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FoodTiger Nulled Script 3.6.0

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FoodTiger Nulled Script is a PHP script designed to create a food delivery service for multiple restaurants. It allows administrators to register restaurants, add drivers, and assign orders. The script also allows entrepreneurs to manage their restaurant categories and goods, and allows employees to work for the restaurant. Customers can register and make orders from their chosen restaurant. The script is developed on Laravel and can be installed on shared hosting or virtual private servers. The Nulled Script is a powerful tool for managing food delivery services.

FoodTiger Nulled Script

FoodTiger – Food delivery – Multiple Restaurants

FoodTiger Nulled Script is a completely new and highly effective PHP script developed on top of Laravel 8. In a couple of minutes, you could start your own food delivery service.

The demo site is updated every hour.
The website’s address is https://foodtiger.site/.

The demo website provides documentation for the demo credentials.

Someone in command.
As administrator, you will be able to register restaurants, add drivers, and assign orders to the appropriate drivers. Take a look at the advanced statistics that reveal how many orders have been placed.

Entrepreneur who owns a

will be able to receive restaurant orders both through the system and by mail. They will have the option to refuse or accept the order. There will also be the opportunity to manage their restaurant’s categories, goods, and other things. Each restaurant is allotted one subdomain.

People who drive

There are employees working for you. The system allows you to register them. Additionally, after the restaurant accepts your order, you will be able to assign it to them. Drivers will deliver the order and then change the status to “delivered.” They want to release a mobile application in the near future.

The customers

Customers are the ones who order from your restaurant. Individuals may register, enter their address, and make an order with the restaurant of their choosing.

instructions for installation FoodTiger Nulled Script
This project is made on Laravel. You may install it on shared hosting or virtual private servers. Shared hosting instructions are available here. Mobidonia’s Gitbook: https://mobidonia.gitbook.io/mresto/docs/installation.

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