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The MyHome nulled theme is a user-centric real estate WordPress theme designed for premium platforms. It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing you to create captivating websites without prior coding knowledge. The theme includes fourteen pre-set pages, six specialized demonstrations, and a vast library of photos and videos. It is RTL-compatible and offers text translation into any language, currency conversion, and metric-imperial system interchangeability. The theme also provides a simplified drag-and-drop page builder with 18 unique modules, each exclusive to MyHome. The theme also offers special fields, allowing you to create a search engine that caters to the needs of your clients. The theme also provides immediate results, enhancing web page filtering capabilities by incorporating Google Maps into map searches. The theme also features keyword autocomplete, saved searches, property sliders, galleries, and full-width sliders to showcase your properties effectively. The theme is fully customizable, allowing you to showcase your most impressive properties and provide additional focus to your clients.

MyHome nulled theme is an exceptional and user-centric real estate WordPress nulled theme designed for premium platforms. It empowers you to create captivating websites for your clients. The intuitive and versatile MyHome nulled theme makes it easy to develop aesthetically pleasing, user-centric websites without the need for prior coding knowledge.

MyHome nulled theme attributes:

Importation with a Single Click:

Creating a website is a breeze with access to fourteen pre-set pages, six specialized demonstrations, and a vast selection of ready-to-use headers. The no-cost MyHome nulled theme includes an extensive library of photos and videos for your use.

Text translation into any language, currency conversion, and metric-imperial system interchangeability are all features of this globally adaptable system. The theme MyHome nulled is RTL-compatible. Espergol, Français, Polish, Italiano, Deutsch, and napckN are some of the languages that offer gratis partial translation files.

Simplified Drag-and-Drop Page Builder:

Construct pages with ease. In contrast to WPBakery Page Builder, a widely used WordPress nulled plugin, the MyHome nulled theme provides an additional 18 drag-and-drop modules. Each module is exclusive to MyHome and was developed for that platform only.

Special Fields:

The MyHome nulled theme ensures that you are never restricted to the predefined options, as each real estate firm is distinct. Enable your search engine to accommodate the needs of your clientele by generating an infinite number of custom search fields.

Our team has dedicated countless hours to rigorously testing and improving the MyHome search function, recognizing the criticality of search forms within the real estate sector. What will the conclusion be? An exceptionally robust and versatile search engine that can be customized to suit the needs of your clients, facilitating the discovery of properties that precisely meet their criteria.

Immediate Results:

Search results are rendered up-to-date in real-time, providing potential opportunities and sparing visitors the bother of entering multiple search terms. Deliver an unparalleled user experience to decrease bounce rates and increase user retention.

Enhance web page filtering capabilities by incorporating Google Maps into map searches. It collaborates seamlessly with Google Street View and is completely dynamic.

Conventional Searches:

Develop a conventional search interface that directs users to a specialized webpage containing an inventory of all the properties that are accessible. Allocate a designated area on your website to showcase supplementary information that you would like your consumers to know about you, your organization, testimonials, or exclusive offers.

Fields of Relevance:

By default, sophisticated search engines incorporate an abundance of selectable fields. By means of property type selection, our intelligent search engine filters out superfluous information, requiring your visitors to complete solely those sections that pertain to their requirements.

Relationships Between Fields:

Is it necessary to connect the municipal field to the street field? Generate an unrestricted quantity of associations among search fields in order to implement automated result filtering and enhance the usability of the interface.

Keyword Autocomplete:

The MyHome nulled theme provides users with suggestions as soon as they start entering in a search field, enabling them to rapidly find the information they require.

Saved Searches:

It is impractical for individuals to manually review search results every day. Whenever properties that satisfy the criteria of your clients become available on your MyHome website, stored queries will generate an email notification.


Property sliders that are fully incorporated enable you to showcase your most magnificent properties on any page. Emphasize resources that require additional focus from your clientele. Eight MyHome nulled theme-exclusive introduction animations are also included.

Employ galleries or full-width sliders to distinguish your property page in a flexible manner. The sidebar, contact forms, and the arrangement of the specific property sections can be modified. Unutilized modules can be deactivated with a single click. Our comprehensive pricing module enables you to simultaneously designate multiple price points, such as price ranges or rental versus sale, to a single property.

Property Videos:

Video incorporates the adage “an image is worth a thousand words” with this one! Submit an.mp4 file or include links to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook to generate responsive videos instantaneously.

Property Virtual Tour:

Display the virtual tour of any tour provider by incorporating an iFrame or embed code.

Property Attachments:

Incorporate supplementary materials that your clientele may desire, including Word documents, PDFs, or image files.

To optimize the visual space on your property pages, consider incorporating property plans that are displayed in the picture accordion format.

Sticky Sidebar:

Boost the visibility of your user profile and contact form by affixing them to one side of the screen. This will enable users to easily reach out to you whenever they come across a property that captures their attention.

Similar Properties:

Present comparable properties on every property page according to the text field criteria that you specify, including offer or property type.

Complementary Properties:

Incorporate a cartographic representation of neighboring properties onto your property pages. In the administration interface, adjust the search radius’s dimensions to increase page views and lead generation.

Favorite Properties:

Provide users with the ability to bookmark any property to a list of preferences, facilitating future retrieval. By incentivizing users to register, a preferences option enhances the probability of a successful transaction and augments the overall value of the website.

Users are able to compare an unrestricted quantity of properties concurrently. Customers will be able to compare prospective purchases without having to navigate between browser windows, as distinctions in price, location, and property fields will be revealed instantly.

Text integration is simple, but it can consume a considerable amount of space on a website. To facilitate the browsing experience and conserve space, designate the number of bedrooms and restrooms on your property cards or page using icons. For your convenience, the MyHome nulled theme includes an exclusive assortment of integrated real estate icons and typefaces.

Comment Support:

Customer service and user interaction are essential elements of any online experience. Enable remarks on the property page in order to gain insights from users’ opinions.


increase site traffic and user engagement by optimizing the site’s navigation. By highlighting your paths with breadcrumbs, you enable your users to navigate back to their original search criteria without the need to re-enter their search parameters.

User Roles:

Varying levels of access are required for your users to perform diverse duties, ranging from agents to purchasers. Configure user roles in accordance with the structure of your organization; the level of access granted to each user is at your discretion. The user roles agent, agency, client, and elite agent were accessible.

Social Authentication:

Enable users to create accounts by utilizing their existing social network credentials, thereby streamlining a previously laborious process. Access is granted to integration with Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


In an era when algorithms and artificial intelligence are becoming more sophisticated, protecting your website from spam and frauds is more important than ever. By preventing the entry of fraudulent content, Google reCAPTCHA protects your customers and business.

Email alerts:

Receive website updates without logging in; be notified when a third party submits a property for moderation or when a new client registers on your site.

User Moderation:

Through the monitoring of new users and the authorization of use rights, maintain total control over your website. One way to mitigate the risk of catastrophic incidents and prevent unauthorized modifications by incompetent employees is to require manual permission from all authorized personnel.

Custom User Fields:

Develop additional fields in accordance with the user’s requirements. Immediately, newly added fields will be visible in user profiles, user cards, and carousels.

Terms of Service:

This checkbox ensures that you are compliant with the GDPR and other data regulations by requiring users to agree to your terms of service prior to registering.

Modifiable Property Submission Form:

Rearrange the property submission form’s fields. In the gallery, generate multiple and single option fields, required fields, instructions, and specify the maximum number and size of images.

Modification of Properties:

Are unidentified third parties capable of adding properties to your website? By utilizing the moderation function in MyHome nulled theme, you are granted full authority to approve or decline these items prior to their official release.

Methods for Step-by-Step Submission:

Customize the process of submitting your property by decomposing lengthy forms into more manageable sections. Prolonged and superfluously complex processes deter prospective users; succinct forms serve as a straightforward approach to enhance conversion rates and retain customers.

Allowing prospective clients to complete the property submission form prior to registering enhances the probability that they will successfully complete the registration procedure. No one enjoys wasting time or leaving work unfinished; registering after submitting a property encourages potential new customers to remain.

By selecting a location on the submit property form, certain property fields will be automatically populated with information from Google Maps. This feature eliminates the need for you or your clients to manually look up zip codes and street names, sparing them time and effort.

By implementing memberships and programs, one can transform their website into a source of revenue.

Payment Methods:

Offer an extensive selection of payment alternatives to your clientele. The integration of payment gateways with WooCommerce by MyHome nulled theme offers a diverse range of payment alternatives. Bank transfer, PayPal, and Stripe are all accepted.

Payment Packages:

The implementation of adaptable payment packages enables the creation of customized offers that cater to the diverse needs of consumers. It is permissible to incorporate discounts, vouchers, and even exclusive offers. For brand-new websites, constrain the number of complimentary properties a user may add prior to upgrading to a premium plan, enabling you to establish credibility with prospective clients during the nascent stages of your organization.

Design Alternatives:

The website functions as an expansion of the brand. With access to over 10,000 Google Map color palette styles, over 150 color selectors, and Google fonts, you can personalize your website to reflect your brand identity and establish an instant connection with your customers.

Menu Options:

Modify header bars, upload logos, and alter menus and drop-downs, amongst many other things.

While search engine optimization is a fundamental requirement for all WordPress themes, we have implemented an additional level of SEO. MyHome nulled theme assists Google in comprehending your website’s content through the utilization of archive pages and optimized headings, which generate new, distinct pages for your site automatically. Additionally, the Yoast plugin, which will improve your SEO rankings, is entirely supported by MyHome.

Blog Options:

Develop aesthetically pleasing blog pages without the requirement of additional plugins. MyHome contains all the necessary components to initiate a blogging endeavor.

Social Button Integration:

The Premium Easy Social Share Button plugin is provided at no cost by MyHome nulled theme. With more than 40 icon designs and integrations with more than 40 of the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and many others), this plugin is deployed on more than 300,000 websites.

Regarding bundled plugins, we maintain the view that more is more. Consequently, Advanced Custom Fields PRO, WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer), Revolution Slider, and WPBakery Page Builder are included in our package. A further exposition on bundle modules is available at this location.

MyHome’s code is of superior quality and is compatible with the vast majority of widely used plugins. Contact Form 7, Yoast, and W3 Total Cache are all completely supported.

Lifetime Free Updates
Exactly what it says:

you will continue to receive free updates to your MyHome nulled theme even after your support subscription has concluded.

Detailed FAQs:

Customers in need of prompt responses to their inquiries are not only supported by our in-house personnel but also by our comprehensive FAQs. Kindly proceed here.

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