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Typek Performance nulled plugin 3.2.3

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Typek is a WordPress page speed plugin designed for designers, builders, and owners to improve their websites’ performance. It is compatible with Page Builder and helps optimize HTML and CSS in WordPress. Speed is crucial for search engine rankings, conversion rates, and user experience. The plugin also includes metrics like Largest Contentful Paint, Initial Input Delay, First Contentful Paint, and Time to Interactive.


An online business’s performance is crucial. Get ahead of the competition by using the WordPress page speed plugin. Typek is for designers, website builders, and website owners who want their sites to load quickly. It’s also for SEO experts who want to improve their optimization skills. Finally, it’s for anyone interested in learning a new skill and turning it into a lucrative online career. Did you know that most themes and plugins load all of their functions even when you’re not using them? This is a good way to finish your website, as you can select the features you need, sort of like a buffet.


WordPress developers, site designers, WordPress nulled themes agencies, and SEO agencies can use the Typek Performance nulled Plugins. Leave the optimization to WPTYPEK and concentrate on creating! The first plugin to examine HTML and CSS in WordPress is this one. Completely compatible with Page Builder.

rankings on search engines

A website that loads slowly lowers in search results.
Google makes it clear that one factor in ranking is speed.Lead & Sell
Conversion rates on mobile devices can be affected by a one-second delay of up to 20%.
enhanced user encounter
If a mobile website takes longer than three seconds to load, 53% of visitors will go.
fresh clientele
47% of users anticipate a web page to load in under two seconds.

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Evaluates how well a page loads. to offer a satisfying customer experience. The render time of the largest visible picture or text block in the viewport is reported by the metric.
  • Initial Input Delay (FID): The interval of time between a user’s initial interaction with a page (e.g., clicking a link, tapping a button, or utilizing a custom JavaScript control) and the browser’s actual ability to start processing event handlers in response to that interaction.
  • The term “cumulative layout shift” (CLS) refers to the method of adding up all of the individual layout shift scores for each unexpected layout shift that happens over the course of the page. Any time a visible element moves from one rendered frame to the next, it’s called a layout shift.
  • When a user navigates to your page, the First Contentful Paint (FCP) metric tracks how long it takes the browser to render the first piece of DOM content.
    Time to Interactive (TTI): Calculates the amount of time needed for a page to become completely
  • interactive. When: Event handlers are registered for the majority of visible page elements; and the page shows meaningful content, as determined by the First Contentful Paint, it is deemed fully interactive.

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