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Jannah is a WordPress theme that has been nulled and is intended for content marketing. It has strong features, responsive designs, and free lifetime updates. Real-world features like web-based push notifications, native GIF support, and “Select & Share” are available. With features like a built-in cache, a JS micro version, and lazy loading, Jannah also performs exceptionally well in SEO.

Rank Math Plugins, Yoast SEO, HTML SEO, and SEO Rich Snippet support for add-ons like Reviews, Ratings, and Photos are also supported. Moreover, Jannah comes with an integrated caching plugin called WP Super caching that lets users create discussion boards on their WordPress websites. It is very simple to personalize layouts with the theme’s 800+ Google Fonts and 150 FontFace.me fonts.

Additionally, Jannah provides complete connection with well-known platforms such as MailChimp and Feedburner, enabling users to create landing pages, homepages, and call-to-actions (CTAs) as well as email distribution lists. Jannah offers a complete site design with more than 20 demo designs, complete with pages, menu structures, and sample content. It also has an easy-to-customize drag-and-drop website builder and an attractive BuddyPress design.

For optimal efficiency and user experience, Jannah is a WordPress theme that includes a special Page Builder, Ajax Filters, and Pagination. It has the TieLabs Theme Options panel, which lets you alter the sidebars, design, and typography. Jannah offers numerous skins, more than 800 Google Fonts, and more than 150 FontFace Fonts. It is compatible with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and AMP platform.

Along with customisable widgets like social counters, social widgets, and post list widgets, it also supports online push notifications. Because Jannah is compatible with well-known plugins like BuddyPress and Google AdSense, creating and customizing stores with it is easy.

Jannah nulled theme

With its stunning new features, one-click website demonstrations, responsive designs, and lifetime free updates, Jannah Nulled Theme has you covered for content marketing.

Three compelling reasons to select Jannah
  • For almost a year, TieLabs, the team behind Sahifa, the No. 1 Selling News theme, has been working on this project.
  • ‘Select & Share, native GIF support, and web-based push alerts are examples of real-world features.
  • On-the-go navigation on modern cellphones PLUS strong AJAX megamenus built-in

The Jannah nulled theme, with its stunning style, fresh layout options, cutting-edge sharing capabilities, and integration of the most well-liked WordPress plugins for optimal flexibility, completely transforms the world of desktop publishing in the present content marketing era.

Naturally, the Jannah nulled theme features an entirely responsive design that adapts to all of the devices in use today as well as the newest mobile devices to provide swipeable content.

With intelligent menu components that adjust to the user’s device to provide the best, most fluid viewing experience possible, it also appears to think for you.

With content and review Schema to allow snippet views from extensive content, the Jannah nulled theme also shines in SEO.

Optimized with full support for the well-known Yoast SEO and Rank Math Plugins to boost traffic from Google and BING Search; additionally, it supports SEO Rich Snippets for add-ons like Reviews, Ratings, and Photos, and HTML SEO to enable search engines to pick up ranking signals from specific HTML elements.

With a number of cutting-edge innovations working behind the scenes.

Jannah nulled theme has accelerated the pace to provide you genuinely lightning-fast page loads and overall website performance.
  • Images that are lazy-loaded load only when the user requests them to.
  • The JS minified version is less large for your production website but still functions the same as jquery.js.
  • Minified CSS Resources: eliminates comments, newlines, indentation, and spacing.
  • Inbuilt Cache to cut down on database queries.
  • Compatible with WP Super caching, a well-known caching plugin.

The industry-best practice forum software for WordPress created by WordPress designers This implies that you can create discussion forums inside of your WordPress website with ease.

It’s quick, easy to use, and clean. With just one central account and one click to set everything up, it’s all under control.

You can easily switch between Light and Dark Skins and anything in between with the Jannah nulled theme, allowing you to go completely Dark or stay Light and fluffy.

You’re likely to find a font that suits you among the over 800 Google Fonts and +150 FontFace.me fonts included in the Jannah nulled theme.

Everything is installed already; nothing needs to be updated or installed.

Anyone who isn’t fond of GIF memes?

These days, large viral sites rely heavily on GIFs, therefore you need to be able to handle them natively—no tweaking, extensions, or plugins needed.

GIF images are natively supported by the Jannah nulled theme, providing an outstanding end-user experience.

Options include bordered, fullwidth, boxed, Masonry, and one column only. Your site’s layout determines how it will seem, therefore it’s critical to have an adaptable method of rearranging them and assessing how well they complement your content.

One great way to enhance navigation in long-form content is to provide hotspots that let readers jump to a specific section.

A killer menu is crucial for a large website that has an abundance of excellent content. A well-designed menu should entice users to stay, peruse further pages, and maintain a sense of orientation at all times.

With our Ajax-driven mega-menus, you may choose from a wide variety of engaging menu options that will surely exceed your expectations.

Stunningly designed and totally adjustable mobile navigation will help your new website stand out from the competition. Off-canvas, you can use an image, a gradient, or a solid color for the backdrop. Modify the hue and turn on or off the search form, social icons, and icons.

We are confident that you will love this wonderful feature. The sharing technique is entirely controlled by the end user when using Jannah and “Select and Share.”

To use the Jannah nulled theme’s Social Media share feature, users only need to highlight the text or important point they want to share. A pop-up window with the sharing options you’ve enabled will appear.

Make a distribution list for emails!

Since everyone knows that in the modern world, your email list is your most powerful marketing tool, Jannah provides complete connectivity with industry-standard services like MailChimp and Feedburner.

Grow your mailing list and capture leads, and the world is your oyster!

Users should be engaged and motivated to take action by a well-designed homepage, landing page, or call to action. Creating a dynamic vibe using text-scrolling backdrops or dramatic full-page backgrounds is a great method to accomplish this.

With over 20 fresh demo designs available and more being developed on a regular basis, Jannah Nulled Theme offers you a completely functional site design.

Select a sample that most closely reflects your aesthetic, then utilize our One-Click sample Import feature to get your design started right away. Just add your own content to the update and make any necessary edits from there.

If you can’t make money from your high-quality content marketing website, blog, or news outlet, what good is it? No, honey, not on the web today.

Because of this, Jannah has pre-defined ad spaces in addition to being WooCommerce-geared for all of your eCommerce needs!

Allocate a section for collaborators or associates, or offer a whole page takeover for the highest bidder. Simply copy your AdSense code over, and you’re done—the most common ad block sizes are already pre-programmed! Jannah takes care of everything else.

Enhance the user experience by adding a sophisticated BuddyPress design to a fully integrated social media community or network.

Notifications, which are integrated into the Jannah template to look just like the rest of your design, are another option if you want to add that instantaneous social feel to your menu that entices users to return.

Choose from more than 20 different demonstrations, each of which is a fully functional website with Pages, Menu structures, and Demo Content to eliminate the laborious process of building your website.

Select a demo, click to install it, update it with your own content, and then relax to enjoy the advantages. Among the styles of Automotive, Hotels, Pets, School, News, Sports, Video, and Fashion, we are sure you will find something you enjoy.

Nothing compares to a well-crafted header. Jannah’s elaborate layouts that are inspired by visual design ideas encourage you to be bold. With so many header styles at your disposal—your only creative constraint is your imagination—you may elevate your design to new heights.

One of the most widely used social media photo-sharing sites nowadays is Instagram. A successful news, blog, magazine, or fashion website must integrate its content from your Instagram newsfeed with your website.

With Jannah’s Instagram widget, you can select from a range of layouts to suit your needs; all you have to do is enter your handle, select a style, and tell Jannah where to display it. No coding knowledge is required.

Using the drag-and-drop page builder included in the Jannah nulled theme, you can easily customize your design in blocks.

Creating distinctive layouts has emerged as a major design concern in recent years, and Jannah is pleased to acknowledge this by offering a special Page Builder integrated right in. You may leverage the power of Ajax Filters and Pagination for optimal performance and user experience on your website with a variety of entertaining blocks to get you started.

From the convenience of your WordPress Dashboard, everything. How fantastic is that?

The TieLabs Theme Options menu in Jannah will appeal to you. With just a few clicks, you can make intricate changes while maintaining total control over your design choices in a basic WordPress environment because it is both comprehensive and user-friendly.

The Nulled Theme Options Panel in Jannah lets you play around with sidebars, sharing buttons, font, design, and much more.

The theme is ready to be translated into any language with po and mo files; just use the included Translation panel to translate it fast.

You can create multilingual websites using the Jannah nulled theme in conjunction with the WPML Multilingual Plugin.

Making user-generated video playlists is a great way to reduce bounce rate and increase average time on site. It’s that simple, and Jannah’s backend is fully integrated.

When you set them up, you’ll have an elegantly flowing block with an easy-to-use scrolling list that will never require users to leave your website.

At TieLabs, we are extremely pleased of our beautiful, exclusive Jannah feature—the real-time Animated Weather Widget. Like a typical mobile application, let your users set up a place and see the current weather for the upcoming day and week.

Users can sign up to receive regular updates from your website via web push notifications. You can truly give them a cause to stick around with Live Notifications! It’s just one more amazing element that Jannah has added to make you scream for me. This is the dream of any marketer!

We know that configuring your required widgets can be tedious at times, so we’ve taken the tedium out of Jannah for you by offering a variety of ready-to-use custom widgets that we know will meet all of your needs.

Everything is made to precisely fit within the style you select.

To design the visually stunning homepage you’ve always desired, select from 12 different Social Counters, Social Widgets, and Post List Widgets.

  • Social Counters: Use Jannah’s integrated Social Counter Widget to display all significant Subscribers, Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, and more.
  • Social Widgets: To complete your digital ecosystem, add subscribers, Instagram, SoundCloud, Flickr, Google+, Dribble, Facebook, and many more.
  • Post List Widgets: Use a suitable widget to display Recent Posts, Most Viewed Content, Popular Posts, and more.

Whether you need something simple that looks incredibly beautiful on a mobile device or something complex with Smart Filters to let customers to delve deeply into a vast inventory of clothing and accessories, Jannah nulled theme has you covered.

With WooCommerce at its heart, you can be sure that every choice you make along the way will function perfectly and that you can fully utilize the broad increased features it offers.

You may establish your store with confidence when Jannah is on your side.

Features enumeration

  • Support for Gutenberg./li> AMP Integration
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Integration with bbPress
  • BuddyPress incorporation
  • Several Skins
  • more than 20 demonstrations
  • Demo in Just One Click Set up
  • More than 800 Google Fonts
  • More than 150 FontFace Typefaces
  • Countless Footer Configurations
  • Countless Header Layout Options
  • Free updates for life
  • Go To Content
  • Different Layouts for the Content
  • Revenue Generation
  • Large Menus
  • Incredible Page Builder with 100% responsive design RTL Arabic and Hebrew are used as support. Farsi/Persian, Urdu
  • Compatibility with WPML Multilingual Plugin
  • Integrated Translation Display
  • Interactive Weather Displays
  • Bundled Premium Plugins with GIF Support
  • Beautiful Instagram Widget Designed using BuddyPress Playlists for Videos
  • Online Alerts
  • Adaptable AdSense Dark Skin Scheme for Google Rich Snippet for SEO tinydata
  • clinging Menu Navigation Supports few pages in the post
  • Particular Categories Colors, Background, and Logo Sticky Sidebars
  • Infinite sidebar
  • Bread Crumb Adaptable Navigation Mobile Navigation Off-canvas
  • Ajax Instant Lookup
  • More Than 45 Pre-Defined Background Designs
  • Integrated Custom Widgets
  • Fit for the most widely used cryptocurrency plugins

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