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Currency Converter Widget nulled plugin 2.2.2

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The Currency Converter Widget nulled plugin enables customers to view product prices in their desired currency. It displays real-time pricing via money.js and the Open Source conversion rates API.

WooCommerce will immediately update all information, including individual pricing and totals. The widget supports an unlimited number of currencies and keeps track of the converted total during the checkout process. However, currency conversions are estimated, and the shop’s currency is used for checkout and transactions. Customers can pay in any currency using the WooCommerce plugin Multi-Currency.

Currency Converter Widget nulled plugin

Customers must be able to compare pricing in their preferred currency.

The Currency Converter Widget nulled plugin allows you to display product pricing, totals, and a dynamic currency switcher.

In addition, the widget uses money.js and the Open Source conversion rates API to dynamically retrieve the most recent conversion rates and alter the prices displayed in real time. WooCommerce automatically updates all information, including individual prices and totals. While you are checking out, your store’s base currency is still used, but the converted price is also saved for your convenience.

The widget’s options enable the addition and conversion of an unlimited number of currencies, including the following:

Amazing! Furthermore, the converted total is retained throughout the checkout process, allowing you to know the exact price that the buyer saw.

Please keep in mind that the currency conversions shown below are provided solely for informational purposes and are subject to estimation. We continue to use the shop’s currency for the checkout process and transactions. If you want your customers to be able to pay in any currency they like, we recommend installing the WooCommerce nulled plugin Multi-Currency on your website.

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