, and gif pictures from the fascinating world of entertainment.

Optimizing viral content:

gifs, embeds, self-hosted videos, and list of images
Lists of vogue, stylish, and well-liked products
Hot, trending, and popular articles are awarded decorative badges.
Posts have bold, huge navigation that is paginated.
Share count barrier visibility: no more “0 shares” alerts
View count visibility threshold: no more “1 view” notifications
Due to a threshold for comment count visibility, there will be no more “0 comments” warnings.
Posts marked as NSFW (Not Safe For Work)
To spend more time on the page, make use of the “You may also like,” “More from category,” and “Don’t miss” options.

Profits from social media:

You might be surprised to learn that social media offers more opportunities for earning money than you might think. Gaining the trust of your followers will increase the likelihood that they will investigate your recommendations. Start by making use of social media platforms like:

  • Large social media share buttons with an obvious call to action
  • major participants first
  • a sticky sharebar for sharing images
  • Integration of Social Comments (Disqus, Facebook)
  • False counters for novices in viral media
Potential sites:
  • Before publishing anything, click the share icons.
  • After posting content, there are share buttons.
  • tiny image shares
  • Header’s social media links for the site
  • Social media buttons on the website in sidebars with sticky options
  • Footer social media links on the website
  • Social media comments (Disqus and Facebook) following post content
Social media widgets:
  • Instagram Page on Facebook
  • Twitter
  • You Tube
  • Snap Chat
  • phony shares
  • phony views on pages
  • phony ballots
  • False responses
Numerous ad networks were supported:

Google AdSense advertisements Taboola, RevContent, Outbrain, and many more are examples of content delivery platforms.

Many ad slots:

advertisements that are automatically inserted into article listings; sidebars with sticky option ads within the content of posts; advertisements before the opening paragraph, etc.
advertisements preceding the header theme area, the content theme area, the “You may also like” collection, the “More from” collection, the “Comments” section, and the “Don’t miss” collection

Additional revenue-generating strategies:
  • Affiliate Connections
  • Discounts and Contributions
  • Sponsored Content: Advertised Items
  • Shop Shop Shop With Us Block (Global) The Post Block (Single Post) Shoppable Images
  • Advertised Articles
Mailing list

In the world of online marketing, you have undoubtedly heard the expression “The Money is in the List.” For long-term internet marketing success and to start earning money online, you need a sizable email list.

Connectivity to the widely used, free MailChimp for WordPress plugin
Personalized styling
After the post text, inside the sidebars, inside the grid collection, and inside the list collection, place the subscription form.

Submission from the front end:

The Snax – Viral Front-End Uploader plugin, our exclusive method for submitting viral material, is included with the Bimber nulled theme:

  • Narrative (as in a WordPress post)
  • Meme (make a humorous image)
  • Open List: Users are able to vote for and propose new items.
  • Users can vote for the best item in a ranked list.
  • Traditional List
  • Quiz on Trivia Personality Classic Survey vs. Is the Poll Hot or Not? Image for Poll (picture, gif)
  • Video embeds from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other media galleries
Special characteristics:
  • Uploader for Frontend
  • Video Playlist using Viral Image Editor
  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Tests
  • Listings of Polls (Open, Ranked, Classic)
  • Responses & Honors
  • Builder of Headers
  • Hot, Trending, Popular, and Top 10 Lists
  • auto-injected newsletters, products, and advertisements
  • Counterfeiting
  • Not Suitable For Work, or NSFW
  • Hamburger Menu (Off-Canves Menu)
  • Panel for Ajax Search Tracking Codes
  • sticky header
  • clinging sidebar
  • Posts widget (sortable by shares, downloads, views, dates, and votes)
  • Points, badges, and ranks for random posts
  • Page-by-Page Viral Tale
  • Slow-loading Watermarks
  • Hotlink Security Image Dimensions Control
  • Exit-Intent Pop-Up Newsletter Advertisements Manager
  • Shoppable Image Detector for AdBlockers The Post-Partnership Promotional Resources
  • Advertised Articles
  • Discounts
  • Contributions
  • Featured Items
  • Several sticky widgets
  • Voting History Mega Menu Voting
  • Both regular pagination and infinite scroll (which can be activated with the Load more button)
  • automatically load the next article
  • Sidebar (left/right)
  • Two Sidebars
Simple to employ

Regardless of your level of WordPress expertise, the Bimber nulled theme is really easy to use. You should be able to utilize any element, module, and UI control without consulting the manual because they were all created with simplicity in mind.

Use the One-Click Demo Installation to begin with over fifteen preset demos.
Install and uninstall the sample components
Immediately preview modifications using Live Customizer
Drag and drop user-friendly interfaces
Organize individual post elements by using the drag and drop interface.
Modify the footer modules’ order using the drag and drop interface.
No prior experience with coding is necessary.
thoroughly recorded

Simple to adapt

It may be challenging to locate a theme that has the exact appearance, organization, and features you require. With the incredibly flexible Bimber nulled theme for WordPress, you can customize every aspect of the website and alter a plethora of features to make it look and function exactly how you want it to.

  • Personalize without modifying the code.
  • Create any kind of layout using Visual Page Builder.
  • Use our Drag & Drop Header Builder to create your header.
  • Personalize each typeface on the website.
  • Various design philosophies
  • Gain complete command over a single post page.
  • Take complete control over your archive pages.
  • Most elements: Hide/Show
  • either full-width or boxed
  • Various stack styles
  • both pale and dark skin tones
  • many color choices
  • distinct templates for featured posts
  • Various templates for a single post
  • distinct headers for the archives
  • distinct templates for archives
  • Various templates for featured entries
  • Distinct layouts for the home page and archives:Grid
  • Sidebar plus gridList + sidebar
  • a brief list
  • extensive list
  • Play (as on 9GAG)
  • Sidebar + stream
  • Skyscrapers plus streamsMasonry in Zigzag
Integrations of plugins:
  • WordPress AMP
  • bbPress
  • BuddyPress Disqus
  • Get the Monitor here
  • Facebook Instant Articles; Facebook Comments
  • Loco Interpretation
  • WordPress with Mailchimp for myCRED
  • Search Everything Share Buttons on Social Media MashShare Prohibited Content
  • Updraft+
  • WooCommerce
  • Popular Posts on WordPress
  • Social Login for WordPress
  • WordFence
  • WPBakery WordPress Page Builder (previously known as Visual Composer)
  • WordPress Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WordPress ML Yoast WP All-In-One SEO Pack for SEO
Plugins unique to a theme:

AdAce: advertisements and other revenue streams
G1 Socials: social media widgets and symbols
For all media-related duties, use MediaAce.
To make captivating, viral photos without Photoshop, use Photomix.
The first viral content creator for WordPress is called Snax.
What’s Your Reaction allows you to use eye-catching badges to express how you feel about an article.

thoughtful features

Completely responsive layout
Ready for GDPR, AMP, and Retina displays
compatibility across browsers
optimized for SEO
able to work with SEO plugins
Rich snippets and optimized for Google PageSpeed Microdata (schema.org) assistance
Translation prepared
Complete support for RTL (right-to-left languages, such as Hebrew or Arabic)
assistance with multi-page articles
Compliant with WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache caching plugins
Ready for multiple sites

Very high-end item:

Designed by ThemeForest Elite Author; 5-star support; 1-click demo installation
Free and automatic theme updates
Online documentation that is always current
includes a child theme that lets you make safe adjustments.

What is encompassed?

Every demo
Every plugin that’s required
Lifetime updates at no cost
six months of assistance, with the option to prolong it

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