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REST API for Perfex Customers Nulled Script 1.0

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The Customers REST API module is a robust instrument specifically developed to augment the operational capabilities of your Perfex CRM through the establishment of connections between the Customers Area and a multitude of third-party applications. By facilitating user engagement with critical endpoints and functions, it optimizes operations and enhances the overall CRM experience. Logins and registrations of users, management of knowledge base articles, proposals, estimates, contracts, tickets, invoices, and projects are among the many operations supported by this module. By automating administrative and data input processes, users are able to allocate more time and effort towards cultivating customer relationships and fostering business expansion. A few seconds are required to install and activate the module after uploading and activating the archive file obtained from CodeCanyon. Concerns may be directed to the support area for assistance.

REST API for Perfex Customers Nulled Script

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REST API for Perfex Customers Nulled Script The definitive module designed to enhance the functionality of your Perfex CRM by establishing a connection between the Customers Area and virtually any third-party application.
This robust Customers REST API module seamlessly integrates with your CRM system, facilitating communication with critical endpoints and services and thereby unlocking an entirely new realm of opportunities.

By utilizing our Customers REST API module, you can significantly improve your CRM experience and streamline your processes. The functionality of this module extends beyond rudimentary operations such as user logins and registrations to encompass knowledge base articles, proposals, estimations, contracts, tickets, invoices, and projects.

REST API for Customers of Perfex – 1

Efforts to enter data manually and complete administrative tasks shall be discontinued. Our REST API module provides a streamlined and efficient procedure, enabling you to optimize your time and focus on critical activities such as nurturing client relationships and driving business growth.
You can optimize the functionality of your Perfex CRM and revolutionize your interactions with it by utilizing our module. Immediately uncover the potential of automation, efficacy, and seamless integration.

REST API documentation and commands for clients of Perfex (version 2).

Actions accessible via API:

In general, enter your credentials using a token. Enroll as a customer. Regarding Projects A list of the initiatives of your clients. Obtain detailed assignment information. Participate in project discussions. Obtain detailed project discussion information. Retrieve data from a particular project pane. Insert the project’s objective. Maintain the duties and invoices for a project. Acquire every invoice issued to the client. Obtain detailed invoice information and estimates. Collect every estimate provided by the client. Acquire information regarding a particular estimate and proposals. Acquire every client proposal. Obtain detailed proposal information. Enter a comment regarding a particular proposal within Contracts. Acquire all contractual agreements directly from the client. Acquire precise contractual particulars. Specify a contract-specific comment in the Tickets section. Acquire each ticket for the client. Obtain access to detailed ticket information via the Knowledge Base. Acquire every KB grouping. Obtain an inventory of articles from a group’s knowledge base. Obtain information regarding a specific article as well as related articles.

REST API for Customers of Perfex – 3. REST API for Customers of Perfex – 4.

Configuration and Support

A Customer API for Perfex can be installed, activated, and rendered entirely operational in a matter of seconds.

Navigate to Modules in the Perfex CRM Settings to deploy our module. Continue uploading the CodeCanyon-obtained compressed file. You will be completely prepared once the module is activated in the subsequent phase.

Please utilize our assistance section to submit a support request if you have any inquiries.
Our support staff will provide an immediate response.

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REST API for Customers of Perfex (8).



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