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vCardGo SaaS Nulled Script 5.0

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Users may quickly and easily make professional-looking digital business cards with vCardGo SaaS, a free, user-friendly, and elegant card designer. Users don’t need to reprint their cards to make simple edits thanks to a Super Admin Login. The software provides each organization with a QR code, twenty-one designs with fifty different color possibilities, and a comprehensive dashboard with all the data they need. It also offers a professional way to connect events, online groups, and in-person get-togethers.

There is mobile card storage and an easy-to-drag-and-drop business card layout component. The Appointments Module makes it easy to plan appointments, and the platform provides user-specific Google Fonts. The platform also has a preview of the submitted image, reCaptcha, and a GDPR cookie.

Based on Laravel 10, vCardGo SaaS provides a range of payment gateways, such as Mercado Pago, CoinGate, Paymentwall, toyyibPay, PayFast, SSPay, IyziPay, PayTabs, Benefits, Cashfree, aamarPay, Yookassa, Midtrans, and Xendit. These payment gateways are offered by vCardGo SaaS.

Plan creation and payment processing, an all-inclusive dashboard with all the required data, business details, practice details, operating hours, meeting scheduling, supplemental services, personal reports, products for sale, website links, a speciality gallery, a calendar, Google fonts that are personalized, and password protection are just a few of the advantages of vCardGo SaaS. Businesses may improve their web presence, save time, and streamline their operations by utilizing vCardGo SaaS.

Businesses may enhance and manage their online presence with the help of vCardGo, a potent tool. A Progressive Web App (PWA) for easy customization, pixel parameters for precise control, a webhook for data sharing, AI integration for increased efficiency, and data storage integration with cloud services like Wasabi, AWS, and Local are just a few of the features it offers.

In addition, vCardGo has mobile capability that lets users share contact details on their phones and a call icon for convenient customer support. Users can store their contact information for subsequent logins, and the software offers ten unique designs with five color options. Clicking on the web icon will take you to the URL of the website.

In order to save users’ personal information for future online service logins, the vCardGo platform also has a GDPR cookie. In addition, the platform offers support for any problems or recommendations along with a changelog for upgrades. Businesses can improve their online presence and boost conversion rates by incorporating these features.

vCardGo SaaS Nulled Script

vCardGo SaaS – Digital Business Card Creator: Expectations
  • a comprehensive dashboard that compiles all required information into a single tab.
  • There are twenty-one themes and fifty possible color combinations.
  • A QR code is available for each company.
  • a professional approach to connecting in-person meetings, virtual communities, and virtual events.
  • You are free to update and modify the card as often as you like without consulting anyone else.
  • It is superfluous to keep stock levels low and printing costs low.
  • It’s simple to drag and drop the part with the business card layout.
  • Storing mobile cards is simple.
  • Make effective use of the Appointments Module while scheduling appointments.
  • Your surroundings, with the emblem.
  • available in multiple languages.
  • Google Fonts are created specifically for you.
  • Use a password to secure card access.
  • Use our digital signature module to give your business cards a makeover.
  • We’ve included a GDPR cookie to help make the next visit easier and better.
  • combination of cloud data storage from Wasabi, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and local sources.
  • ReCaptcha is now used on the login and password reset page.
  • an image preview that was posted.
  • Meta keywords and descriptions are used by all businesses for search engine optimization, or SEO.
  • All businesses have access to Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.
  • Organize websites with Custom and Subdomain Options.
  • HTML that is customized for business cards.
  • The Progressive Web App simplifies accessibility (PWA).
  • When you make an appointment, you’ll get an email.
  • Options to change the sidebar, main color, layout, and on/off state of RTL.
  • The translucent layout, dark layout, and color settings for the theme customizer are available.
  • It’s easy to make adjustments to the landing page.
  • Clients speaking Hebrew, Arabic, or Urdu can easily utilize this RTL experience.
  • Twenty-plus different payment gateways are available for you to choose from when paying for any of the plans: Paystack, PayPal, Mercado Pago,
  • CoinGate,Paymentwall, Mollie, Skrill, PayFast, SSPay, IyziPay, PayTabs, Benefits, Cashfree, aamarPay, Yookassa, Midtrans, and Xendit.
  • built with Laravel 10.
 Principal Advantages: Online Business Card Maker

One Special SaaS Feature: Making Plans and Handling Payments

Create tactics that are optimized for your business with the use of a Super Admin Login. Make sure the strategy you design has the appropriate duration and cost. Utilize a range of payment processors to gather money. Should you neglect to renew the plan after it expires, it will become inactive.

Control board

vCardGo SaaS offers a comprehensive dashboard with all the required information. Without a question, dashboards have made a lot of things easier in our lives. It is simple to locate the businesses and the appointments connected to them throughout the past 30 days thanks to the visual arrangement. You may also see the various platforms, browsers, and devices that users are using to view your card.


The business information tool allows you to add, amend, and update the themes and comprehensive corporate information.
The firm profile has several components, like a banner, logo, title, description, and more.


a comprehensive list of all the contact information for your social media accounts, including phone number, email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and more. One can select the platform based on the type of business activity. The update and modification are beneficial regardless of the circumstances.

operational hours

By activating this feature, you can clearly display the start and end timings of each day’s business operations for your organization.


With the use of this tool, appointments can be made for a specific future day and the duration of each session.


You can use this feature to justify and assert any additional services you offer.


This feature allows ratings and reviews from users and customers to be shown.

Things offered for sale

You may add the things more easily thanks to this functionality. For instance, a customer selling computers needs the Products section in order to access all of the laptop product ranges.


Your personal landing page has easy links to all of your social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Behance, Dribble, Figma, Messenger, Pinterest, and TikTok. With the help of these links, you may grow your following, improve the efficiency of your social media connectivity, and boost the number of times you visit social media. This feature can even pique the curiosity of a social profile hub.

Unique Gallery

You can submit URLs for your own original photos and movies together with media items, such as pictures and films, using this facility.


No matter how important a deadline is, be sure you never miss it. See what your plans are for the upcoming day, week, month, and year. You also have the choice to take notes for later usage.

Customized typefaces available from Google

Our Custom Fonts Module makes it simple to access a wide range of Google Fonts. If you’re not happy with the automatically generated typefaces, you can switch them out with another Google custom typeface from the “Custom” section of “Business Information.”

Password-based security

Isn’t it safer to send the information when it’s encrypted and only available to a few people?
To make sure that only the individual you are sharing your business card with can view it, you can utilize our Password Protect feature. If you have enabled the password function in advance, anyone you share a business card with will require the password to access it.

Integration of Cloud Services (Wasabi, AWS, and Local) with Data Storage

You must incorporate cloud data storage options like Wasabi Protection, AWS, and Local in your. This feature of cloud data storage helps the user with the same.

It supports a wide range of requirements for cost, performance, availability, recovery, and migration. It facilitates disaster recovery, backup and archiving, cloud data processing, and storage tiering on both internal and external data storage spaces. With third-party approved cloud storage providers like Wasabi and AWS, you can protect your data from hackers while also saving money.

Every shop uses keywords and meta descriptions to improve their search engine ranking.

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to improve the visibility of your store or website. In this situation, you can utilize meta tags, like meta keywords and descriptions, to help the search engine evaluate the content of your store. Under the store’s Store Settings section, you can add or change the meta keywords and descriptions for your business store(s).

A Progressive Web App (PWA) that simplifies usage for all users

Its additional advantage is that it takes up less storage space than the application itself. After that, it picks up speed and doesn’t let up.


Creating a personalized business card has never been easier. You may quickly and easily make a business card that looks professional with the free, user-friendly, and fashionable vCardGo SaaS. vCardGo SaaS never needs to be pulled out or run out. You may easily make adjustments to your digital business cards with our user-friendly interface, so you won’t need to print business cards again. Utilizing a SaaS version and a Super Admin Login, make preparations.


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