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Nexelit Nulled Script 3.7.0

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Nexelit is an adaptable content management system (CMS) for websites and businesses, providing an extensive array of functionalities to accommodate a variety of website types. It is highly documented and straightforward to modify, compatible with all major web browsers and desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. As of version 3.5.0, the administration panel now features a one-click updater that enables users to update their website with ease.

The foundation of the script is constructed using Laravel 7x and PHP Composer, while the front end is built using Bootstrap 4x. Both MySQL and MySqli are supported. The product-selling module provides alternatives for rating products, stock systems, and discount codes, in addition to facilitating the sale of physical or digital goods. The event and appointment modules enable advertising and ticket sales for events, respectively, and dynamic appointment creation based on time and data.

The course selling module supports eight different payment gateways and imposes a restriction on the number of applicants for both online and offline courses. The donation section supports a variety of electronic payment methods and facilitates contributions. A categorization system can be implemented for job postings, while the knowledge base module streamlines customer support through the creation of topics that are linked to articles.

In addition, Nexelit provides a bundled option for personalized services, which enables users to generate their own order forms or request price quotations. In addition to receiving client feedback, users have the ability to contribute user input to the client’s feedback page.

Through their administration panel, users can generate support tickets, respond to them, designate priorities to them, and modify their status.

Nexelit is an adaptable content management system (CMS) for websites and businesses, providing an extensive array of functionalities and features. It features a widget builder, a mega menu builder, a display editor, a preloader builder, and a form builder. Payments such as PayPal, Paytm, Razorpay, Stripe, Paystack, Flutterwave Rave, Mollie, Manual Payment, and Cash on Delivery are all supported by the 4-in-1 CMS Nexelit. Additionally, it encompasses a user dashboard, RTL support, modules for selling products and event tickets, platforms for crowdfunding and donations, a knowledgebase, job vacancies, dynamic pages, options for changing page slugs, and options for editing page meta tags. A business and multipurpose website content management system with 24 pages, Nexelit features 25 frequently asked questions pages, support for Google schema encoding, and a popup builder. Additionally, it provides cache options, free fonts from Google, and regular updates. By utilizing the name change function, users are able to alter the titles of 32 pre-made pages. In general, Nexelit is an exceptionally flexible content management system that caters to the needs of enterprises and websites.

The multipurpose content management system Nexelit is intended for use by enterprises and websites. It provides a variety of functionalities, including a sitemap generator, RSS feed configuration, GDPR cookie configuration, and customizable 404 pages. Nexelit is a multipurpose business content management system (CMS) that permits database restoration and distribution, as well as the assignment of new administrators or roles. In addition, it includes a variety of social share icons, live chat and Google Analytics preferences, and color customization options. In addition, dynamic order pages, subscriber settings, an administrator silent mode, and newsletter email sending are included. Nexelit is an all-encompassing documentation system that provides superior support, a 65-year warranty, and complimentary enhancements. A FAQ page, extensive documentation, and a 65-year warranty with complimentary enhancements are among its attributes.

Nexelit Nulled Script

Business CMS and Multipurpose Website CMS Nexelit

Nexelit Multipurpose Website & Agency Business CMS is universally applicable to all types of websites due to its PHP script. Nexelit is an enhanced platform that facilitates the presentation of a wide range of entities, including but not limited to organizations, agencies, construction, events, crowdfunding, job postings, customer administration, product sales (both physical and digital), client feedback, and quotations. It has extensive documentation and is straightforward to modify a It functions with all major web browsers and is optimized for mobile devices, desktops, and laptops.

It is a significant change. Our one-click updater will be accessible via your administration interface beginning with version 3.5.0, enabling you to update your website with ease.
The final update occurred on November 18, 2023.
Laravel 9.x, version 3.5.2 PHP version 8.1 is required.

MySQL version 5.7 is required.

Illustration of the User Dashboard’s Frontend: Enter the username dvrobin4 and the password 12345678 to log in.

A Standard Collection of Pre-Sale Inquiries
How do I precisely configure the script? May I request assistance from support regarding the installation process?
Installing the script is an ease, and comprehensive instructions are available in our online documentation (Online Doc) should you require any assistance.
This script can be installed effortlessly by entering the required information into the visual installer.
If you are still uncertain about how to install Nexelit, a video tutorial may be available on YouTube.
Would your reluctance to implement it persist?
Our support staff is readily available to provide assistance with the installation of the script.

How do I proceed with updating the script? May I request your assistance in updating it?
Easily modify the script by consulting the comprehensive guidelines provided on our website (Online Doc).
In addition, a visual update wizard is incorporated into the script to simplify the updating process.
If you are still uncertain, we have a YouTube video tutorial that demonstrates how to update Nexelit.

Safety precautions

XSS: Prevention of Cascading Secure Request Forgery Attacks on Multiple Websites Preventive measures
SHAS (Password Hashes)
Preventive Security Measures Against SQL Injection

Essentiality of the System

For the backend framework, constructed with Laravel 7x and PHP Composer; for the front end, based on Bootstrap 4x; PHP 7.4 is required.
Both MySQL and MySqli are enabled.

Module pertaining to Product

In Nexelit, a product-selling module is available. That facilitate the retail of your tangible or digital products. Both of them are available for purchase. There is a rating option available to users. Additionally, it features an aesthetically pleasing products page with numerous filter options. An expedient means of elucidating your product is through its attribute option. Additionally, you should implement a stock management system that prevents out-of-stock items from having their add-to-cart buttons disabled. Providing discount codes to clients is an alternative approach. Apart from the ability to select the default delivery method, there is also the alternative to manually input your shipping information. It also supports a multitude of alternative payment methods, including PayPal, Flutterwave, rave, molllie, Paystack, Razorpay, and cash on delivery, among others. A payment gateway has the capability to be either enabled or disabled.

The Events Module of this script enables you to market and sell tickets for your events. Details regarding the event coordinator and the venue are provided. Additionally, it can be used to add the Google Maps locations of event venues.

Appointment Module:

Users can dynamically construct appointments based on time and data, and appointment systems, such as those for advocates and physicians, can be added via this module. All of this is manageable through the administration interface. The CMS also includes a collection of eight payment gateways.

Both online and offline courses can be sold through this content management system’s (CMS) Course Selling Module. It permits the setting of an applicant limit, payment processing through eight distinct gateways, and the evaluation of individual lessons.

In its Donation Section, Nexel A mechanism is integrated into its design to facilitate donations. Motivate individuals to contribute to your cause by establishing an objective. You have the option of displaying both the amount raised and the amount desired. It supports numerous electronic payment methods, including PayPal, Paytm, Paystack, Razorpay, Stripe, Flutterwave, Rave, and Mollie, in addition to the manual gateway. The percentage of funds raised for your cause is displayed in the progress bar. You are privy to every transaction that is executed in the backend.

Function for Jobs

Support for employment postings is provided by Nexel. By category, job postings may be organized. Application submission is open to the public via standard mail or an online form. You have the ability to configure either the application form or the mail to receive CV option through the administration interface.

A component of the knowledge base

Customer support can be simplified through the use of the knowledge base module, which enables simple topic creation and attachment to any article. Users have the ability to search for articles contained within the knowledge base.

Marketing Packages Module

Alternatively, Nexelit might provide a bundled version of your customized service. A price quotation may be requested from the user. You may also generate and submit your own order form directly from the pricing plan or homepage. You may exhibit user input on the client’s feedback page, in addition to receiving feedback from clients.

Using the support ticket module, users can effortlessly generate support tickets through both the user dashboard and the support ticket page. Through their administrative panel, they are able to designate priorities, modify the status of support tickets, and respond to them. Users have the ability to attach a zip file to a reply message. provides the option to notify the user.

The Drag-and-Drop Menu Builder of Mega Menu

The Nexelit suite includes a drag-and-drop menu builder that is compatible with enormous menus. A drop-down menu can be shortened or expanded by simply dragging and dropping an item from it. Offering the option to select which menu items to include in the mega menu is also possible.

Enable Popup Editor

Incorporation of a popup constructor module into this script. There are four varieties of predefined popups. You may generate an unlimited number of popups, from which you may select which ones to exhibit. The delay duration of the pop-up window can be modified, and its content can also be personalized.

Constructor of Preloaders

A total of twelve preloaders are offered by Nexelit. You are at liberty to select any one of them. Additionally, a custom preloader image may be utilized. Go to the “General Settings” menu and select the “Preloader” alternative.

A Form Builder Capable of Being Dragged and Dropped

Nexelit provides the Drag & Drop Form Builder, an outstanding instrument that might fulfill your requirements. It contains, among other things, input fields for text, numbers, email, select, checkboxes, textareas, and files. Any iteration of this script is easily modifiable to suit your preferences. The decision to make this field mandatory or not is similarly within your discretion.

Widget Constructor with Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Nine pre-made widgets are provided to you via the Widget Builder of this script. You are permitted to create the necessary widget space in the footer. In this space, you may either insert a newsletter widget, a simple image, or unformatted HTML. Because you are in charge, the final decision is wholly at your discretion.

  • A Single Unique Design: A Content Management System for Organizations and Websites: Nexelit
  • With Two Robust Admin Dashboards, Nexelit is a Versatile Content Management System for Websites and Businesses.
  • In addition to its three distinct residential variations, Nexelit is a versatile website and business content management system.
  • Nexelit is a business content management system and a four-in-one website solution. No. 6 Payment Gateway
  • PayPal, Paytm, Razorpay, Stripe, Paystack, Flutterwave Rave, Mollie, Manual Payment, and Cash on Delivery (exclusively for product transactions) are
  • all accepted methods of payment through Nexelit.
  • Dashboard intended for users
  • Nexelit 8 RTL Compatibility: The Ultimate Content Management System for Websites and Businesses
  • Ninth Product Selling Module for Nexelit, a Multipurpose Content Management System (CMS) for Websites and Businesses that is Versatile Website and Business Content ManagementTen Physical Product Sales—Nexelit
  • Eleven product-selling themes are available for download from Nexelit, a business and multipurpose website CMS.
  • An Occur Extensions for Ticket Sales for Nexelit, an Adaptable Content Management System for Enterprises and Websites
  • Thirteen Donation/Crowdfunding Platforms from Nexelit: A Flexible Website CMS and Business CMS
  • Knowledgebase 14 of Nexelit: Website and Business CMS with Versatile Functionality
  • Nexelit: 15 Job Openings for Users of Content Management Systems for Websites and Businesses
  • Nexelit: 16 Dynamic Pages: Content Management System for Websites and Businesses
  • Content Management System (CMS) with Multiple Applications for Websites and BusinessesOptions for 17-Page Slug Changes (Nexelit)
  • With 18 page meta tag options, Nexelit is a website and business content management system (CMS).
  • Nexelit is a business CMS and a drag-and-drop interface builder that functions as a website CMS.
  • Twenty-Operational Mega Menu Builder is a Content Management System for WordPress sites and organizations developed by Nexelit.
  • The adaptable content management system Nexelit is designed for businesses and websites. 21 Preloader Constructor The adaptable content management system Nexelit is designed for businesses and websites. 22 Form Drag-and-Drop Builder
  • Nexelit’s Drag & Drop Website and Business Content Management System Supports Nineteen Distinct Widgets Establishment Maker of Open Spaces
  • Nexelit is a commercial and multipurpose website CMS with 24 pages.
  • Twenty-five Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Nexelit, a Content Management System for Websites and Businesses Pages and Google Schema
  • Support CMS for Markup One that Manages Content for Businesses and WebsitesNexelit — 26 Popup Constructor
  • 27 Multilingual Options for Nexelit System for Website and Organizational Content Management
  • Modifications to the 28-Page Slug and Name of Nexelit—A Flexible Content Management System for Organizations and Websites
  • Nexelit: Over 29.950 Systems for Site and Organizational Content Management: Google Fonts with 30 Cache Options for Free A flexible content management system for websites and organizations, Nexelit
  • Nexelit: Versatile Website CMS and Business CMS: 31 Pre-Made Pages have been renamed.
    Change the names of 32 pre-made pages in the business content management system and multipurpose website Nexelit.
  • and….

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