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TicketGo Nulled Script 4.2

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TicketGo is a PHP ticket management system that offers clients, consumers, and end users an easy-to-use interface. It enables several administrators and agents to view tickets and control their statuses. via their unique identities, users can quickly locate tickets via the system’s dashboard, which visibly shows tickets and categories. Additionally, users can alter ticket statuses and modify the ticket application.

Nine key components make up the Support Ticket System: ease of use in creating tickets, a robust data dashboard, tracking of tickets, personal notes, categories, chat support, hiring agents, FAQs, Knowledge Base Modules, site preferences, email reminders, customized ticket forms, and integration with local, Wasabi Cloud Data Storage, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and FAQs.

Additionally, TicketGo interacts with Wasabi Wizard and a number of cloud data storage platforms, including Wasabi and AWS. In addition, the system increases platform capabilities and provides a webhook for data sharing. AI integration is a state-of-the-art program that leverages AI to do tasks, increasing overall productivity.

Mobile devices can install TicketGo as a paid addon for their Android or iOS apps. Customers that speak Hebrew, Arabic, or a language related to Urdu can enjoy a nice RTL experience with the system, which is constructed using Laravel technology.

TicketGo Nulled Script

Support Ticket System – TicketGo

An overview of

TicketGo, The Support Ticket System, is a well-designed PHP ticket handling system that offers your clients, customers, and end users an amazing user experience. Several agents and administrators may access this tool, which is helpful for managing tickets generated by clients, customers, or end users. With well-managed support, the generated tickets can be closed.

What Can Be Done with the Support Ticket System

An attractive dashboard with a clear visual representation of the tickets and categories
View a summary of all agents, open and closed tickets, and further information.
guarantees that different administrators can utilize
simplifies the process for clients to generate tickets
It may be necessary to add more agents to address inquiries.
There may be communication between the agent and the end user.
Utilize the tickets’ unique ID to locate them.
Customize the recently released ticket application.
Make the necessary modifications to the ticket’s open, closed, or in-process state.
Including personalized remarks on each ticket
Divide into distinct sections for addressing basic client issues.
Knowledge Storage Module with Multilingual Access
Wasabi Wizard installation and cloud data storage service integration (AWS, Local, and Other)
A stunning and captivating syntax created with Laravel
A satisfying RTL encounter for customers who speak Hebrew, Arabic, or a tongue related to Urdu
created with the Laravel framework The Support Ticket System’s Nine Most Vital Components

Streamlined Ticket Generation

With this tool, users may generate tickets and attach files with ease. They can select from a well-organized list of commonly asked questions (FAQs). A unique ticket ID is produced and a link is supplied to the consumer upon successful ticket creation.
An Effective Data Dashboard
Access data on both closed and open tickets with ease. A monthly produced ticket chart and a graphical breakdown of the categories are available.
Obtaining Tickets through Search
Customers can search for their tickets by using their individual ticket IDs.
Monitor the tickets.
If more tickets are needed, add them. See a complete list of all tickets that have been created, including with their individual IDs, categories, subjects, statuses, and other relevant information. By clicking on them, you may quickly update their status or add a new response.
Maintain a personal note for each ticket.
You may annotate each ticket as necessary. This makes it easier to follow up on questions.
Make categories with your preferred color for better management of the created tickets. Clients can group their problems into numerous categories. This expedites and simplifies the ticket resolution process.
Through chat, the end user can ask an inquiry of the agent and receive a response. A pusher configuration for push notifications is supplied.
Agent Included
Hire more representatives to help your clients. Every agent may reply appropriately since they have access to all open tickets.


Create a comprehensive FAQ by compiling frequently asked questions. It is crucial to make sure users are comfortable.
Modules for Knowledge Retention
In every circumstance, the frequently asked questions are helpful. Describe the feature that improves it even further.
This Knowledge Base Module is intended to help you with precisely that. You have the option to update the “Knowledgebase Category” and add a thorough description beneath its assigned title, based on your requirements and comfort level.
Manage Site Preferences
You can now upload a logo and select the default front-end language in the site settings. Keep an eye on your mail passwords and usernames, as well as your mail encryption, drivers, post, and host.

Email-based Reminder

Customers are alerted by email as soon as they receive a response. They can talk about it beforehand if their ticket is not resolved.

Customization of ticket forms

Do you have a certain ending in mind? Not an issue. The questioning process has become much more streamlined and reliable thanks to the customized ticket form. After completing the forms, you can upload documents, files, and images. After you submit the ticket, a unique link is created for you to use in future conversations, which greatly simplifies the process.
Integrating Wasabi Cloud Data Storage, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Local
Integrating Wasabi Cloud Data Storage, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Local It is absolutely essential to protect you. The feature of cloud data storage helps the user to accomplish the same.
It facilitates the organization of data into many tiers based on diverse factors such as cost, availability, performance, recovery, and migration. It also makes it simple to store data both locally and on the cloud. Data is protected from hackers by cloud data storage providers like AWS and Wasabi, which are safe, reasonably priced, and validated by a third party.
An online hook
By simply integrating and improving components, you may streamline data transfer and increase platform capabilities.
Integration of artificial intelligence
AI Integration is a state-of-the-art program that leverages AI to do tasks, increasing overall productivity.
Refresh the Record
This is where you can view the version changes and recently issued updates. Examine the changelog.


To report any issues, questions, or suggestions, kindly fill out this form and submit a support request. If you want quick responses, steer clear of the comments section when you seek for help.

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