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Classima Mobile App Template 2.52.4

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Classima Classified Ads is a mobile app for Classima WordPress theme, offering a classified marketplace for buying, searching, and selling products. It features login, ad posting, database location, chat, email, direct phone calls, reports, payment methods, and social login.

Classima Mobile App Template Classima, an iOS and Android app for classified ads.
Classima Classified Ads is an Android and iOS app created with React Native for the Classima – Classified Ads WordPress theme. Using this application, you will have mobile access to your country’s most impressive classified marketplace, where you can buy, sell, and search for a wide range of products. Classified Listings do not restrict the types of products that can be purchased or sold. It allows you to sell cars, motorcycles, electronics, and a variety of other items. You may also find information on Classified Listings about the sale, purchase, or renting of real estate, as well as job ads and searches both locally and globally.
Classima mobile app, Essential Theme, and Demo Link for Classima – Classified Ads WordPress theme.
Classima Mobile App TemplateGoogle Play Store: Android Version of Classima
Apple Store: iOS version of Classima
Classima’s mobile app Moible
Classima Classified adverts for the Android application.
Classima Classified adverts for the Android application.
Principal features:
User Registration and Login
Posting Ads and My Account
I have the following listings: – Modify the Profile – Preferred Database Site Top/Featured and Bump-Up advertising
Classima Mobile App Template  Grid of category pages View the Ad Specification Page Ads connected to the summary page
Look for Classima Mobile App Template Selection of place
Consult the supplier Email the Vendor
Telephone connection direct
Add Conditional Fields to Report Maps.Use OpenStreetMap to get the radius of Google Locations Store. Search Facility
We provide free membership with options for offline, card, PayPal, and Authorize.net payments. Payment: Optional share.
Social registration (Google and Facebook)
Company hour
Social standing
Admob Google Rating and Reviews
Multilingual help.
RTL Assistance
Social Standing Icon stores information.
Razorpay Payment Assistance.
Push notifications (Listing Approved, Listing Expired, Chat, Listing Created (Admin), Order Created (Admin)) are given to mobile devices without the need for authentication.

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