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MTDb is a versatile framework for music and television programs, offering a wide range of websites, including clones of Netflix and IMDb, as well as those offering free streaming links for movies. Its features include a user-friendly installation process, continuous updates using modern technologies like Angular and Laravel, and a user-friendly homepage with an inbuilt appearance editor. MTDb also offers a SaaS mode, generating revenue through an integrated premium subscription system.

The platform offers content management, with both light and dark themes available. Users can easily affix various videos to titles, and MTDb also supports automatic quality control and a caption selector for hls and dash streams. Users can also create and modify watchlists, series, and personas.

MTDb’s ratings system allows users to rate books and provide reviews, while the admin interface allows users to search for films and television programs using various criteria. The website also features an SEO editor, an all-encompassing authentication system, and a professional design based on Google Material Design.

MTDb is cross-platform compatible, allowing users to access the website from various devices. Its admin interface supports multiple languages and provides comprehensive documentation for installation procedures and features. The platform also offers multiple homepages and source codes for easy modification.

Nulled MTDb Script

Nulled MTDb Script MTDb is an adaptable framework for music and television programs. It has the capability to generate an extensive assortment of websites, including clones of Netflix or IMDb as well as those offering free streaming links for movies.

MTDB-1: The Ultimate Movie and Television Database



MTDb Nulled Script Straightforward Installation: Our user-friendly installer and instructions will allow you to install MTDb in a matter of minutes without any knowledge of servers or coding.
Contemporary: MTDb is consistently upgraded and developed utilizing the most recent state-of-the-art technologies, including Angular and Laravel.
Manually editable Homepage: Using the inbuilt appearance editor with a live preview, it is possible to modify the default landing and home pages without the need for coding knowledge.
SaaS mode: Generate revenue through the integrated premium subscription system. Provide consumers with a variety of subscription plans to select from, and grant them authority over the limitations and functionalities associated with each plan.
Rapidity: As a result of its lightweight design, MTDb exhibits exceptional speed and page load times right out of the box.


News, movies, series, actors, and other data are automatically imported and updated from websites operated by third parties when MTDb is in “automated” mode.
Content Management: Whether you use it for free or for a subscription, MTDb is a content management system that enables you to create and modify anything from the administration area, including reviews, persons, movies, series, and news.
Dark Mode: MTDb includes both light and dark themes by default. The appearance editor provides the capability to modify existing themes or introduce new ones.
Videos: Standard site users and the administration area can easily affix various videos, including trailers and entire movies or episodes, to titles if this feature is enabled.
Automatic quality control and a caption selector are integrated features for hls and dash streams (.m3u8,.mpd,.ts, etc.) in adaptive streams.
Watchlists, series, and personas are all customizable by administrators and regular users alike.
Automated Homepage: The entirety of the content on the homepage, including the slider, can be inserted either manually or automatically.
Almost any film, television program, or person can be located through search with the “automated” setting enabled.
The integrated WYSIWYG editor can be utilized to construct custom pages, including those pertaining to the terms of service, about us, and more.
Watchlist: A user maintains a record of movies, television programs, and episodes in their watchlist.
Menu Editor: Navigating and dropping modifications to any of the site’s menus is sufficient; no coding knowledge is required.
Related Titles: Proposed related titles may be determined by considering title genres and keywords.
MTDb possesses the capability to archive and display comprehensive information pertaining to films and television shows, encompassing complete credits, budget, revenue, quotations, release dates, and additional pertinent details.

Payment Gateways:

Integrated Stripe and PayPal payment gateways offer a streamlined and secure interface, as well as billing and automatic membership renewal, among other advantageous functionalities.
Ratings and User Reviews: The MTDb’s ratings system is loaded with functionality, allowing users to rate books and provide a review in addition to their rating. The consensus of these ratings and evaluations may subsequently be displayed as the aggregate rating for the title.
Users can search for films and television programs on this website using a variety of criteria, including budget, revenue, certification, language, country, user rating, and language.
Appearance Editor: Modify the colors, logo, landing page, and navigation, among other elements, of your website with simplicity.
Ads: When you paste your advertisements into the incorporated ad slots in the admin interface, MTDb will display them automatically.
Roles and Permissions: Delegate access to specific website features to users by assigning them roles and permissions.


Since Google Analytics is seamlessly incorporated into the admin interface, you can view the performance of your website without having to navigate to a distinct page.
The administrative interface facilitates the process of translating the website and offers support for multiple languages.
MTDb exhibits seamless responsiveness and demonstrates cross-platform compatibility, encompassing desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.
MTDb provides comprehensive documentation that addresses all facets, encompassing explanations of installation procedures and features.
SEO Editor: The appearance editor in the administration area enables you to alter the SEO tags on each page directly.
Authentication: An all-encompassing authentication system comprising social media login (Facebook, Twitter, and Google), standard login, registration, password recovery, and account preferences, among other functionalities.
Disable Registration: From the administration interface, it is possible to completely disable registration, allowing only manually created users to log in.
Professional Design: This design is impeccable to the pixel, which is based on Google Material Design.
You can modify the website to meet your specific needs by utilizing the numerous options available in the administration interface.
Plentiful Homepages: Choose from an assortment of homepages, including the login page, your personal HTML page, and the landing page.
Source Code: Upon purchase, the complete, unencrypted source code will be provided, facilitating the implementation of alterations.
Conditions That Apply
PHP >= 8.1 PDO Extension (enabled by default)
By default, the php_fileinfo extension is enabled.
MySQL 5.6 and Later Database



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