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Perfex CRM Nulled php Script 3.1.5

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A self-hosted customer relationship management tool that improves business performance and professionalism is called Perfex CRM nulled php Script. It provides functions including task linking, project management, expert estimates and bills, an auto-import support system, the ability to track task completion time, and customer billing. In addition, the program facilitates lead tracking, proposal creation, and spending reporting for the business. Inbuilt surveys, goal tracking, contracts, announcements, custom fields, and multi-currency payments are also included. The CRM has features like a calendar for employees, a separate media folder for non-admin workers, and more that can be tailored to match the company’s branding. In order to guarantee client pleasure, the support system enables prompt issue response and consumer reminders. You can view Perfex CRM to learn more about how it is made to accommodate different kinds of applications.

Perfex CRM Nulled php Script

Self-hosted customer relationship management software, Perfex CRM nulled php Script is perfect for freelancers, businesses of all sizes, and several other uses. Your business performance may increase and your clientele may perceive you as more professional thanks to Perfex CRM’s sleek and modern style.

Perfex CRM helps with customer management in a number of ways.

Strong Open Source CRM PHP Script:

Perfex You may manage and bill for projects using the feature-rich project management feature.
By connecting tasks to various Perfex CRM capabilities, you can stay organized.
Prepare quotes and invoices that seem professional.

Strong Open Source CRM PHP Script:

Perfex a powerful support system with the ability to import tickets automatically.
Record the amount of time you spend on each assignment and bill your clients accordingly. the capacity to assign multiple employees to a task and keep an eye on the timers for each employee.
Add task followers even if the staff member isn’t a project member. The employee won’t have access to the project, but they will be able to keep an eye on the task’s advancement.
Organize your leads into a single spot for easy tracking of their progress. Create bids, provide comments, and automatically import leads from email. Sort your leads into phases and use drag & drop to quickly navigate between them.
Make compelling proposals for leads or clients to boost sales.
Keeps track of your business/project expenses, enables you to bill clients, and generates invoices automatically.
You can discover more about your customers with a powerful CRM.
Increase customer loyalty with integrated surveys.
Track your sales targets with the Goals Tracking feature.
Announce things to your staff and customers.
Contracts can be used to guarantee sales, both now and in the future.
Extra data for leads, customers, and other entities can be stored in custom fields.
Accept payments from Stripe and PayPal in a variety of currencies.

There are other ways to configure it.

You may match the CRM to your company’s logo using the extensive theme styling tool.
Employees who are not administrators can use the CRM to manage their files and uploads in a different media folder.
Gorgeous calendars based on permissions for every employee.
Additional features include files, notes, reports, and follow-ups.
CRMs need to be customer-focused, and Perfex CRM delivers this by offering a strong support system that enables you to keep an eye on issues and take quick action with the help of an integrated ticket system and customer reminders. With just one click, you can designate reminders for yourself, a staff member, or other individuals, and have them sent to email and the in-app notification system. These and other characteristics could significantly increase customer happiness.

PHP Perfex CRM nulled Numerous features of script are suited for a broad variety of uses. Continue reading to find out more about the features and try the demo to see what Perfex CRM can do for you.


Relevant feedback and issues can be found on our support page.

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