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Hide Price & Add to Cart Button nulled plugin 1.4.1

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By utilizing the WooCommerce Hide Price & Add to Cart extension, users are able to obscure the “add to cart” icon and prices for particular products and categories. It can be utilized to convert the store into an online catalog, restrict access to pricing information to logged-in users, or display prices while concealing the “Add to Cart” button for personalized products. The plugin provides users with the ability to conceal prices and add-to-cart buttons for particular products and categories, with the option to restrict visibility to logged-in or registered users, specific user responsibilities, or both.

Users may also substitute custom text for prices and a contact form or a custom button for the “add to cart” icon. In addition to rule-based administration, the plugin permits users to generate an unlimited number of custom rules that eliminate the “Add to Cart” button and price. A new version of the plugin enables users to conceal prices and add items to the cart from particular countries. The request a quote extension and product visibility extension are suggested for those in search of a comprehensive quotation system or product visibility extension, respectively.

Hide Price & Add to Cart Button nulled plugin

Remove Price and Add to Cart Buttons plugin In order to transform your store into an online catalog, obfuscate the prices and “Add to Cart” icons for specific or all products and categories. Prevent access by visitors and specific enrolled user profiles. Substitute a contact form or a custom website for the “Add to Cart” icon.
The “Conceal Price & Add to Cart”  nulled plugin for WooCommerce allows you to obscure the pricing of specific products and categories, in addition to the “Add to Cart” icon. They are hidden from view by enrolled customers, non-logged-in users, and user roles. Substitute custom text for pricing and contact7 forms or custom buttons that navigate to the desired page for cart buttons.

Examination of Case Studies:

Broadly speaking, it is prudent to disclose your rates in advance; however, this may differ from specific marketing strategies employed by individual firms. The subsequent instances illustrate notable scenarios in which this expansion might be the optimal resolution.

Users who are logged in will only see the following prices:

Pricing disclosure should be withheld from non-logged-in customers until they log in, contingent upon the marketing strategy implemented. For instance, if pricing varies by country or user role, you might wish to conceal the prices and only reveal them once the user logs in.

Transform your physical store into an online catalog:

This solution is well-suited for online retailers seeking to showcase their products without revealing the prices or add to cart buttons. The WooCommerce plugin store will operate as a portable catalog that merchants will be able to distribute to any individual. They can, depending on the requirement, display pricing while concealing the “Add to Cart” button.

Personalized items:

It is possible that you do not wish to display the price on the product page when selling customized objects. By utilizing this plugin, one can obfuscate the price and replace the “Add to Cart” icon with a “Contact 7” form, thereby enabling customers to submit inquiries through a straightforward pop-up form.

Highlight Cost and Add to Cart: WooCommere includes the following features:

Inhibit the visibility of product and category pricing as well as “add to cart” icons.
Choose whether certain user roles, logged-in or registered customers, or others should be able to view them.
In certain countries, the option to hide the price and/or add the item to the cart is available.
Personalized content should be placed in lieu of prices.
Use a custom icon or a contact form in place of the “add to cart” link.

Administration founded on rules

Create rules for price concealment and cart addition.
Numerous custom rules can be implemented to remove the “Add to Cart” icon and price. This functionality enables the modification of price and cart button presentations in accordance with the user’s status (e.g., guest, registered, or assigned user role).

Select whether to hide the price, the “add to cart” icon, or both when adding a new rule. Additionally, they can be omitted for particular countries, products, or categories and substituted with customized content, a hyperlinked icon, or a contact form.

The Add to Cart Rule in WooCommerce conceals prices.

Concerns and Responses

Question: I aim to obfuscate the pricing information and add to cart buttons for non-logged-in users. However, after logging in, I desire to redirect wholesale purchasers to a contact form rather than an add to cart button for the hoodies category, where the prices are intended to be visible.

Answer: Using principles, the WooCommerce Hide Price plugin enables you to modify your prices. One rule can be implemented to obscure pricing information for users who are not logged in, while another replaces the “Add to Cart” icon with a contact form exclusively for wholesale clients.

Question: I wish to hide the “Add to Cart” option for particular user nations. Certain countries do not obtain specific goods from me. Is it even possible?

Answer: This is currently possible due to the release of a new version. Price concealment and/or cart addition are permitted, but only from specific countries.

Suggestions Regarding Extensions

Try our request a quote extension if you require a full-fledged quotation system with the ability to conceal prices and replace “add to cart” with a quote button; and our product visibility extension if you need to obscure items and categories based on user responsibilities.

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