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A responsive WordPress theme called Photography is available for use by graphic designers, photographers, and design companies. Its design is mobile-friendly and it supports WooCommerce plugins for basic sales. Via a direct purchase link option, customers may buy their photos and artwork straight from the theme. The WooCommerce plugin provides picture proofing, password-secured galleries, and archived clients, whilst the Customer Protection Theme gives password-protected galleries, right-click protection, and photo dragging security. The theme includes nine single portfolio themes, a gallery and portfolio module, and several blog layouts.

The theme boasts a user-friendly constructor, clear functionality, and fantastic choices for customizing the content. Additionally, the theme is compatible with the WordPress Customizer, which enables users to rapidly modify appearance settings, adapt to different screen sizes, explore a wide range of design options, and customize the site’s background, images, and background attributes. The color picker allows users to easily change the color of any element on their website. The color of the horizontal line, the main content backdrop, the H1–H6 font, the page content link, the page content hover link, and the page content font color are all simply changeable. To make the menu bar border, menu hover state font, menu active state font, backdrop font, and menu font stand out from one another, you can alter their colors.

The menu’s header font and border colors are freely customizable. The top bar’s font and background colors can be changed by clicking. The Mega Menu Theme offers a range of menu formats, including top bars, font, colors, backdrops, social media icons, phone numbers, and fixed menus. Moreover, users can alter the background of the header, page titles, and footer by selecting items from a side menu using the color picker. The “go to top” link in the footer allows users to swiftly navigate to the top of the page and hide or reveal the footer as needed.

Many features in the WordPress theme enable you to create stunning websites. These include the following: full-screen mode, flow, portfolio filterable, gallery general, lightbox, archive, menu font text transform, side menu font spacing, photo proofing pages, separate board, menu font family, menu font size, menu padding, menu weight, and more. The theme also supports the secondary menu, main menu, footer menu, and mobile menu. There are also customized menu widgets available for enhanced convenience. The theme also supports a simple home page with options for categories, featured content, and single post page layouts. The theme also offers options for the header, main menu, page order, and meta description of each page.

Photography nulled theme

A creative portfolio centered around photography would benefit greatly from the simplicity and clean design of the Photography Nulled WordPress theme. created with WordPress’ most recent version. The adaptable design of the website makes the photographs compatible with mobile devices. You can import the system’s preset style for use by a creative agency, photographer, or designer with just one click.

You may make money off of your photography abilities.

With the WooCommerce plugin’s option for a Direct Purchase link, you may begin selling your images and artwork immediately. Including a direct purchase link beneath every photo might increase image sales dramatically. A consumer only needs to click the “Buy” link next to the preferred image to complete the purchase.

Project deliverables should be delivered in a businesslike way.

Photographers can create client websites with the Client Galleries Login Theme, which displays the designated galleries for each client and may be password-secured.
Visual Confirmation The gallery is password-protected, and the picture proofing feature of the nulled theme functions together. It’s easier for your client to accept or reject specific shots if they have access to a limited gallery.
Past Clients It is possible to specify many galleries for a single customer using the theme’s client module. Another alternative is to create an archive page with a list of all previous customers in one location. Customers only need to click on their photos to view their galleries.
The photo dragging security, right-click protection, and password-protected gallery of the Customer Protection Theme can help you protect your work.

Multiple Options to Get Initiated

Using the gallery and portfolio templates, as well as the integrated content builder, you can present your artwork and photos in a very distinctive manner.

at least seventy pre-made layouts to use to present your work Easily showcase your work in a carefully maintained online gallery with our gallery and portfolio modules designed specifically for photographers.
A gallery is a great way to showcase sets of photos on your website because it lets you upload several photos at once.
A portfolio part of your website can display text, photos, and videos (hosted on Vimeo, YouTube, your own server, or a custom URL).
Fantastic 24 Previously Identified Samples With choices for both light and dark color schemes, you can quickly have a fully working website up and running with our 24 pre-defined examples.
It Only Takes One Click to Import Sample Content. All demo content (pages, articles, sliders, widgets, theme settings, and more) can be easily imported with just one click.
You can get going right now with these nine templates for single portfolios. Use our single portfolio arrangement to present your work with professionalism and convenience.
Ten Blog Layouts to Get You Started are as follows: One useful feature is the variety of single-post blog layouts available. Posts on your blog can contain many different kinds of content, including as images, videos, audio files, and embeds from other websites, such as Vimeo, YouTube, and your own server.
You can create your own menu fast and easily with these 8 Menu Layouts, 8 Menu Styles, and more options.

Fantastic Builder

The drag-and-drop interface of the Live Content Builder, which is similar to Apple’s Keynote software, makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful website. This content builder offers two editing options: Live and Classic. When you make a change in Live Mode, the changes take effect instantly. If you are already familiar with our builder, you can create in Classic Mode more quickly.
Sensational Function A Keynote-like format for presentations Simple-to-use tool for developing content that mimics the Keynote user interface. Easy-to-understand, high-level evaluation of information, including live previewing of modifications.
Add and arrange the content visually. Instead of an icon, what happens when you drag and drop content onto a webpage is a snapshot of the content.
Adaptable A Sneak Preview As you’re creating content, quickly examine and modify a mobile-friendly layout.
A Graphic Editor for Content Arrangement Without requiring changes to the theme’s code, you may create a multitude of layouts by simply dragging and dropping our pre-defined content modules—such as a portfolio, gallery, blog, testimonials, etc.—into a page. Please make use of the reliable in-app constructor.
Maintain Formatting Take a previously stored template and use it to create a new page or portfolio. Making a new website or portfolio in less time is easy.

Integrated compatibility with the WordPress Customizer Make immediate adjustments to the Appearance settings. Any element’s colors, backgrounds, fonts, layout styles, texts, and images can all be changed instantly.
Make it easy to adjust your website for varying screen sizes. You can view the changes in a mobile-friendly interface that works on PCs, tablets, and smartphones with just one click on the Live Customizer.
Instantaneous Previewing of Designed Type You can observe any of the more than 500 Google Fonts that are already included with your selected style updated in real time using the Customizer’s live preview feature. Fonts can be changed in size, style, and color without requiring changes to the code.

Simple style customization for headings, including Headings 1 through 6 Font Size, Font Family, and Font Weight

The Button Font Size and Family can be easily changed.

Additionally, by just changing the correct menu choices, you can quickly and easily change the typeface, height, padding, weight, spacing, and text transformation of the menu.
The text size, weight, spacing, and case transformation (to none, uppercase, lowercase, or capitalize) of the SubMenu can all be easily changed.
To customize the “Side Menu” area, simply edit the “Side Menu Font Family,” “Side Menu Font Size,” “Side Menu Font Spacing,” and “Side Menu Text Transform” fields as desired.
You may quickly change the Page Header Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize), Page Header Top Padding, Page Header Bottom Padding, Page Title Font Size, Page Title Font Weight, and Page Title Font Spacing.
Additionally, you may easily change the text transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize) and font size of the Content Builder header to fit your demands.
It’s also simple to change the Page Tagline Font Weight, Page Tagline Font Spacing, and Page Tagline Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize).
Lastly, changing the Widget Title Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, and Capitalize) as well as the Font Family, Font Size, Font Weight, and Font Spacing is easy.

Selections for Pictures You may enable picture dragging protection and disable right click with one click. The categories of Portfolio and Gallery are also subject to the Kenburns Effect.
Amazing Environments You may quickly and easily add a choice of images, patterns, and colors to the backdrop of your website. Furthermore, numerous possibilities for repetition are offered.
The background colors of the input and textarea fields, buttons, and the main content can all be readily changed.

Furthermore, you may effortlessly alter the appearance of your menu by modifying its color, image, size, repetition, attachment, and menu placement.
The submenu’s hover state and background color can be readily altered as well.
You may also easily change the color scheme of the top bar.
You can also easily change the color, picture, size, attachment, repetition, and placement of the Side Menu Background.

There’s also an easy way to change the color of the search bar.

The page’s header, footer, and other background attributes—such as color, image, repeat, size, attachment, and position—can also be readily changed.

Any Combination of Colors To quickly and simply alter the color of any element on your website, use a color picker.
With a single click, you can simply change the colors of the Main Content Background Color, Page Content Font Color, Page Content Link Color, Page Content Hover Link Color, H1-H6 Font Color, and Horizontal Line Color.
It is simple to alter the background, font, border, and focus status colors of your buttons, input fields, and textareas.
The color of the frame can also be readily changed.
You should only change the Menu Bar Border Color, Menu Hover State Font Color, Menu Active State Font Color, Menu Background Color, and Menu Font

Color so that they stand out from one another.

The submenu can be customized with regard to its background and hover states, font, border, and hover state colors.
You may easily change the border color and header text color of the Mega Menu.
You can change the font color in the top bar menu and the background color of the top bar.
Furthermore, you may easily change the background color, font color, and hover state font color of the Side Menu.
You can easily change the background and font color of the search bar.
Changing the colors of your page’s header, title, and tagline is an easy way to change how it looks.
With a single click, you can change the sidebar’s font color, link color, hover link color, and sidebar widget title font color.
The footer’s background, font, links, hover links, borders, and social media icons may all be easily changed to different colors.

Flexible Designs Every page is designed to be seen as efficiently as possible on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, taking into account the activities of the user. To disable the responsive features, simply click on the relevant button in the backend of the live customizer.
You can activate Frame Frame for the layout of your website with just one click. Selecting the Frame Color is also made easy with the color picker.
Broad and Rectangular Style Using the live customizer, you can easily select between a wide and boxed layout and see the changes take effect instantly.
Adding the sharing feature to any page on your website is made simple with the Sharing Social Button.


Simple style customization for headings, including Headings 1 through 6 Font Size, Font Family, and Font Weight
One click can alter the colors of headers 1 through 6, the content of the main page, the font, the link, the hover link, and the horizontal line.
Additionally, you may effortlessly alter the background, font, border, focus state, and button colors of your buttons to personalize their appearance.

Standard Menu Structure for Navigation A variety of menu alignments are possible, including the Hamburger Menu with Open Side Menu, Left Vertical, Center Align, and Off-Canvas Side Menu Navigation and Open Fullscreen. Menu Static Menu With a single click, the main menu remains in place while you scroll. Additionally, if one of the other two color schemes for the sticky menu better suits the overall style of your website, you can select it.


Click to change the menu’s text transformation, padding, weight, spacing, typeface, and size.
You can accomplish this by changing the colors of the menu’s text, hover text, active text, and menu bar’s border.


Background Color, Background Image, Background Repeat, Background Size, Background Attachment, and Background Position are examples of basic customization choices.
You can change the submenu’s background and border colors, as well as its font size, weight, spacing, text transformation, color, and hover state background and border colors.
The columned navigation functionality of Mega Menu Theme makes it simple to manage a huge number of menu items.
The Mega Menu header’s font and border colors can be easily changed with color-picking.

Best Snack Bar

With only one click, you may go straight from the main menu to the Top Bar.
The Top Bar Menu Font Color and Background Color can also be easily changed.

Certain Ways to Get in Touch with Me It is possible to personalize the phone number and contact hours. Furthermore, a single click launches a new window via the Top Bar Social Icons link.

Side Menu

You only need to click once to open the Side Menu on Desktop.
One click can be used to alter the hover state font color, background color, and font color of the Side Menu.
Simply click on a few buttons to quickly change the image that serves as the side menu’s backdrop.
Furthermore, the Background Repeat, Background Size, Background Attachment, and Background Position can all be readily changed.
The text transform (None, uppercase, lowercase, capitalization), font family, and font size of the Side Menu are also easily adjustable.
Finding Items in an Itemized Side Menu
One mouse click can initiate the Instance Search and Search Form located in the menu bar’s header.
Furthermore, changing the background and font colors of the Search Input are made simple with the use of a color picker.

Header Background

You only need to click once to enable the blur effect once you’ve navigated past the header.
The page header’s background color is easily and quickly changed.
Simply click a button to change the page header’s top and bottom margins. You can change the page titles’ font size, weight, line spacing, and case (none, uppercase, lowercase, capitalization).
Change the page’s title font’s color quickly.
The Title of the Page Above an Image Background
Page titles can be changed to match the background image’s height.
Header for the Content Editor It is easy and simple to change the font size and text transformation (to none, uppercase, lowercase, or capitalization) for the Content Builder header.
A basic color picker can be used to change the font color of the page headline and subtitle.
Change the tagline’s and the page title’s font size effortlessly. For the page tagline, you can select the font size, font spacing, and text transformation (none, uppercase, lowercase, capitalization).

Typography in the Sidebar

Flexible Font Family, Font Weight, Font Size, Font Spacing, and Case Conversion for the Widget Title (None, Capitalize, Lowercase, Uppercase) that changes


Color is easily adjustable Use the color picker to select the color of the sidebar’s text, links, hover links, and widget titles.

General Footer

The Footer Sidebar can be quickly hidden, or you can select to have one, two, or four columns appear in its stead.
One click can initiate the option for the social networking symbol links in the footer to open in a new window.
Background Color Selector for Modifying the Page Footer Background
Click “Design,” then “Footer,” then “Background,” and lastly “Background” from the drop-down menus to modify the footer background.
straightforward image search for background options in the footer
The font color, border color, hover link color, and social icon color in the footer may all be simply changed with the color picker.
Copyright You can easily add your own copyright text and select what goes in the Copyright Right Area (Social Icons, Footer Menu).
By selecting the “go to top” option located in the website’s footer, you can quickly reach the top of the page while scrolling.

General Gallery

It’s easy to arrange photos in a gallery by selecting the desired selection from a drop-down menu.
Picture data may now be easily shown on photo proofing pages. Select an option from File Name, Image Title, or WordPress Media ID.
Column layouts on photo proofing sheets are easily rearranged.


Lightbox’s skin can be altered to be either black or white.
It is simple to switch the lightbox’s thumbnails vertically or horizontally.
This tool makes it simple to adjust the lightbox overlay’s transparency.
A picture’s caption appears beneath it automatically in lightbox mode; all it takes is one click to access it.

Back in time

Your cursor will automatically travel over a gallery thumbnail to initiate a slideshow.

Complete screen

You can switch between full-screen mode, which launches an automatically playing slideshow, image-proportion mode, which fills the screen with the image without going full-screen, slide-caption mode, and navigation-arrow style with just one press.
Both the length of the full-screen slideshow and the time it takes for each image to change can be readily adjusted.
Transitions between slideshow content can be readily modified.
It’s simple to adjust the zoom level, transition duration, and duration of each individual picture on the Kenburns Slideshow timer.


Both the lightbox mode link to the full-size photo and the mirror reflection effect in the flow gallery are simple to activate with a single click.

Filterable Portfolio

One click can activate both the portfolio page’s filterable feature and the link to its page.
By altering the name, slug, ID, or number of Portfolio Filterable Options, you can quickly change the order in which they display.

Choices Page

Just click the button to select how many portfolio items to display on each page.

Page-Only Portfolio

It only takes one click to view the most recent seen portfolios along with the upcoming and past portfolios on a single portfolio page.
When you enter the URL, the most recent portfolio module will display the link to your portfolio page.

Generally, all it takes is one click to switch from a blog grid arrangement with excerpts to a blog page that displays the complete text of every blog post.
You can change the arrangement of archive, category, and tag pages to fit your preferences (grid to grid plus right sidebar to grid plus left sidebar to right sidebar to left sidebar to full width).
Using a straightforward color picker, change the link font color for post categories.
On blog sites, you may display the slider with just one click.
For slider posts and slider post items, you may easily change the post category filter in addition to the slider post format (full width, three columns).

Different Board

One can choose to display the featured image as the post header background, display the featured content as an image or gallery on the single post page, display post tags, show the author, show related posts, and display sharing buttons on the single post page’s content with just a single click.

The quantity of products displayed on each page as well as the manner (full width, with a sidebar) in which they are displayed can be readily altered.
Use a basic color picker to change the font color of the product price.
With only one click, related products may be displayed on a single product page.
You have access to 24 distinct templates to create your own menu. Move elements around, reposition the logo, alter the color scheme, and add images, social networking icons, taglines, and other navigational options to the header sections.
Easy customization is possible for the Menu Font Family, Menu Font Size, Menu Padding, Menu Font Weight, Menu Font Spacing, Menu Font Text Transform, Side Menu Font Spacing, and more.
Furthermore, you may simply alter the color, image, repetition, attachment, size, and position of your menu to give it a unique appearance.

Where on the Menu Is It?

The theme supports the footer menu, mobile menu, secondary menu, and main menu. You can add menus to widget regions and select which menu appears there with the help of the custom menu widget.

In addition to other widgets like Custom Category Posts, Custom Flickr, Custom Instagram, Custom Map, and Custom Menu, we have provided widgets like Recent Posts, Popular Posts, Most Viewed, Most Recent, Social Profiles, and Twitter Feeds for your convenience. You can use a straightforward drag-and-drop method to add your own custom widgets to any sidebars you create.
Uncomplicated Homepage
To display your most recent posts or a static page, apply the Front page and Posts page to a certain page.

Page and Post Options: Fantastic!

Theme Settings and Page Options are located in the same menu. There may be certain parameters applied to each page or post that are exclusive to that particular page or post. These will be given priority over any global theme selections, enabling you to make a post or page that is genuinely unique. When combined, these tools let you make beautiful websites.

Futures Agreements
  • Choose from a variety of layout options for the single post page, including split screen, full width, and left and right sidebars.
  • Select a picture, gallery, Vimeo video, or YouTube video to use as the post’s highlighted content. The single-post page has a variety of content kinds.
  • The Common, Link, and Quote settings are among the format possibilities.
  • Add as Category Options: Photography, Lifestyle, Travel, and Other.
  • Shortcodes, featured images, excerpts, and tags can all have several specifications.
  • Folders and tags can be arranged with ease.
Pages with Options
  • One click can be used to make the header and main menu transparent.
  • There is a page meta description available (in HTML and text formats).
  • Select a sidebar-equipped page layout and tweak it to your preference.
  • If you would like a different menu to appear at the top of the page, you can modify the page’s menu.
  • The page’s parent, template, and order are all configurable.
  • It must have a featured image and text that go with it.

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