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URL Coupons nulled plugin 2.16.0

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The URL Coupons by SkyVerge extension lets you attach a unique URL to each coupon in your WooCommerce store, instantly applying discounts and adding products to the customer’s basket. This enables you to make print advertising more actionable and helps people recall coupons for complete transactions. The plugin can boost conversion rates by hiding coupon fields and enabling just URL coupons to be utilised.

You can utilise the URL of an existing page or post on your website to generate coupons, allowing you to reward followers, brand loyalists, or customers that interact with your blog with an automated discount. You can also reroute clients once they apply for a coupon, lowering barriers to purchase and delivering a streamlined one-page coupon application and shopping experience.

URL Coupons’ key features include creating a unique URL for a coupon, controlling where the customer is redirected after visiting the URL, tracking and increasing conversions from online and print advertisements, improving conversions by automating action when the customer clicks, assisting current customers in remembering, sharing, and using coupons, and optionally hiding other coupon application methods.

To get started, download and install the plugin in your WooCommerce store, then create a coupon under WooCommerce > Coupon and assign it a unique URL. This extension allows you to embed coupons throughout your website and provide advanced ways to use them.

URL Coupons nulled plugin

URL Coupons nulled plugin Create a unique URL for a coupon code that will automatically apply discounts and (optionally) add items to the customer’s cart.
WooCommerce URL Coupons let you extend and automate your coupons.

The URL Coupons by SkyVerge plugin allows you to assign a unique URL to each coupon in your WooCommerce store. When this URL is entered or clicked, the coupon discount is immediately applied and (optionally) items are added to the customer’s shopping cart.

A URL coupon was applied. notice
  • URL coupons are the best way to make your print advertising actionable, and you can also help customers remember coupons so they complete
  • transactions. To track the performance of your pay-per-click ad campaigns, enter a coupon URL, or configure the nulled plugin to only accept URL coupons.
  • Remove coupon fields to boost conversions.

Coupon boxes are conversion killers, according to research published by major analytics firms such as KISSmetrics. Customers that leave your website in search of coupons may not return. URL coupons provide you the freedom to utilise them as your exclusive coupon approach.

You can instruct the plugin to hide your coupon code fields in the cart and/or checkout, so that only URL coupons are allowed. Consumers who have coupons will have them applied quickly when they visit your URL, but other consumers will never leave to seek for coupons.

URL Coupons Hide Coupon Fields

Hide Coupons Setting: Automatically apply coupons to visitors.
You can use the URL of an existing page or post on your website to activate discounts. This means you can send a voucher to anyone who reads a specific blog post or visits your landing page. This is a great way to reward followers, brand fans, or customers that interact with your blog by providing an automatic discount.

Redirect customers after they have applied the coupon.

You can reroute clients once they have viewed a discount URL. This allows you to optionally add items to the cart when the URL is accessed and swiftly redirect users to a certain page, such as the cart or checkout. This removes as many barriers to purchasing as possible, and it can even be used with WooCommerce One Page Checkout to give a really seamless, one-page coupon application and payment experience.

Personalise coupon URLs to reward customers.

To apply a “thank you” coupon, provide a generic coupon URL, such as mystore.com/coupon/thanks. However, because this coupon URL does not have a trailing slash, you can tailor the experience for your customers by utilising the URLs mystore.com/coupon/thanks-john or mystore.com/coupon/thanksjane.
If you want to use a single URL for coupons, you can prevent this behaviour by including a trailing slash, such as mystore.com/coupon/thanks/.

Other Ways to Increase Your Coupons

Use a unique URL or QR code on your business cards to offer prospective consumers a discount when they check in.
Make it easy for existing customers to share your products or services by simply presenting them with a link to share with their friends, allowing them to visit your website while obtaining a discount!
To avoid coupon searches, only URL coupons can be used.
To communicate with your customers, send them personalised URL discounts, such as mysite.com/thanks-jen.
Automatically apply discounts to customers who visit a specific page or article.

Essential WooCommerce URL Coupon Features:
  • Create a unique URL for a coupon and apply the discount when it is accessed.
  • Optionally, include one or more items that will be added to the customer’s basket when the unique URL is entered.
  • Control if and where the consumer is directed after viewing the URL.
  • Track and increase conversions from your online and print advertisements.
  • Increase conversions by automating steps after a consumer click.
  • Help existing customers remember, distribute, and use coupons.
  • Other coupon application methods can optionally be concealed.
  • CSV coupon exports are supported with the Smart Coupons plugin.
  • Create a one-page coupon application and purchase experience by combining WooCommerce One Page Checkout and URL coupons. NEW
  • Reduce shopping barriers by automatically applying discounts and adding items to the basket.
  • The new URL Coupon settings allow you to define coupon minimums, expiry dates, and use constraints.
  • Set a unique URL and other coupon options.

Prevent customers from leaving your checkout to go coupon hunting. Increase conversions in your advertising campaigns by automating discounts to encourage purchases. Help existing customers access and share the bargains you offer. Automatically apply discounts to page or post visitors in order to provide “easter eggs” and prizes. URL Coupons can assist you in integrating your coupons throughout your website and developing new ways to use them.

How to get started

Purchase this extension!
Download and install in your WooCommerce store.
Create a coupon in WooCommerce > Coupons.
Create a unique URL for the discount and start using the new link in your marketing.
That’s it! Sit back and enjoy better advertising and coupon management!
Need another reason to buy? When you purchase a SkyVerge-developed extension, you are getting the greatest extensions for your WooCommerce plugin business. Have peace of mind knowing that when you purchase our products, we care just as much about your store’s success as you do.

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