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Dizzy is a platform that offers tools like video chat, membership fees, real-time streaming, and monetization possibilities to help producers in any industry. Creators can receive subscription payments from those who value their work, even the most ardent admirers. Although Dizzy is not a flexible clone script, it offers distinctive features similar to those of OnlyFans and Patreon.

Real-time streaming, video chat, membership costs, GDPR banner cookies, alerts, identity verification, profile modifications, and post monetization are among the features. In order to pay for access to premium material, artists can load points into their virtual wallets.

In addition, Dizzy provides recurring payments, avatars, page SEO, and payment methods. It is compatible with Authorize.Net, PayStack, BitPay, RazorPay, IyziCo, and Stripe.

Along with supporting a number of languages, the site lets users send and receive cash as well as send and receive gifs, stickers, films, and photos. A variety of file types, such as mov, m4v, avi, flv, mpeg, MPEG, webm, mkv, MKV, gif, GIF, jpg, jpeg, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and png, are available for use by users.

PDO: OpenSSL Extension for PHP PHP Modules, Mbstring Module for PHP JSON, Apache mod_rewrite, PHP version 8, MySQL version 5.6, and PHP version 7.1.0 or later are required for Dizzy to function. Any problems that arise during the upgrade process can be reported as support requests.

dizzy Nulled Script

Support Creators Content Script – dizzy

dizzy: Give the Makers a Reward Any kind of creator can use Content Script to get subscriptions from people who value their work, even the most ardent supporters. Photographers, designers, coders, Instagrammers, and YouTubers are all included in this.

Even while anybody can create content, only creators can profit from their labor with services like Subscriber Content Share and Premium Content Share.

Dizzy isn’t a clone script that can adapt. Dizzy offers just what you need for a unique project, even though its features are similar to those of OnlyFans and Patreon.


  • Real-time streaming using the ABRA API
  • Video Chat (AGORA API)
  • Customers can choose to pay a weekly, monthly, or yearly membership fee.
  • There is now a new GDPR banner cookie policy in effect!
  • Alerts An instant user can receive administrator notifications for likes, purchases, posts, purchases, followers, comments, and approvals.
  • Providing a picture ID provided by the government as identification
  • Modify your online persona.
  • Users who have been acknowledged will see a badge.
  • With the Free, Subscriber, and Premium Point (credit) systems, you are able to create a limitless amount of posts.
  • It’s possible for artists to make money off of their posts. Others may view the post in return for the points the author has specified.
  • To access premium content, users can add points to their virtual wallets.
  • Users may be in charge of posts.
  • Regular users cannot access the dashboard; only creators can.
  • page SEO Include a picture.
Upload Cover
  • Select a method of payment (PayPal or bank transfer).
  • Once you’ve reached the admin-set minimum, withdraw money.
  • Enter the makers’ name or user ID to find out who created them.
  • Recurring payments are supported by the interface with Stripe. PayPal payment integration Payments with BitPay integration Payment Integration
  • using RazorPay Authorize.Net Integration with iyziCo for Payments Integration PayStack is the payment processor.
  • The top five creators of this week!
  • Learn about Makers Social To log in and undergo verification, use your Google or Twitter account.
  • Distribute images and graphics.
  • The algorithm blurs the photos and videos in premium and subscription postings. This guarantees that the user cannot view the post’s actual image
  • unless they pay for the post or subscribe to the profile.
  • Posts can be reported by any user.
  • Posts can be banned by anyone.
  • Turn the message on or off.
  • For now, make use of the select box
  • The total revenue produced by the Creator Dashboard
  • securely hashing passwords
Help with SMTP
  • simple to interpret
  • There are several languages spoken.
  • Users can send photographs, videos, stickers, and gifs by using the Upload Message progress bar on the system.
  • The characteristic of endless scroll in the message system
  • You can scroll on the user wall and the profile wall indefinitely!
  • monitoring of all incoming and outgoing funds Email-based notifications
  • The location of our contact information
  • Modifying Your Posts with Password Preserved
  • The Stickers System within the Messages and Comments GIF System The Message Emoticon System and Commendation Ads Sponsored Customers
  • with Subscription Funds Switched between Light and Dark Accessibility Modes Setting Up Website Features The Site Favicon’s logo
  • “Keywords,” “Site Name,” “Site Title,” as well as “Description”
  • Language (complete in the blank): General Primary
  • Operating Mode (Activate/Deactivate)
  • Check email and either activate or deactivate.
  • Configure (Activate/Deactivate) (An IP address may register twice if this feature is enabled.)

Limitations on File Upload Size and Duration of Pages
Post count displayed
Put the pagination number on display.
MP4, MP3, MPG, mov, m4v, avi, flv, mpeg, MPEG, webm, mkv, MKV, gif, GIF, jpg, jpeg, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and png are among the file types that you can employ.
The following file formats are accepted: png, jpeg, gif, jpg, JPEG, and PNG.

Details About Email Preferences, Storage, and Billing (Amazon S3)

View Messages
The administrator must approve premium posts.
Posts Special Posts
Articles for Design Subscribers
Using Custom CSS and JS Parcel Settings to Manage SVG Icons for Points
Sync Up Languages
Individuals utilizing
Monitor Users
Requests for Verification from Creators
Adding, modifying, and removing pages
Make, modify, and remove stickers.
How to Pay: The Payment Settings
The Authorize PayPal.Stripe, Bitpay, and Net
PayStack, IyziCo, and RazorPay

Using Social Logins to Manage Your Twitter and Google Accounts
Organize Your Bills
Organize Withdrawals
In charge of advertising to collect subscription fees.
Create a promotional video.
run advertising campaigns.

Items required

PHP version 7.1.0 or later, MySQL version 5.6, Apache mod_rewrite, and PHP version 8
PDO: PHP’s OpenSSL Extension PHP Add-ons PHP JSON Module for Mbstring The cURL extension in PHP has a configure file with the value “ON.”
Details regarding Updates for the PHP FFMPEG Extension
If you run into any problems while updating, please go HERE to send a support request. Kindly refrain from asking technical questions in the comment area.

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