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Gifting for Woo Subscriptions nulled plugin 2.7.0

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A plugin called Gifting for Woo Subscriptions enables users to purchase and manage subscriptions on behalf of others, thereby increasing the number of subscriptions sold and the revenue generated by the store. Customers can input the email address of the recipient into product, cart, or checkout pages. Subsequently, the extension assumes responsibility for all other tasks associated with the recipient’s account, such as registering them with your store, overseeing shared control over subscriptions, and providing access to orders related to the account.

Customer privacy is supported by Gifting, which also facilitates recipient enrollment, shared subscription management, membership integration, transparent ownership, shared email notifications, and download management. By strategically placing this data across the subscription and associated orders, Gifting facilitates the monitoring of gifted merchandise within your establishment. Furthermore, it maintains clear communication with both parties regarding critical subscription-related matters, including renewals, and safeguards the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Whether you offer a weekly service, a recurring downloadable product, or a monthly box of physical products, gifting can increase your subscription sales. Purchase, download, install, and activate the Woo Subscriptions plugin in your WooCommerce store, configure the gifting experience for your first subscription-based product or service, and review the comprehensive documentation to get started. Have faith in the support and code quality that are delivered by the same developers who create Woo Subscriptions.

Gifting for Woo Subscriptions nulled plugin

Subscription gifting for WordPress revoked plugin Permit customers to acquire memberships for family, acquaintances, and others in order to augment subscription revenue.
You can generate residual income with Woo Subscriptions by selling subscription items in your WooCommerce store. What if, however, your consumer wishes to purchase a membership for another individual?

The consumer may provide the address of the recipient for physical items in order to receive delivery. However, this does not apply to virtual products such as memberships or services. Furthermore, what occurs if the receiver relocates? How will her mailing address be modified?

The plugin known as “Gifting for Woo Subscriptions nulled” allows an individual to purchase a subscription package on behalf of another. The subscription is subsequently allocated to the buyer and recipient, granting them joint authority over the subscription for the duration of its operational lifespan. This results in reduced challenges for both you and your clients whenever modifications are required to the subscription.

Through Gifting, clients can purchase memberships for others by entering the email address of the recipient on the product, basket, or transaction pages. The remainder, including registering the recipient with your store and managing shared control for subscriptions and order access associated with it, will be handled by the extension.

In conclusion, increase membership sales with reduced effort. Permit your customers to purchase and administer memberships for others. It is a perpetual gift for your customers, the individuals who receive them, and the revenue of your store.

Options for Subscription Gifting

Basic Gifting
Snapshot of the email field for the recipient of the subscription
A subscription can be granted with the recipient’s email address simply being entered by your client. The Gifting extension will be responsible for the remaining tasks. By streamlining the process of gifting a subscription, an increased quantity of subscriptions can be offered, thereby generating recurring revenue for the store.

The Orientation of Recipients

An image illustrating the Gifted Subscription Greeting Email
The recipient is enrolled in your organization upon acquiring a subscription through gifting. An account is promptly created. The recipient is instructed to log in to your store after being notified of the gift. Recipients are guided through an onboarding process upon logging in, which entails configuring account credentials, which includes the delivery address for the subscription. It will not require any additional effort on your part to sell one or a thousand gifts.

Woo Subscription Gifting plugin nullification Management of Shared Subscriptions
Screenshot of the table of subscription management capabilities

Both the purchaser and recipient of a particular membership have the ability to modify the mailing address and suspend or terminate the subscription through the My Account page of your online store. They can also view subscription information and renewal orders. Instructing your customers to manage their own subscriptions will save both you and your customer service representatives time.

Screenshot of the Integration of the Memberships Area into the My Account
Membership plans for WooCommerce are compatible with gifting. When gifted subscription items are associated with a membership plan, the recipient, not the purchaser, will receive all of the membership benefits. In addition to providing an additional incentive for customers to purchase additional subscriptions from your company, giftable memberships allow recipients to manage the memberships themselves, which saves you time.

Unmistakable Ownership

It is clear to both you and your customers who purchased a membership and who obtained one through gifting. Gifting simplifies the process of monitoring donated items in a business setting by displaying this information in multiple locations on the subscription and related orders.

Electronic Mail Notifications Email addresses shared by recipients of subscriptions

Regarding critical subscription-related events, such as renewals, Gifting communicates with both the buyer and recipient to ensure that both are kept informed and to divert their attention away from your inbox. Like other emails generated by the WooCommerce plugin, these can be enabled or disabled, updated, and modified to reflect the voice and identity of your store.

Download Handling Gifted Subscription Download Settings Screenshot
Upon purchasing a downloaded product on behalf of a recipient, that recipient is granted automatic access to obtain the corresponding files. Download rights may be granted to both the purchaser and the recipient, contingent upon the specifics of your enterprise. Download URLs will no longer need to be sent to recipients manually by your clients.

An illustration of Customer Privacy Specifics of a Gifted Subscription Order

It is vital to maintain the privacy of sensitive consumer information when data is being transmitted between two parties. Subsequently, Gifting meticulously deliberates on which details ought to be disclosed to the recipient and which should be withheld. For instance, the initial order placed by a subscriber is not visible to the recipient, thereby preventing them from understanding any subsequent purchases made with the subscription.

Enhance Sales of Subscriptions

Woo Subscriptions may increase your subscription sales through gifting, regardless of whether you offer a weekly service, such as dancing lessons, a recurring digital product (e.g., a surfing magazine), or a monthly package of physical products (e.g., a candy box).

Permit your clients to administer and purchase subscriptions on behalf of others. It is a perpetual gift for your customers, the individuals who receive them, and the revenue of your store.

How to Commence
  • If not already installed, acquire, download, install, and activate the Woo Subscriptions plugin.
  • Acquire this add-on
  • It is necessary to download, install, and activate this plugin in your WooCommerce store.
  • Create and introduce your first product or service that requires a subscription.
  • Consult our extensive documentation for assistance in customizing the act of donating.
  • Enjoy yourself while you earn more money.

Do you require another reason to purchase? As Gifting for Woo Subscriptions is developed by the same group that created Woo Subscriptions, its quality of code and support guarantees your satisfaction.

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