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Stock Manager Advance Nulled Script 3.5.2

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A PHP and jQuery web application, Stock Manager Advance provides modules for on-site inventory and sales management. Employees can sell products and accept credit card payments through the Point of Sale (POS) module, while the Shop module facilitates online sales and payments via PayPal and Skrill. The system has a tax and discount management system in addition to an inventory management system. A calendar, responsive theme, sophisticated records for overview, stock value per warehouse, and customized sales and buy records are further features of Stock Manager Advance. The POS module is now more functional and performs better thanks to its makeover.

Stock Manager Advance Nulled Script

Advance Stock Manager Including All Modules

Built with PHP and jQuery, Stock Manager Advance is a web application that has all the modules (Shop and POS) needed for on-site inventory and sales administration.

With the Shop Module, you can further enhance your SMA by offering online sales and accepting payments via Skrill and PayPal. This module may be helpful to your client in managing sales, estimates, and payments.

With the POS (Point of Sale) module, your staff will have no trouble accepting credit card payments and selling your merchandise. You may easily access point of sale (POS) from any internet-connected device because this module is touch-screen compatible.

You may access your inventory, make purchases, and view sales data from anywhere—at your desk, at home, at the warehouse, or while traveling. All that is needed to access this is a device with an internet connection.

An inventory management and invoicing system that is integrated with Stock Manager Advance. The invoice system includes both taxes and discounts. These will be very helpful in automatically applying discounts and taxes, and they will also enable you to create invoices based on your quotes.

a calendar where users can add events, three distinct responsive theme designs, and daily and monthly sales and tax figures. records that are updated and enhanced for product sales and purchases, stock value per warehouse, and overview.

You may now manage many warehouses at once with Stock Manager Advance.

The point-of-sale (POS) module has undergone redesigns to enhance usability, performance, and user interface.

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