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eClass Nulled Script is a platform that allows instructors to exchange information with students worldwide. It is a feature-rich, user-friendly, secure, scalable, reliable, synchronized, expandable, and adaptable software that focuses on improving students’ performance. eClass provides tools that help match students with relevant learning and is the most flexible eClass platform available.

The platform offers various types of content, including LMS eclass, mobile apps, and online courses. It also provides essential features for students, such as course access, individualized learning, feedback, multimedia materials, compatibility with mobile devices, progress tracking, and communication with professors.

Essential features for students include course access, individual learning, feedback, multimedia materials, compatibility with mobile devices, progress tracking, and communication with professors. The platform offers course download and certificate options, assignment completion, and more. It also offers social login options, subscription models with Stripe payment, and discounts for bundle courses.

eClass Nulled Script is a leading global marketplace for education and training, offering a variety of features to meet the needs of students and instructors.

Learning management systems (LMS) are essential tools for instructors to create and manage courses, collaborate, and communicate with students. Instructors should have easy access to multimedia materials, such as audio, video, and image files, and can integrate with other applications and platforms. The LMS should be compatible with mobile devices, and features such as instructor payout, payment gateways, and marketing settings can help instructors manage their accounts.

Payment gateways include Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Mollie, Skrill, Rave, Braintree, Payflexi, and Manual. Other payment gateways include PayTM, RazorPay, Instamojo, PayU Money, and Cashfree. The system also offers features like the Ultimate Video Player, which supports video formats like HLS, WEMB, MP4, and m3u8, embedded video links, and video playback rates.

Progressive web apps (PWAs) provide responsive design, three-level groups, two-factor authentication, notification options, and language translator support. The eClass LMS eBooks for E-Learning, LMS e-class Add-on, LMS Payment Gateway, eClass Mobile Application UPI, LMS job search, LMS Certificate Design, LMS form, and online discussion theme are some of the features available.

Server specifications for eClass include MySQL 5.7, MariaDB 10.4, or PHP 8.1.13.

eClass Nulled Script serves as a platform for instructors to exchange information with students anywhere in the world.

Allow us to introduce our products.

Students take classes primarily to improve their performance. Surprisingly, there aren’t many low-cost online programs accessible today that are crammed with information and follow the most current search engine optimization principles for serious learners.
Our all-in-one software is feature-rich, user-friendly, secure, scalable, reliable, synchronized, expandable, and adaptable.

The goal is to complete a transaction, and your online course allows students to either leave stuff in the corridors or depart feeling fulfilled. Students may buy your courses via eClass whenever it is convenient for them. Stay one step ahead of the curve.

Make the most of your courses to boost revenue. eClass provides tools that help you match your audience with relevant learning. If you wish to build an online learning platform, this is the most flexible eClass platform accessible. With eClass becoming as the leading global marketplace for education and training.

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eClass Classification:

LMS eclass. Mobile App for LMS eClass LMS PWA APP Online Course LMS Improves eClass Classification: LMS eclass LMS Ultimate Video Player LMS e-classes LMS e-classes Classification: LMS eclass. LMS e-classes LMS e-classes LMS Type of content: eClass. Bundled LMS Course E-Learning LMS e-classes Device control for LMS eclass Eclass. LMS Multipal Storage LMS Enrollment Manual Online E-class in an LMS LMS course analysis LMS Advance Test e-Learning LMS Certification Online Course. LMS Future Course Online Course. Payment Gateways for LMS/eClass Payment Gateways for Indians LMS eClass LMS Payment via Offline Course eclass LMS Ultimate Video Player LMS Online Live Courses. Multicurrency LMS eClass E-Learning LMS Gift Course LMS Multilingual Online Course.

LMS e-classes LMS e-classes LMS e-classes LMS Affiliate Course LMS e-classes Video Sources for LMS E-Class LMS e-classes LMS Upgrade e-learning Login to eClass.

LMS Social LMS Technology Online Course LMS Administration E-Course Classification: LMS eclass.

Essential Features for Students and Users

Learning management systems (LMS) typically incorporate a number of functions to meet the needs of students. Among the important components that students may desire are:

Course access: Students enrolled in these courses should find it straightforward to see course materials, submit assignments, and take examinations.
Individualized learning should be feasible. This includes allowing students to set and track their own goals.
Feedback: Students must be able to get feedback on their work via graded assignments and quizzes, as well as chats and comments.
Students should be able to access and engage with multimedia materials such as videos, photographs, and audio files.
Compatibility with mobile devices: Students must be able to access the LMS via a tablet or smartphone.
Progress tracking: Students should be able to retrieve their previous data and follow their progress, including grades and completion status.
Communication: Students should be able to contact their professors via email, chat, and video conferencing.
Device Management Desire List
Individual classes.
Course Progress, Leader Board, Rating, Filter, and Query Q&A Course Lookup Course Download and Certificate Options
Download the course in PDF, zip, video, or image format (png, jpg).
Assignment Completion
Schedule a course appointment. Live lessons with the teacher.
Profile of the Student
A PDF viewer.
Option to like or dislike course reviews.
Rates for Multipal Playback Selecting Shuffle & Loop
Video Resumé Try out the Course Quiz.
Test series, previous examinations, and a download option.
Options for both objective and subjective course quizzes.
Download the PDF invoice.
Note to the Instructor: Accompany the Instructor-Gifted Course.
Purchase Now: Grid See and Enumerate View Social Login: Social media platforms include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Gitlab, Google, and Amazon as referral partners.
Subscription model with Stripe payment and discount for bundle courses.
Choose to Become an Instructor Frequently Asked Questions for Feedback System Review Report
Contact Us Page.
About Details Page Career Page
Facebook Messenger Chat Bubble.
WhatsApp Chat Button for Teachers, Institutes, Tutors, and Trainers.
Learning management systems (LMS) often provide a number of functions to meet the needs of instructors or teachers. Among the fundamental components that instructors may seek are:

Teachers should find it easy to create and manage courses. This includes the ability to add and change content, issue assignments and assessments, and manage student registration.
Collaboration and communication: Through email and chat, instructors and students should be able to engage and collaborate.
Grading and feedback: Using rubrics and comments, instructors should be able to easily evaluate student work and offer feedback.
Content management: Teachers should be able to easily create and revise classes, examinations, and assessments.
Compatibility with mobile devices: Teachers must be able to access the LMS via a smartphone or tablet.
Multimedia: To enhance the learning process, instructors should have access to and be able to use multimedia materials such as audio, video, and image files.
Integration: Instructors should be able to connect the learning management system (LMS) with other applications and platforms, such as email and student information databases.
Paying the instructor: Instructor Payout
In private classes with several teachers, users may disguise their identities from instructors.
Badges for Instructor Profile: Duration of Course Expire
Instructor-Paid Featured Course (PayTM Indian Payment Gateway).
Choose to become an instructor.
Turn into Teacher Charges Plans now include Paytm and PayPal as payment options.
Teachers may feature Vacation Mode.
Page for Instructor Profiles
Assignment on Course; Meeting with Course FAQs for instructors and administrators.
Marketing Settings for the Dashboard, Players, and Advertisements.
Featured Categories: Click Right, Disable. Inspect elements, manage add-ons, and configure your site. Email Configuring the API using Admin ADMIN Interpretation:
Tag Manager for Google, SEO Directory, and Extra Coupons for Management.
IP Block Setting on the Site Twillo SMS confirmation for course enrollment.
System of Course Reviews
Google AdSense Blog Lesson/Class Reorganization Drag and Drop Then Release Sections and Slideshows.
Settings for advertisements
Site Chart.
Settings for color selection, bulk import for jobs, institutions, or users, and user roles and management.
Log in as User to Meetings.
Integrate the Big Blue Button for meetings.
Zoom Integration for Meetings
Integration of Google Meet for In-person Meetings.
Jitsi Meet is now integrated for in-person meetings.
Gateways for payments
Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Mollie, Skrill, Rave, Braintree, Payflexi, and Manual are all instances of international payment gateways. Payment methods include bank transfers and manual/offline gateways.
PayTM, RazorPay, Instamojo, PayU Money, and Cashfree are all Indian payment gateways.
Thailand Payment Gateway: Omise. Japan Payment Gateway: Omise
Bangladesh Payment Gateways: AamarPay and SSL.Iyzico is a payment gateway for Turkish commerce. Sri Lanka Payment Gateway: PayHere Player Features
Ultimate Video Player ($59 Value)
Video formats include HLS, WEMB, MP4, and m3u8. Support for embedded video links.We provide m3u8 URLs for live streaming, including links to YouTube and Vimeo, as well as APIs for Vimeo and YouTube videos, AWS S3 video upload, and AWS and Digital Ocean video connections. Encouragement
Dropbox and Google Drive Supported video links
Google Support for Embedded Video Links on cloudinary.com Supported by Video Drip Support for Course Class Subtitle Files (.srt &.txt) in Course Chapter Player. Multipal Subtitle Choose playback rates.
Features include shuffle and loop, video playback, resume, and two setup options.
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) provide responsive design.
Three Level Groups
Two-factor authentication with Google Wallet: (using PayPal, Stripe, and PayTM) Notification
Push Notifications for OneSignal
Mailchimp newsletter refund for courses
Support for Language Translator RTL
Course URL / Geolocation Upload (video, image, zip, pdf).
Courses with lazy load bundles
Course Purchase Report; Course Report Flash Sale on PayPal.me. Allow Cookies; Course Purchase Report; Testimonial; Demo/Announcement Bar; Demo Content Import; Facebook Pixel. Donation option and captcha required upon registration.
URL Optimized for SEO: Owl Carousel 2 using Bootstrap 4 Framework and W3C Valid Markup.
Efficient transitional effects.
Awesome Font Icons.
There are YouTube videos for project setup in the documentation.
Unique and original concept
Clean code and design; an innovative and creative project.

eClass LMS eBooks for E-Learning LMS e-class Add-on LMS Payment Gateway. eClass Mobile Application UPI eclass for LMS job search. LMS eClass Add-on for LMS Homework Supplement eClass: LMS Certificate Design LMS form and online discussion theme for LMS Blizzard.

Server Specifications
You need to validate that your server meets the following specifications:

MySQL 5.7, MariaDB 10.4, or PHP 8.1.13




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