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Support System Nulled Script 4.1.4

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The Safety Net A ticketing system called Nulled Script can be hosted on your own server and is used to manage emails, PayPal payments, and support tickets. Easy web installation, remote server login, knowledge base, email piping function, like and dislike buttons, proactive search, time zone control, and social network integration with Yahoo!, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Envato are just a few of its features.

By utilizing the Envato API, the system enables users to personalize payment options, product code verification, and support duration checks. Additionally, users can personalize admin panels, generate pre-made email templates, and create user groups with assigned roles. Additionally, the system allows administrators to customize alarms and prerecorded messages for visitors, or for both.

Users can alter the appearance of their program with the Support System’s many themes and auto-update settings. It offers choices for selecting the language of admin notifications and supports many languages.

Ticket Help Desk, Live Web Chat, Client Desk, and Auto-Closing Tickets are all part of the Top Support System, which automatically closes tickets. GDPR compliance, progress reports, auto-assign rules, automated ticket closure, and round-the-clock service are also supported.

Agent roles, admin panel passwords, and login information are all available on the sample site. The agent role’s authentication information is also available on the demo website.

To sum up, the Support System A user-friendly ticketing system called Nulled Script keeps track of emails, PayPal payments, and support tickets. Features like like like dislike and like buttons, email pipe, live chat, knowledge base, proactive search, time zone control, and configurable payment methods are all included.

Support System Nulled Script

Support System: Client Desk, Ticket Help Desk, Live Web Chat

A ticketing system hosted on your own server is the ideal kind of support solution. It handles emails, PayPal payments, and support tickets. Its installation process is so simple that you won’t require any programming experience to utilize it. We will frequently update it, and it has an automatic updating mechanism.

Summery’s highlights

With the aid of an easy-to-use, step-by-step installation wizard, you can quickly set up your service with the Simple Web installation. No programming experience is necessary.
Single sign-on (SSO), also referred to as remote server login, is one of the most notable characteristics. In any case, whatever firm you operate already has a sizable user base. It’s also rather simple to use this software to access that service, should you decide to do so.
the addition of a live chat feature to the ticket help desk, client desk, and best support system. One of the best ways for clients to interact with agents is through live chat. Everything is easily adjustable.
Knowledge Base: There are articles with important information on every website. It always indicates any information that a visitor might have missed at the time of ticket opening. This results in a decline in the quantity of tickets sold.

Using the email piping feature, creating a ticket is as simple as sending an email. A ticket response can also be established by just replying to the same email.
We use a like and dislike button in targeted emails that we send out to gather consumer opinion. When users click on these links, a feedback form allowing detailed comments to be entered will be displayed. It is an exclusive feature of this software.
A proactive search that is simple to use and clever enough to find pertinent results even when spelling errors are made
The timezone control feature of this application is another unique feature. The auto-controlled timezone is determined by your user’s IP address. This suggests that while the admin’s timezone will be visible, the user’s timezone will be displayed.

Exceptionally Secure:

Protections against administrator login failures, brute force attacks, and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) automatically disconnect from a network and denylist bogus IP addresses. Additionally, you can manually allow or ban any IP address.

arranging according to On the ticket creation page, you can specify custom fields according to categories. Since not every field is appropriate for every category, we might add fields for both indivisual and all categories. An input field for confirming Envato purchase keys may also be included.
Numerous social networks, such as Yahoo!, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Envato, are integrated with it. You can choose any option. It provides a nice control panel for social network integration.

Being able to personalize one’s payment method is a huge benefit. Any ticket may at any point include a custom payment amount for any service (such as hosting or maintenance fees).
The Envato module integration includes product code verification and support duration checks via the Envato API. Additionally, log in using the Envato button.

Choose your preferred rich text editor from the list of alternatives.

Make user groups with the roles and rights you desire, then extend invitations to the individuals you wish to utilize them for. You have complete control over your application. It is possible to create any role with any permissions.
Put your own special menus to the admin panel by customizing it.

Easily alter pre-made email templates with prepared messages and easily customizable templates to send to clients. We won’t reveal the identity, so don’t worry. To show how easy it is, all you have to do is visit the live preview.
A Pre-written Message That’s Simple to Customize: It functions similarly to an email template. It’s easy to design or write any pre-written message.
Set a start and finish time for announcements or notifications that are intended for admin users, visitors, or both. It can be used at any time you choose to display a message to your visitor.

It has a number of themes, and you can select the color scheme that works best for your application. Future iterations will occasionally feature a wide variety of themes that we will develop. The auto-update feature ensures that you will automatically receive all future themes.
Establish file upload controls by imposing size and type restrictions. An additional special feature is that any files contributed can only be viewed by the uploader and the admin user. Even if someone has the precise connection, they cannot access private data.
All you need to do to download the most recent version using the auto-update system is press a button; you’ll receive a notification including all the details as soon as an update is ready. I’m through.

Yes, it does support a number of languages. Language selection options are available in both the Admin Panel and the Site Admin Notification. There are two configuration options for admin notifications. Notifications come in two flavors: email and on-screen.

The Greatest Help Desk:

Two ticket closures, live web chat, client desk, and automatically closing tickets Tickets that automatically close are now accessible. Your preferences are located next to the ticket.

GDPR Compliance:

Leading Support Platform—Live Web Chat, Client Desk, Ticket Help Desk—3 Yes, it’s easy to turn on the GDPR compliance feature.

Progress Report:

Superior Help System with Real-Time Web Chat, Customer Service, and Ticket Help Desk—4: Employees can attach work logs and view the complete log in the ticket details.

The Best Auto-Assign Rule Support System:

5-Star Ticket Help Desk, Client Desk, and Live Web Chat Added a rule to distribute tickets automatically. You have the ability to create custom assignment guidelines with this feature. Obey this rule and conduct yourself with authority.
Top Support Platform with Live Web Chat, Client Desk, and Ticket Help Desk for Automated Ticket Closing 6-2 Admins are able to create tickets on behalf of clients.

The Greatest Help System—Ticket Help Desk, Client Desk, and Live Web Chat—7-Eleven, Notes from the Client Lifetime or Administrator Ticket The administrator has the ability to add license notes: There are no unstated expenses. Make a single investment and get the rewards forever.


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