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CloudArcade Nulled Script 1.7.9

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For HTML5 gaming portals, CloudArcade is a lightweight content management system that runs on PHP 7 or PHP 8. It doesn’t require any coding or programming experience and has all the features needed for an HTML5 game gateway. A WordPress plugin called CloudArcade WP enables users to link their website to the CloudArcade content management system. With the help of this plugin, users can enhance their existing WordPress website with interactive games or create an entirely new online gaming platform.

The adaptable game integration options offered by CloudArcade make it simple to add games. Users can import free games from game providers, upload their own HTML5 game files directly here, or use the remote add option to add games from other sources to their library. The admin dashboard offers two lovely pre-built themes and premium themes for a more customized gaming experience. It also offers a clear and easy-to-use interface for controlling the website.

Website adverts, an admin dashboard, web pages, blog entries, category management, and a plugin system are all elements of CloudArcade. It also provides a user-friendly interface, a tidy URL, tools for locating games, and a gaming community.

CloudArcade Nulled Script

CMS for HTML5 / Web game portals, CloudArcade

A lightweight content management system called CloudArcade was created specifically for HTML5 game portals. It is a standalone platform rather than an add-on or extension, and it is made to run on PHP 7 or PHP 8+. With CloudArcade, creating your own gaming website has never been simpler. It doesn’t require any coding or programming experience and has all the features needed for an HTML5 game gateway.

The “CloudArcade WP” plugin.

You will also receive CloudArcade WP, a WordPress plugin that enables you to link your website to the CloudArcade content management system, as an extra. In order to offer your visitors entertaining gaming material, “CloudArcade WP” will collaborate with your CloudArcade platform if you run an online store, marketplace, blog, or news portal. For additional details regarding “CloudArcade WP,”

With CloudArcade, you can either create an entirely new online gaming platform or enhance your existing WordPress website with interactive games. You can choose to do one or both at CloudArcade for a fun and engaging gaming experience.

It’s easy to add games with CloudArcade’s adaptable game integration options.

Upload Game: Directly upload your own HTML5 game files here.
Fetch Games: Easily load your website by importing free games from game providers.
With the remote add option, you can add games from other sources to your library.
You can import a sizable collection in a matter of minutes with JSON Importer.

Easy administration and management

For maintaining the website, CloudArcade’s admin dashboard offers a clear and intuitive interface. You can quickly view site statistics, manage your game library, and change the themes and settings on your website.

Our content management system (CMS) includes two lovely pre-built themes to get you started right away. You can purchase premium themes to make your gaming experience more unique.

informative resources

Setting up and installing CloudArcade
instructions for final consumers
Reference materials for software engineers
Comprehensive guidelines for utilizing an API

Crucial Points

Utilize the Admin Dashboard to Push Out Updates to Make CMS Updates Easy. Because it just refreshes the relevant sections, your site will continue to function properly and efficiently.

Backup Your Website: The backup feature of CloudArcade CMS is integrated. You may make a backup of your entire website at any time with just one click.

Plugins: You can add more functionality to your CloudArcade website by using plugins. You are able to grow and change your website as you see fit.

Use HTML5 games that load rapidly to improve the speed and search engine optimization of your website. Search results will show your website higher up.

A fantastic location for users to socialize, level up, earn points, and more is the CloudArcade community.


  • adverts on websites (banner advertising)
  • Easy to install and configure really light
  • Dashboard for the administrative websites
  • Blog post about managing categories
  • Controlling the match
  • Plugin framework Leaderboard for the theme system
  • A game utilizing jQuery and Bootstrap 4 Themes for API password-hashing
  • dependable and well-planned design
  • aesthetically pleasing URL Get games, upload games, and add games remotely.
  • Resources for locating games: player bases, ranks, and comments
  • Thumbnail compressor
  • Maximum attempts at login; rating of the game

Items required
PHP 7 or higher
Apache (optional, for a good URL since it uses.htaccess) and the Nginx manual
Verification code acquisition for Code Canyon product over online server database


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