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ChatNet Nulled Script 1.10

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Websites, mobile apps, and online applications are the target audience for ChatNet, a PHP group chat room and private chat script. It is easy to use, optimized for mobile devices, and built with well-known technologies like PHP and MySQL. Because ChatNet is flexible and simple to install, users can alter its features without having to update the code. It runs on most shared servers without the need for specific setup because it is based on widely used technology. The script allows users to present chat rooms in many layouts and color schemes and has a simple installer and customizable homepage. Because of its user-friendly and flexible design, ChatNet is a great option for companies trying to improve their online visibility.

With ChatNet, a multi-chat room script, users may set up and manage their own chat rooms and build an infinite number of them. With its private or one-on-one chat features, users can quietly interact with each other. With ChatNet’s admin panel, administrators can modify and customize the platform to suit their unique needs. The theme and color palettes are modifiable by users, and it supports numerous translations and languages. Additionally, users have the option to allow or disable visitor login, create chat rooms exclusive to admins and members, and construct password-protected groups.

Moreover, ChatNet provides a single chat room option that enables administrators to create several chat rooms or disable a homepage. Users have the ability to kick or ban others, swap photos, send GIFs, play videos in chat, make their own sticker packs, and block or unblock other users. In addition, users have the ability to modify their user profile and add or remove users from their list of favorites.

Users of ChatNet can access messages in private or group conversations, and it also has a tying indication and read receipts. Additionally, users have the option to change their profile’s available, busy, away, or offline settings. Because of its capabilities, ChatNet is a productive and easy-to-use chat room software.

With features like password encryption, customizable CSS code, sound alerts, recently shared photos, mobile-friendliness, GDRP readiness, privacy and cookie policy pages, terms and conditions pages, RTL support, an easy updater, a privacy/bad words filter, and lazy loading for images, ChatNet is a robust password-protected platform. It is a useful tool for organizations since it is made to be intuitive, responsive, and simple to use. It’s simple for users to add their own CSS code, alter the platform’s look, and use the integrated updater to stay up to date. Users can peruse shared content with ChatNet’s gallery feature, which lets them see shared photos. Additionally, it is responsive to mobile devices, so users may use their phone to manage their website from any location. The well-documented and self-explanatory nature of ChatNet’s code makes it simple to adapt to changing needs.

ChatNet Nulled Script

PHP Chat Room & Private Chat Script: ChatNet

ChatNet is a private chat script and fully working PHP group chat room for any online, mobile, or website application. Its easy-to-use, mobile-first design will turn your website or app into a feature-rich, seamlessly functioning social network and community.

Experts in the field who have worked on ChatNet for a while have made sure that it is easy to install and highly customizable without requiring coding knowledge.

There is no browser-specific plugin required for this script to work, such as Java or Flash. This amazing PHP Ajax Group Chat Room script works with a wide variety of devices.

The most widely used technologies, including PHP and MySQL, are the foundation of ChatNet. The majority of shared servers can run ChatNet without the need for any additional configuration, therefore you don’t need to worry about the server requirements to use ChatNet.

A very flexible PHP Ajax group chat room script is called ChatNet. Without changing a single line of code, you may alter everything, including the colors and functions. The code is self-explanatory and fully documented, so you can edit it if you know PHP and MySQL. You’ll find the well-written handbook useful in navigating the process.

Do you require assistance?
Do not hesitate to get in touch with your team at [email protected] if you need any more details or help with ChatNet.

ChatNet’s Fast Installer Features

Forget about installing ChatNet on your server. The integrated Quick Installer can be used to quickly and simply install our script. This installation video demonstrates how easy it is to do.


You may create a homepage for your chat rooms without hiring a different developer. ChatNet offers a modern, customizable homepage. By changing a few parameters, you may display your chat rooms in a multitude of ways and with different color schemes.


With ChatNet, a multi-chat room script, you can create an infinite number of rooms. It’s also possible to let users create and manage their own chat groups.

One-on-one conversations or private chats

Users can have easy communication with one other thanks to the private or one-on-one chat feature. They can secretly share anything they want thanks to this function. Secret conversations can be easily controlled by administrators using the admin dashboard.

Dashboard for Administration

There is a separate admin dashboard for ChatNet. Administrators can update and modify ChatNet to suit their unique needs by going to the dashboard. You can easily manage users, chats, appearance, and other site settings with the dashboard.

Modify the color schemes and theme.

Both a light and a dark user interface are included with ChatNet. The admin dashboard allows you to rapidly switch between the UIs. Simply navigate to the custom UI and select the colors you desire to modify the theme’s colors.

Multiple Language Capability.

A language and translation manager is included into ChatNet. Adding your own translations and languages is simple. Any language, including RTL languages, can be translated into ChatNet. Any Unicode character set is supported.

chat rooms secured with passwords
Pins can be added by users to their chat rooms. The chat room is accessible to those who have the pin. You can make password-protected chat groups in this way.


Administrators can provide users access to ChatNet. This can be turned on or off for particular chat rooms. When a visitor joins a chat room, you can allow them to change their name.

Chat rooms restricted to members and admins only

You have the option to control who can access a chat room that you build. You can set up chat groups that members or administrators can only enter. As an alternative, you can allow users of all kinds and guests to join chat rooms.

covert or concealed chat rooms.

There are situations why you would want to hide a chat room from users. ChatNet makes it simple to accomplish this. A hidden or secret chat room can be seen and accessed by those who have direct access to the chat room. To improve security, you can also password-protect a hidden chat room.

Mode of Single Chat Room.

You can deactivate it from the admin dashboard if you don’t want a homepage or to create a lot of chat rooms. You will have the option of selecting the default chat room that users will see first.


People from chat rooms may be kicked out or unkicked by chat room administrators or creators. It will not be possible for kicked users to return to the same chat channel. Using the admin dashboard, administrators can ban users from the entire website.

Play video chats.

In the event that a video link is posted, participants can see it directly within the chat room without ever leaving the website. The video will appear as a charming pop-up.


Using ChatNet, users may easily share photos with each other. To upload photos, either drag and drop them into the chat room interface or use the specific picture sharing feature. Images will be resized for modern WhatsApp previews and bandwidth efficiency.

Transmit GIFs.

To improve the engagement of your chat rooms, enable GIFs. Tenor is a widely used GIF API that is used by ChatNet. Users can browse through hundreds of GIFs available on the platform. Tenor’s trending GIFs are automatically shown in the GIF panel.

Personalized sticker set

Of course ChatNet offers a sticker sharing tool. You have the option to create your own stickers and upload them to ChatNet. It will be automatically visible to users.

Over two thousand EMOJIS.

More than 2000 emoji can be shared by your users thanks to the integrated emoji picker. The emoji selector is also available to mobile users.


Others can be blocked or unblocked by users. Users who have been blocked cannot communicate with the person who blocked them. Users have the option to unblock blocked users at any time.


Users have the option to favorite other users. They will be able to find them and get in touch with them easily in this way. From their list of favorites, users can remove or add users at any moment.


There is a user profile feature in ChatNet. Users have the ability to edit and add basic personal information and a bio. Other users will be able to see it. Users can change any information on their profile at any time.


By just clicking a button, users can modify their status to Available, Busy, Away, or Offline. Other users will be able to see the status.

Typing Symbol

Users will be able to examine messages typed in private or group conversations.


ChatNet shows two stages when a message is sent. The first is when the server receives the message. The other happens when the other user receives and reads the communication. ChatNet uses ticks that resemble WhatsApp to illustrate this.


ChatNet uses the bcrypt algorithm along with a potent one-way hashing technique to generate and confirm passwords. An effective password security system guards ChatNet.

Include your CSS code here.

If you are familiar with CSS, you can add your own CSS code to change ChatNet’s appearance. It’s easy to add your own CSS code to ChatNet’s dedicated CSS area.


There will be a notice sound for users when they get a chat message. By just hitting the mute button, they can turn it off for a predetermined amount of time.

Recently Exchanged Pictures

It is possible for users to peruse recently shared photos within chat rooms or discussions. ChatNet presents it as a gallery so you can easily look through shared photos.


ChatNet is optimized for mobile devices and fully responsive. It works with a variety of mobile browsers and operating systems, including iOS and Android. Users will experience ChatNet as if it were a native application when utilizing it through a mobile browser. The admin dashboard of ChatNet is likewise responsive to mobile devices. You may use your smartphone to manage your website from any location.


The code of ChatNet is easy to understand if you know PHP. ChatNet provides a framework for simple coding. Coding is self-explanatory and has a lot of documentation. You can easily modify the code to suit your unique needs.

Preview Links

ChatNet quickly shows a preview of a link when it is shared. Data from the preview is cached. Your website won’t be slowed down by the process. The page title, meta description, and the image from the linked domain are all included in the preview.


You can have a “about us” page with ChatNet. It’s simple to update the About Us content from the admin panel thanks to the rich text editor.

Contact Us Page

With ChatNet’s dedicated contact page, visitors can submit a form to get in touch with you. Email notifications will be sent to you if someone gets in touch. On the Contact Us tab of the dashboard, you can enter your phone number and postal address.


ChatNet is ready for GRDP. It features configurable policy pages and an interactive cookie consent window.

Pages with privacy and cookie policies

The GDRP compliance guidelines state that you must have privacy and cookie policy pages on your website. This is a simple process with ChatNet. You can add your own policy and activate the privacy policy page.

Page of Conditions

A terms and conditions page is an additional page that your website ought to include. Similar to the privacy policy page, you can enable or disable this from the admin dashboard.


The RLT languages are completely supported by ChatNet. It has a user interface that supports RTL. Also supported by the admin interface is RTL.

Simple Updater

We constantly improve ChatNet. Updating is easy with ChatNet’s built-in updater. We enable consumers to effortlessly update to the latest version while preserving their data.


The admin panel allows you to compile your own list of swear words. Such words will not be shared with other individuals by your users. Stars will take the place of bad words. It will not be possible for users to go around the filter by using special characters in between offensive words.

Picture: Sluggish Loading
Lazy loading techniques are used for all ChatNet photos to reduce download times and user data usage. Before images load and show up on the user’s screen, they must scroll.

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