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Pivot nulled theme 2.0.3

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Pivot is a Bootstrap-based, multipurpose theme that complements portfolio, resume, business, education, and agency template applications. It offers a fresh, assured appearance for product launches or app landing pages, with comprehensive login, error, and “coming soon” pages. The theme includes a variant page builder, fully responsive color schemes, Bootstrap 3.1 Complete LESS files, and features like Chimp Mail & Campaign, Twitter updates, validated contact forms, forums access, four mail-in forms, three menu varieties, four footer varieties, pending arrival page, and login page 404 and 500 error pages. Pivot is the most user-friendly option for agencies or businesses, making it the only “startup framework” needed for launching new businesses.

Pivot nulled theme is a Bootstrap-based, multipurpose design that complements portfolio, resume, business, education, and agency template applications.

The abandoned Pivot theme could provide a fresh, assured appearance to your upcoming product launch or app landing page. Including comprehensive login, error, and “coming soon” pages, your new organization’s website will present a unified aesthetic throughout.

By incorporating our variant page builder, we have ensured that this responsive agency or company template is the most functional available in the market. Your next company’s launch can occur at an unprecedented rate by developing a landing page for a product or application variant. This will forever be the only “startup framework” you require.

Now incorporating a blog.

While the description for Pivot – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress nulled Theme is not yet complete, a link to the developer’s website appears directly below the theme’s title on this page. By visiting that link, you can access a more comprehensive description of Pivot nulled theme.

The following Pivot nulled theme features were nullified:

  • A variant page builder is comprised of the download bundle and operates locally without the need for
  • installation.
  • Fourteen fully responsive color schemes
  • Bootstrap 3.1 Complete LESS files for each color scheme are included.
  • Chimp Mail & Campaign Observe the integration
  • Twitter updates
  • Validated contact forms that are operational
  • Facilitate forums access to answers that are comprehensible
  • Four mail-in forms
  • Three menu varieties
  • Four footer varieties
  • Pending arrival page
  • Template for login page 404 and 500 error pages

Whether you’re in the corporate world, a school, an agency, a portfolio, or just looking for a resume template, Pivot nulled theme is a fully-featured, responsive HTML 5 nulled theme that will look great.

Get a new, self-assured look for your next app landing page or product launch with Pivot. Your new company will have a unified appearance from beginning to end, with comprehensive login, error, and coming soon pages.

Our Variant page builder has been integrated into this responsive template, making it the most user-friendly option for agencies or businesses. Creating a homepage for an app or product? Utilizing Variant, you may expedite the launch of your subsequent business. You won’t need any other “startup framework” than this one…
Coming soon with a blog!

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