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Mix and Match Products nulled plugin 2.6.1

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Mix and Match Products is a plugin that lets users mix and match products to create unique combinations. This enables bulk orders of comparable things, allowing clients to specify the exact quantity of each product. The plugin provides customizable content, pricing, and shipping choices.

It also supports inventory management, allowing customers to browse the entire inventory of commodities and construct their own set. The Mix & Match product is customizable to meet unique likes and preferences, making it a great choice for firms who sell a variety of products.

Mix and Match Products nulled plugin

Mix and Match Products nulled plugin 2.6.1. Your average order value will increase if you allow your customers to mix and combine items to create their own unique versions.
Easily create new combinations.

Were you selling wines by the case? Dozens of doughnuts? What about fruit bouquets? T-shirts in six packs? Mix & Match is the best option for purchasing large quantities of similar items. Ideal for encouraging consumers to spend more without forcing them to buy items they don’t want.

You determine the maximum permitted assortment size (the number of products required to “complete” a container or pack) and the available goods, but the client selects the exact amount of each product that goes into the package.

Avoid all sugary donuts. A client with special preferences can substitute all Boston creams for her dozen. Would you prefer six drinking bottles? But can’t settle on a flavor? The consumer has full control over the decision!

Modular Contents

Mix & Match allows you to provide both basic goods and variants of the same product in a container. You have complete control over how many items are accessible inside each Mix & Match set.

Adaptable Costs

You can set a preset price for a mix-and-match selection or price each item individually and put them together.

Shipping Options That Are Very Versatile

There are three ways to ship mix-and-match assortments: together, separately, or not at all.

Management of Stock

For products under the Mix & Match category, you can manage your inventory exactly as if you were selling them solo. You can also manage your inventory for the Mix & Match container.

Personalize your templates.

After configuration, a Mix & Match product appears remarkably similar to a grouped product. Customers can browse a comprehensive inventory of all commodities and create their own set in any way they see suitable.

Template overrides can be used to alter each section of the table as well as the table itself, much like with the rest of WooCommerce.

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