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eForm is a sophisticated and customizable form builder that allows users to design and manage a variety of forms within WordPress. It enables a wide range of quizzes, surveys, data collection, payment/cost computation, and user feedback. The drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily construct and manage an unlimited number of forms. The plugin has been updated to support jQuery 3.5 and PHP 8 (WordPress 5.6), and users can now subscribe to the newsletter immediately after completing the form.

The plugin also supports bulk product uploads, custom fields, and Stripe Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), and all eForm shortcodes are now compatible with WordPress’s current editor, Gutenberg. It also includes an improved Live Form Creator, Boxy, an innovative offline payment method, and MailWizz integration.

The plugin also features 38+ Material-Inspired Form Themes, an admin interface, a more advanced form builder, and a theme customizer. It also includes support for PayPal and Stripe payments, Enormail with MailetLite, anti-aliased rendering, read-only mode, reusable fields, thumbnail appearance customization, and a leaderboard.

The plugin also features a submission stopwatch, raw score-based ranking and re-routing, detailed progress reports and analysis, and Sendy.co and MyMail compatibility. The plugin also has an in-browser auto-save feature, form reset options, container-specific conditional logic, integration with Aweber, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp, a timed quiz with instant submission, filterable and classifiable forms, submission buttons, and customizable feedback summary tables.

EForm also provides immediate email alerts, allowing users to tailor their notifications to meet their company’s design. The plugin also allows you to send promotional messages to specified demographics, and if a submission is incomplete or underpaid, a payment retry link will be sent instead of a notice email. Overall, eForm is a robust and adaptable form builder that can be applied to a variety of sectors, including WooCommerce, WordPress, and other platforms. Since version 2.x, the premium plugin has been compatible with the free plugin; however, the commercial plugin does not automatically import information from the latter. Once you’ve upgraded to the commercial version, delete the free plugin. The plugin may not work with some themes owing to changes to the jQuery file, changes to the WordPress core jQuery UI files, or different versions of jQuery or jQuery UI. To fix issues, post a new subject in the Help Forum and contact the theme or plugin’s creator.

eForm NULLED Plugin

Create an eForm NULLED Plugin in WordPress with eForm.

If you use WordPress, you can easily integrate the sophisticated and customizable form builder eForm NULLED Plugin (previously FSQM Pro) onto your website. This system allows for the easy management of various quizzes, surveys, data collection, payment/cost calculation, and user feedback.

The drag-and-drop form builder makes it easy to design and manage an unlimited number of forms. Your eForm submissions will be saved in your database, which you can access at any time to study, track, analyze, and act on the information they contain. Registered users can access a user portal to verify the progress of their contributions at any time.

To increase versatility and security, we’ve integrated eForm with industry-leading e-mail newsletter and payment systems.

You can use the calculators to determine how much everything will cost and pay the bill. Quizzes have their own scoring system, so ensure that you have paid before calculating scores and displaying awards to participants.

This comprehensive and all-encompassing form builder provides everything you could possible need while remaining simple to use and visually appealing.

In third-party integrations, you can now specify a format string or hard-coded data.

Format strings that enable page-by-page scoring have been introduced.

The summary table now supports user-defined rows.

Elementor now supports widgets, allowing you to add it more quickly.
The revised file upload now incorporates reCaptcha, a security checker.
Updated to support jQuery 3.5 and PHP 8 (WordPress 5.6).
In a novel twist, you can now subscribe to the newsletter immediately after completing the form.
There are now pre-designed email layouts and message formats that may be easily customized.
The ability to embed forms in responsive iframes allows forms to be used with non-compatible themes and  nulled plugins.
WooCommerce’s capability for bulk product uploads is entirely new.
All third-party integrations now include custom fields.
Increase security by utilizing Stripe Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
All eForm shortcodes now operate with WordPress’ modern editor, Gutenberg.

Support for Convertkit has been upgraded.

Here’s something entirely new: the Live Form Creator.

Updated: Boxy, a Theme for Elements of Classical Form.
Now supports system and user-defined fonts.
Overriding element alignment globally is a new feature.
An unique offline payment gateway has recently been implemented.

Update: MailWizz now supports Stripe payment subscription forms.

Updated Payment Form Interface with “Estimate Slider”
Freetype form elements now allow input masking.
Modified to enable Authorize.net transactions.
The ability to pipe element values into labels via interactive form elements is a new functionality.
Automatic Updates have been added!
New Form Element for Price Lists
Automatic ranking of feedback forms is now accessible.
OpenGraph and Twitter’s information on their respective websites is brand new.
The color of the summary table icon can now be customized.

Updated Math Element: Row Index for Number Fields (checkboxes, radio buttons, and thumbnails)

There are now 38+ Material-Inspired Form Themes available.
A new administrative interface, an updated form builder, and a theme customizer have all been added.
Form element defaults, URLs, user and post meta data have all been updated.

Update: Support for PayPal and Stripe Payments

The integration of Enormail and MailetLite is fresh new.
The jSignature component now supports anti-aliased rendering.
A new read-only mode has been added to form controls.
Introducing reusable fields!
The appearance of thumbnails can now be customized.
You can now submit a custom URL.
Improved WooCommerce support.
Improved The core includes support for WordPress registration, login, and guest blogging.
Shortcodes for forms and user data are now accessible.
The six new features include a thumbnail selector, smiley rating, like/dislike button, matrix feedback, matrix dropdown, and GPS location selector.
A completely new feature, the Leaderboard, has been implemented.
To limit the amount of times a form can be submitted, we’ve added some brand new controls.
New! A stopwatch was added to track when forms were filed.
Raw score-based ranking and re-routing are entirely new.
Significant advancement in the field of reports and analysis.
Updated Google Charts to be mobile-friendly. Added Sendy.co and MyMail compatibility, as well as convenient in-browser auto-save functionality.
Forms that appear up with their own conversation buttons

Optional button for form reset.

Container-specific conditional logic (for tabs, pages, and so on).
Connectivity to Aweber, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp
Timed quiz with instant submission (limits apply globally and per page).
Element of mathematics used to evaluate user input and create a complex formula
Filterable and classifiable form.
Submit button with conditional logic
After a message is successful, you can share it via social media, email, or trackback.
Elegant, mobile-friendly, and packed with adjustable options; an email template
Trackback summary table personalization
You can specify which elements of the summary table, whole submission, and trends to show on the trackback page.
Labels and settings can be formatted in LaTeX (using a Jetpack add-on).
Multiplier-based scoring distributes points to criterion.
Using a multiplier and a user-defined algorithm to calculate slider and range element scores
Form submission quotas and user-defined error messages
Anonymous submission, with the option to restrict IP address and user account recording, as well as block scrolling to the top of the current tab or page.
Grading and spinner options include arbitrary minimum, maximum, and step values.

Simple Drop-and-Drop Form Maker

The drag-and-drop interface allows you to construct professional-looking forms without having to know how to write. (If you are comfortable with CSS, you can make the necessary changes directly in the form’s options.)

Methodology for scoring and placement

You may now assign people points and ranks depending on their contributions (this is great for score-based quizzes). The procedure of adding components that can be assessed is straightforward, and the final scores for all users are calculated automatically. You can also analyze and manually assign points to free-type responses so that they are considered.

Scores and rankings are visible on your dashboard, and you can make them available to users via their portal. You can configure your form such that a different message is displayed depending on the user’s score breakdown, and you can automatically assign different designations to users (such as “rookie” or “expert”) based on their scores. This is useful for sending targeted emails to users with a specified level or classification, as well as personalizing user notification emails.

When a person analyzes their contribution via the e-mail notice and trackback website, both valid and incorrect responses may be identified. With the Exporter plugin, you can even offer customers the option of downloading a printed certificate.

Email alerts that arrive instantly.

Our attractive and responsive notification emails are easy and straightforward, allowing you to simply customize them to match the look of your own business. The logo, form header image, and e-mail accent color can all be changed instantly from the administrator panel.

After that, you’ll have entire control over the notification message, which you can use to thank people for doing your survey or quiz, as well as providing directions for accessing their findings and conducting additional tests.

The control panel also allows you to set up admin notification emails and other options.

eForm is compatible with a number of popular email marketing systems, including Campaign Monitor, Get Response, Aweber, and MailChimp. Because e-mail addresses are saved in your eForm database, you can effortlessly send promotional messages to specific demographics.

When a submission is incomplete or underpaid, a payment retry link may be displayed instead of a notification email. This is ideal for creating official quizzes that can be sold for money.


Since version 2.x, the commercial and free plugins have been compatible. However, the commercial plugin does not automatically import information from the free plugin; this must be done manually. It is a good idea to remove the free plugin after upgrading to the commercial version, as you will no longer require it.

Unfortunately, we are unable to make the plugin function with all accessible themes. If the code in your theme complies with the WordPress standard, you can use this plugin with confidence.

The plugin may not be compatible with certain themes due to the following:
  • Your theme or plugin has changed the jQuery file that WordPress uses by default.
  • Your theme or plugin has made changes to the WordPress core jQuery UI files.
  • Your plugins or theme use a different version of jQuery or jQuery UI.
  • For whatever reason, altering the core WordPress files is uncommon. If you’re experiencing difficulties getting the form to show up properly in your theme, please start a new post in our Help Forum. To remedy this issue, we will assist you in contacting the creator of the incompatible theme or plugin.
  • We’ve also produced a set of troubleshooting guides that you might find helpful.

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