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Lineone Site Templates 1.4.1

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Lineone is a versatile UI Kit for Admin and Webapp, based on TailwindCSS v3, offering reusable elements, components, layouts, forms, dashboards, and webapps for modern web applications.

Lineone Site Templates is a configurable admin and webapp UI kit based on the TailwindCSS v3 utility-first CSS framework. Furthermore, it includes a large number of reusable components, elements, layouts, forms, interfaces, and webapps that may be used in your project. Lineone is a versatile, contemporary, ultra-responsive, and powerful UI Kit that can be used to build any modern online application, such as an e-commerce panel, SaaS-based interface, custom admin panels, dashboard, CRM, CMS, LMS, and more.

Highlighted dashboards:

Lineone Site Templates  Lineone Website Templates CRM Analytics: Purchases
Cryptocurrency-Based Finance
Individual CMS Analytics Prominent.
Authors of Travel Teacher Education: Doctor Personnel.
Workspace Discussions
Project Advisory Boards
Prefabricated applications:

Lineone Site Templates  General Chat Application Features: Kanban Board, Todo List, File Manager, Point of Sale, NFT Marketplace, Travel App.
Lineone Website Templates TailwindCSS v3 creates 18 dashboards and 9 prebuilt applications.
More than 40 pages with 1000 components and elements.
Dim mode (monochrome)
Beyondly responsive
The lightest, modular construction.
Simple personalization.
Form layouts are well recorded.
nulled HTML template documentation: Online resources.
Laravel documentation is available online.
Lineone Website Templates Demo by Default: View Demo.
Demo of Vanilla JS: View Demo.
RTL: Demo View

Regarding fonts:

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