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Crowdfunding For WooCommerce nulled plugin 1.0.4

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With WooCommerce crowdfunding, users may set fundraising objectives and raise money for deserving causes and concepts. With this platform, users can set up fundraisers linked to certain product sales or on the pages of their websites. The ability to enable or disable campaign products for the shop’s pages, a display bar displaying the total amount raised to date, and minimum and maximum contribution options are some of the key features. Under the product tabs, users can also modify their crowdfunding preferences. The platform’s front end displays ways that users can support the cause. The site has a 30-day money-back guarantee and costs $4.09 per month or $49.49 annually. Prepaid digital gift cards, WooCommerce Google Analytics, shipment tracking, and product add-ons are all provided by the platform. Additionally, users can provide reviews and feature suggestions for the platform.

Crowdfunding For WooCommerce nulled plugin

Crowdfunding for the nulled WooCommerce plugin Raise Money for a Cause Using Your WooCommerce Website
With WooCommerce crowdfunding, you can create fundraising goals and raise funds for deserving causes and concepts.

If you wish to use your WooCommerce site for innovation or good, you can set up fundraisers for non-profits, NGOs, worthy individuals, ideas, and causes.

Post fundraising opportunities on the pages of your website or in connection with exclusive product sales.

Contributions might come from investors, supporters, customers, or the general public.
  • Crowdfunding for the nulled WooCommerce plugin The Essential Elements of Crowdfunding
  • Minimum and maximum donation amounts that are optional for fundraising
  • Establish budgetary goals for projects.
  • Show a bar graph that shows the total amount of money raised so far.
  • Give a brief explanation of the sum in relation to your fundraising target.
  • Sell stuff on crowdsourcing to generate money.
  • On the pages of the shop, activate or deactivate campaign goods.
  • Check the order status so that crowdfunding calculations can be made.
  • Develop advertising for new products.

Include additional products and use crowdsourcing to raise money. You may personalize the crowdfunding options under the product sections.

Select the product type for crowdfunding.
To amend your settings, visit the product data page for crowdfunding.
Minimum commitment: Using this option, customers can decide how much of a minimum commitment to make.
Maximum Contribution: The maximum amount that can be funded is limited by this choice.
In the amount Amount section, enter the planned financing amount.
Quantity of Data: Describe the goal of the crowdfunding.

Front-end Integration

The options for customers to contribute to the cause are shown on the crowdfunding product’s single product page!

How should I start?

You can download WooCommerce Crowdfunding here.
Establish a goal and design fundraising products with specific objectives.
Start gathering donations.
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