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CURCY – WooCommerce Multi Currency 2.3.2 NULLED Plugin

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With the help of WooCommerce Multi Currency, a robust plugin, companies can effortlessly switch between accepting payments in different currencies. It can be used to hide currencies if needed, and it lets users establish fixed prices in several currencies for each product. Additionally, the plugin can detect the user’s location and switch to their local currency. It also supports the manual setup of conversion rates.

Users of WooCommerce Multi Currency can select the best currency payment alternatives, such as all, search by currency and country, manually add or remove a nation, and do away with all nations. In addition, the plugin can identify the customer’s location and language when presenting the pricing and automatically recognize currencies.

Customers can select their preferred currency based on their language by using the polylang-based currency selection feature of the plugin. If your website is multilingual, for instance, the price estimate will be displayed in the buyer’s local currency while the default currency displays the cost in their own currency.

Additionally, WooCommerce Multi Currency lets users select the currency that works best for them while checking out. You need to set up a payment gateway on your website in order to take payments in the selected currency. Users can test the free version of the plugin to make sure it functions properly on their website. It is compatible with a variety of plugins.

CURCY – WooCommerce Multi Currency NULLED Plugin

What Is the CURCY – WooCommerce Multi Currency NULLED Plugin?

WooCommerce Multi Currency CURCY The NULLED Plugin is an essential component of any WooCommerce store. With WooCommerce Multi Currency, your company can take payments in other currencies and your customers may effortlessly switch between them. You can choose to set the exchange rate manually or automatically. Without the user needing to do anything, the plugin can determine where they are and automatically convert to their local currency.

Keep this in mind:

WordPress Conditional Tags can be used to show the currency bar of WooCommerce Multi Currency on specific pages.

This plugin uses the possibly dangerous eval() function to handle Conditional Tags in WordPress. Because of this, only conditional tags that have been endorsed by authoritative sources ought to be listed here.

The following tasks are possible with WooCommerce Multi Currency:

Items should be priced in many currencies and shown to customers. Use a shortcode, the Currency Bar (found in the Design menu), or the Currency Price Switcher (found in the General menu) to let users switch between currencies.

With WooCommerce Multi Currency, you can give each product a fixed price in many currencies. The variable exchange rate charges will be replaced by the predetermined costs.

You can instruct the plugin to “use SESSION” in place of cookies in order to remember the currency setting.

Change the built-in currency symbols or add your own. The United States Dollar can be expressed in a variety of ways (USD, US$, $…).
You can hide any currencies you don’t want customers to see with WooCommerce Multi Currency’s Hide Currency feature.

The manual exchange rate setting feature is also supported by WooCommerce Multi Currency.

Be in control of the currency conversion fee that you may be charged each time you change currencies by your financial institution or money transfer service. The difference between the imposed conversion rate and the market rate at which the currency is actually transacted is known as the foreign exchange fee. Within WooCommerce Multi Currency, fixed exchange fees are customizable.

The currency that is shown should be determined by the customer’s IP address.

If you do not want WooCommerce Multi Currency to automatically detect the customer’s country and display the price in their local currency, it is possible for WooCommerce Multi Currency to display both the price in the store’s default currency and an estimate of the price in the customer’s local currency.

Select the relevant countries for every currency: Select all, Look up using the currency and nation fields. By hand, add or remove a nation. Get rid of every nation.

Your revenue will rise if you let customers pay in a variety of currencies.

Select the most suitable payment methods for your currency.
The payment must be made in the designated currency. Add a step where you can choose the currency after clicking the “Place order” button.

Should a customer modify their delivery or billing address, the currency needs to be adjusted as well.

If the prices of the products are shown in multiple currencies on the Single Product page and the Checkout page, then this capability comes in handy.

Change the appearance of the currency exchange rate display.

You have total control over how your customers see the prices of your products thanks to WooCommerce Multi Currency.

Set it up to automatically update the currency rate once every day, once every week, once every month.

Go with one of the following sources for the most recent foreign exchange rates: VillaTheme.com, Google Finance, or Yahoo Finance. We hope to provide additional currency rate APIs in the future.

Every time the conversion rate is changed, WooCommerce Multi Currency’s feature notifies the administrator via email.


WooCommerce Multi Currency will automatically switch to that currency if a client is speaking or residing in that country.

Warning: The automatic nation detection features might not work properly if you’re using a cached page or server. We advise starting with the free version to ensure it functions well with your website.

The nulled plugin displays the item’s price using the currency that is generated by using the client’s IP address to ascertain the customer’s nationality.

Please be aware that this option does not allow for detection at the state, provincial, or regional levels; it may only be utilized for detection at the federal level.

Depending on where they are, customers from various nations may see prices in different currencies.

Using the approximate pricing feature, customers can acquire a ballpark estimate of the product’s cost in their native currency. The cost will be displayed using the default currency. Below it, though, a price estimate in the buyer’s native currency will be displayed.
Polylang-based choice of currencies: The plugin will determine the currency to use when displaying pricing based on the language of your site. You may decide to list prices in British pounds sterling (GBP) on the English version of your website and euros (EUR) on the Spanish version if it supports several languages, such as English and Spanish.

The currency will be selected automatically based on the language that is selected in the WPML plugin, much as Polylang.


At checkout, WooCommerce now offers the option to select a currency. The checkout procedure may involve the use of one or more currencies.

Take a range of currencies so that customers can select the one that suits them best. You need to set up a payment gateway on your website in order to take payments in the user’s selected currency.

Thanks to this plugin, you can select a currency while completing the payment. For example, you might offer prices for your products in four different currencies, but you only take two as payment.

The payment gateway that appears in the shopping cart can be customized based on the currency being used.

Cart Payment Currency: The cart page currency will be adjusted to match the checkout currency if it differs from the checkout currency.


The plugin was created in perfect circumstances. Once the installation has completed successfully, you may select the preferred currency pairs and click Save. Every support ticket will receive a response from us within one business day.


Try out the free version of the plugin to ensure it functions properly on your website. You might have noticed that WooCommerce Multi Currency is incompatible with a few popular addons. We can check if we can get them cooperate if you let us know. The following plugins are compatible with WooCommerce Multi Currency: You can visit this plugin’s documentation to be informed when new versions of plugins compatible with WooCommerce Multi Currency are published.

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