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Hub is an all-in-one website builder that includes over 80 pre-built websites, 700+ section templates, and 100+ internal pages. It has lightning-fast speeds, a simple editor, and unique features, making it an excellent alternative for WooCommerce users. With over 80 pre-built websites, 700+ section templates, and 100+ inner pages, Hub offers an award-winning design selection, a simple editor, and lightning-fast speed. WooCommerce Hub’s next-generation shop includes all of the resources required to begin selling online and provide clients with the best WooCommerce experience possible.

Hub is GDPR compliant, supports RTL languages, and includes translation plugins like as WPML, qTranslate, Loco, and Polylang. Its lightweight coding prevents duplicate code and loading. Hub also includes GIF support, Shop Quick View, Ajax, SEO, lazy load, unlimited layouts, header builders, shape dividers, font icons/SVG, child themes, automatic updates, media libraries, Rev Slider, Mega Menu, Dark/Light Layouts, Advanced Code, sidebars/widgets, device mockups, dynamic shapes, slideshows, and modal popups.

In addition to its features, Hub offers documentation, a giant menu builder, device mockups, dynamic shape functionality, and a modal popup element. Hub allows you to develop stunning websites that are both visually appealing and efficient, providing your WooCommerce consumers with the best possible shopping experience.

Hub nulled theme

Hub nulled theme is an all-in-one builder that includes over 80 pre-built websites, 700+ section templates, and 100+ inner pages, as well as lightning-fast performance, a simple editor, and unique features.

Amazing websites should be created. Visually.
Hub nulled theme is a full-featured builder with award-winning design options, a simple editor, and lightning-fast performance.

No design or programming experience is required.

An easy-to-use visual editor can help you make your ideas a reality. Visually design, tweak, and adjust your website to see the results immediately. No coding is required!

Next Generation Shop

WooCommerce Hub provides all of the materials you need to start selling online. Provide your customers with the best possible WooCommerce experience.

Installation in just one click.

After you’ve chosen your demo and data type, click Import. I am done now!

Huge template collection.

The greatest collection created by world-renowned designers. Import a pre-built section block with a simple click, or create your own unique block to reuse on other pages. Create various section blocks to jumpstart your design phase and create new combinations with ease.

Visual Editor with Intuition.

Create and alter stunning graphic pages in minutes. Massive element library, broad modification options, flexible layouts, and quick results!

Additional features:
  • Advanced Carousel: Carousel anything; simply drop the carousel and add any element inside it. That is it.
  • Stunning Parallax: Attract your visitors with one-of-a-kind parallax animations created using genetics.
  • Pinning/Sticky BG: The Hub nulled theme is the only one that supports the pinning approach. You may pin any content, mix it with other content, and make your website look more professional than before.
  • Social Integration: The Hub nulled theme allows you to quickly integrate your preferred social media platforms, share, like, and engage with your visitors.
  • Newsletter: With Mailchimp connections, you can create newsletters and develop your subscriber base to use the power of email marketing.
  • GDPR: We understand how important it is for you and for us. Hub is 100% GDPR compliant.
  • RTL: There are no constraints on language direction. The Hub nulled theme supports RTL languages and is fully optimized for your new website.
  • WPML/Multilingual: Translate your website with ease. Hub completely supports translation plugins, including popular options like WPML, qTranslate, Loco, and Polylang.
  • Clean Code:
  • We enjoy the lightweight coding. It is not just a priority, but also a habit with us. Hub’s world-class developers always code using best practices. No superfluous code or loading.
  • GIF Support: Looking to liven up your website? GIF support is available on-demand.
  • Shop Quick View: The increased quick view functionality allows you to sell your products faster and more easily.
  • Ajax: Easy loading for the greatest user experience.
  • SEO-Friendly: The Hub nulled theme makes use of cutting-edge technologies to increase exposure in organic search results.
  • Lazy Load: Lightweight files and on-demand loading are designed to give peak performance.
  • Unlimited Layouts: There are no layout limitations; you may construct whatever you want. With only a few clicks.
  • Header Builder: Select a pre-built header or design a bespoke header layout that meets your specific requirements. It’s simple, quick, and mobile-friendly.
  • Shape Dividers: Do you hate dull websites? Use a variety of form dividers to add interest to your website. Select your favorite shape. Add with just one click.
  • Font Icon/SVG: Your icons and shapes will load quickly and seem sharp on all screens.
  • Child Theme: Hub comes with a child nulled theme to protect your customizations.

Automatic updates: Smart Dashboard keeps your website up to date. Free for life.

Media libraries
  • Color Manager: Hub has the best color manager on the market; save your favorite colors for future usage with the straightforward user experience design, and simply compare to prior colors with the live editor.
  • One/Multi Page: Select the layout style that best suits your needs. You can have a single page or multiple pages.
  • Adaptive Images: Your images adapt to any screen without extra effort. Automatically.
  • Coming Soon & Maintenance: The plugin is no longer used for coming soon and maintenance layouts. Both come with the Hub. In-built.
  • Documentation is more than just a guide for the Hub; it is also a comprehensive kit that is fully integrated into the community.
  • Rev Slider: The most popular paid slider plugin is included with Hub for free.
  • Mega Menu: The mega menu builder allows you to create any mega menu style. There are no layout constraints; use any element to construct your own big menu.
  • Dark/Light Layouts: Hub covers fans with a dark background. With a single click, you may change your website’s layout to dark. You don’t need to change your font colors because everything is automated.
  • Advanced Code: Add tracking codes or scripts without changing the code. Fill out the corresponding fields. They will be placed where they are required.
  • Sidebars/Widgets: You can create an unlimited number of sidebars and add widgets from the vast Hub widget collection.
  • Device Mockups: Showcase your photographs within attractive device mockups. We’ve got everything covered.
  • Dynamic form: The dynamic form functionality allows you to emphasize any image.
  • Slideshow: There is no need for an external slider; Hub’s built-in slideshow makes it simple and quick to add a variety of slideshows to your website.

The Hub modal popup element allows you to create modal windows with a few clicks, which sounds great. Is not it?

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