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Qixer Mobile App Template 1.0.6

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Qixer is a multi-vendor on-demand service marketplace app that offers various features to help sellers manage their services effectively. It has four home page variants and is highly customizable, compatible with desktop, laptop, mobile, and major browsers. The platform features the Seller Dashboard Info, Live Chat With Buyer, Push Notification, Service Create, Service Edit, Service List, Create/Remove Working Day, Create/Edit Working Schedule, New Available Job List, Conversation For Specific Job, Orders List, and Single Order Details Page.

Qixer also offers various features to help sellers handle order-related situations, such as Wallet Info Page, Wallet Deposit, Subscription Option, Report List With Message With Admin, Profile Verify, Payout History, Request A Payout, Profile Edit, Password Change, OTP Password Reset, Account Delete, and 18 Payment Gateway support. These features help sellers track their progress, make informed decisions, and optimize their services to enhance customer satisfaction and profitability. Qixer also supports 18 payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, Cashfree, Flutterwave, Instamojo, Razorpay, Bank Transfer, and Cash on Delivery.

CodeCanyon is a seller app available on Qixer, an on-demand service marketplace with several vendors.
images from the smartphone app Service Marketplace.
Based on the Laravel framework, Qixer is a marketplace for on-demand services and a service locator. To satisfy the needs of anybody wishing to showcase their small, medium, or big service-based business website, it provides four different variations for the home page. It’s a multi-vendor service script, thus anybody may sign up and use this platform to provide their services. With several amazing features like Drag & Drop Form Builder, Drag & Drop Page Builder, Drag & Drop Menu Builder, Drag & Drop Widget Builder, and many more, it is very customizable. It works with all popular browsers and is suitable with desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.
Details of the Seller Dashboard

Sellers may access insightful data and statistics about their general business, profitability, and performance on the site using the Seller Dashboard Info tool. With the help of this technology, sellers may keep an eye on their performance, make informed decisions, and enhance their offerings to satisfy customers and optimize revenue.

Live Talk With The Purchaser.

witin the app, sellers may engage in real-time conversations with potential buyers using the Live Chat With Buyer feature. It facilitates effective communication, allowing suppliers to reply to questions from clients, elucidate information, work out terms, and provide customized assistance. This feature boosts customer satisfaction and sales by promoting efficient teamwork, building trust, and improving the whole shopping experience.

Push alerts for new orders, messages in chat, requests for jobs, acceptance or rejection of order additional costs, and other events.
Sellers are informed about changes and events linked to their accounts using the Push Notification tool. Sellers get real-time notifications on new orders, buyer chat messages, accepted or refused work requests, requests for extra payments for accepted or denied orders, and other relevant events. By keeping sellers informed, these notifications enable them to efficiently manage their workflow, promptly respond to customer requests, and provide a consistent level of service.

Provide Services

Vendors are empowered to create and release new services for the market using the Service build feature. Sellers may offer details about their services, costs, features, and other relevant data. With this tool, vendors may increase their earning potential by showcasing their expertise, drawing in new business, and expanding the range of services they provide.

Edit Services

Merchants may update and change their present service listings with the help of the Service Edit capability. Sellers reserve the right, in response to changing business needs, to modify service descriptions, prices, attributes, and any other pertinent information. With the help of this function, merchants may maintain accurate listings, adapt their services to the requirements of the market, and provide potential customers the most recent information.

List of Services

Merchants may examine an organized list of all the services they have listed on the marketplace by using the Service List function. It helps suppliers to better organize and keep an eye on their service offerings. Sellers may easily access, modify, or terminate services as needed, keeping their portfolio up to date and aligned with their business objectives.

Establish/Destroy Working Day.
By using the Create/Remove Working Day capability, businesses may indicate which days they are available to deliver services. With the help of this tool, suppliers may better manage their workload and ensure that they will be available to provide services on the days that suit them most.

Make or Modify a Work Schedule

Using the Create/Edit Working Schedule tool, merchants may indicate their availability for service and working hours. Sellers are able to establish a weekly or daily schedule with start and end times. With this technology, suppliers may ensure a smooth service delivery process, connect with customers, and manage their time more effectively.

List of New Jobs Available

Sellers may apply for a list of recently offered openings using the website’s New Available Job List function. It enables business owners to look into and find fresh approaches to grow their clientele and generate more revenue.

List of All Jobs Available

Vendors may see a list of all open jobs on the marketplace by using the All Available Job List tool. Sellers may go through the job posts and submit applications for roles that fit their qualifications. With the help of this tool, sellers may maximize their earning potential and actively look for new career opportunities.

Examine the Job Specifics.

Sellers may see details about a specific work that is available on the marketplace using the see work Details option. Sellers might access employment data. This technology ensures transparency in the recruiting process and empowers sellers to make informed decisions when seeking for jobs.

Vendors may submit applications for specific tasks or activities that are posted on the marketplace by using the Apply To A Job option. This feature increases the possibility that suppliers will be selected by potential clients by enabling them to actively seek out job opportunities.

Talk Regarding A Particular Position

Vendors and buyers may collaborate on a particular project or activity on the website by connecting via the Conversation For Specific project feature. It facilitates communication between buyers and sellers, allows them to work out project details, transfer files or documents, and clarifies any queries or requirements pertaining to the task. This function promotes clear and efficient communication, maintains everyone’s understanding throughout the job, and makes collaboration easier and more fruitful.

list of the jobs that sellers have applied for via the website is provided by the Applied Job List feature. Vendors may check their application history in one convenient location. With the help of this tool, salespeople may keep track of the progress of their future career possibilities and manage their job applications effectively.

Merchants may examine a summary of every order they have placed on the website using the Orders List function. Order details may be seen by sellers. With the help of this application, merchants can better manage and keep track of their orders, which leads to timely service and happy customers.

Vendors may see detailed information about a specific order on the platform with the help of the Single Order Details Page feature. Sellers could get details unique to each purchase. This feature enables more effective communication and accurate service delivery by providing suppliers with a comprehensive understanding of the order requirements.

Order Complete, Order Cancel, Report, Request Additional Fee.
Merchants may control their orders on the website by using the Order Cancel, Report, Request Extra Fee, and Request Order Complete functions. Orders may be canceled, issues raised, extra fees for further services requested, and orders marked as completed by sellers. These features make it simple for sellers to handle order-related problems, which facilitates simple customer communication and resolution.

Sellers may get a summary of their wallet balance and deposit history on the website by using the Wallet Info Page function. With the help of this technology, sellers may monitor their income and financial activity with transparency.

Wallet Deposit allows suppliers to add funds directly from inside the app to their wallets. Funds from sellers may be securely deposited into their accounts and used for a number of purposes, such as platform fees. This feature makes things easier for retailers and guarantees a seamless online banking experience.

Option for Subscription

Platform providers may impose restrictions on the number of services that can be established and jobs that can be applied for by using the Subscription Option feature. Depending on their requirements, a seller may buy a subscription and then renew it over time.

Sellers may report issues, grievances, and inquiries to the platform administrator by using the submit List With Message With Admin option. Order reports and accompanying communications from sellers that include detailed information about the particular situation are available. With improved communication between platform administrators and sellers, issues may be resolved quickly and assistance can be provided as needed.

Check the Information in Your Profile

Vendors may authenticate and verify their profiles on the network with the help of the Profile verify tool. It could be necessary for sellers to provide necessary paperwork or to go through a verification process in order to confirm their credibility and dependability. This feature helps vendors become more dependable and reputable, which builds confidence with potential clients and increases the possibility that they will be awarded more jobs or projects.

Sellers may see a comprehensive history of their prior payment transactions on the website by using the payment History feature. Each payout’s specifics, such as its status, amount, date, and chosen payment method, are available to sellers. With the help of this application, merchants may keep an eye on their earnings and financial transactions, encouraging transparency and accountability.

Make a payout request.

The look for Merchants may request a withdrawal of their earnings from the website by using the payout function. Sellers may submit a payout request by outlining their preferred payment method and desired payout amount. With this option, sellers may simply and quickly get their money back and have more flexibility and control over their earnings.

Edit a Profile

Merchants may update and modify their marketplace profiles using the Profile Edit tool. Sellers are free to add or amend their bio, change their personal information, upload profile photos, and make other necessary changes. With the help of this application, merchants may maintain a current and polished online presence, which increases visibility and draws in new clients.

Change Your Password

Vendors may change their account passwords inside the app by using the Password Change option. Sellers may reset their passwords often to keep themselves safe or to fix issues. By using this feature, sellers may keep an eye on and protect the privacy of their account information, enhancing the general security of their Qixer accounts.

Reset OTP Password

Customers can reset their account password quickly and safely with the help of the OTP Password Reset tool. Users can use the password reset method if they have forgotten their password. The user’s registered email address or phone number receives a one-time password (OTP) from the software. Users can access their accounts and change their passwords after correctly entering the OTP, ensuring the security and protection of their data.

Live Translation of Languages.

App administrators can control and govern the languages available in the mobile app with the Language Management feature. The administrator has the authority to modify, remove, or add language selections based on the target audience and localization requirements. With the help of this feature, the app administrator can ensure that the content is appropriately translated and localized while also catering to a wide range of language preferences. The administrator can guarantee that the app’s content is dependable, excellent, and appropriate for the selected language by modifying the language settings. This will provide users with a variety of linguistic backgrounds with a seamless user experience.

Delete Account

Sellers can decide whether or not to deactivate their account using the Account deactivate tool. The process to deactivate an account can be initiated by sellers. If vendors decide they no longer want to use the website, this feature enables them to permanently cancel their accounts.

PayPal, Stripe, Cashfree, Flutterwave, Instamojo, Razorpay, Bank Transfer, and Cash on Delivery are the eighteen payment gateways that are supported.
The 18 Payment Gateway Support feature allows merchants to deposit funds into their wallets via a variety of payment gateways on the Qixer platform. Sellers may accept a variety of payment methods, including popular gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Cashfree, Flutterwave, Instamojo, Razorpay, and bank transfers. This functionality benefits both merchants and buyers by allowing for smooth and secure transactions.

Support Ticket List, Create and Chat

The User Support Ticket functionality displays a list of support tickets inside the mobile app Template. Sellers may open new support cases to request help or fix difficulties, as well as communicate with the support staff via chat. This feature enables good communication between users and support professionals, resulting in rapid resolution of inquiries or difficulties.

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