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Vuexy Site Templates 10.0.0

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Vuexy is a user-friendly admin dashboard template for developers, offering customizable interfaces for various web applications. It includes nine applications and offers unlimited color options. Vuexy uses Bootstrap 5, Laravel 10, Vuetify, and React frameworks, with Laravel as an API for authentication and routing. It provides six months of free support and lifetime updates.

Vuexy Website Templates The most developer-friendly and highly adjustable admin dashboard template is Vuexy – Vuejs, React, HTML, Laravel, ASP.NET, and Django Admin Dashboard Template – a powerful admin dashboard developed exclusively for developers.

Vuexy Website Templates Developers seeking a feature-rich, customisable, and developer-friendly administration interface can look no farther than Vuexy. By following to the most severe industry standards, we have designed an administrative template that is not only very scalable, but also lightning fast and easy to use. With unrivaled versatility and ease, you will be able to create any application of your choice with minimum effort.

Vuexy Site Templates Create high-quality apps while remaining simple.
Use our cutting-edge administration template to create visually stunning, high-performing, and exceptional one-page apps. The apps will be fully responsive, ensuring visually attractive and error-free performance across PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

The Vuexy administrative interface is very customizable, allowing the creation of any kind of online application. To example, one might generate:

SaaS infrastructures
Applications for project administration
Backend e-commerce systems.
CRM apps for analytics
There are several apps available for banking, education, and fitness.
Begin without delay.
Vuexy is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing for a quick and simple commencement procedure. It also offers pre-designed templates, such as two specialized interfaces and nine painstakingly constructed apps.

Email Chat Kanban Calendar (currently limited to HTML, Laravel,.NET, and Django)
Currently, React (Next.js) is not supported in eCommerce and Academy.
Logistics (currently excluding React (Next.js))
User Roles and Permissions for Invoices Front-Pages (Only for HTML, Laravel,.NET, and Django)
Furthermore, the documentation is extensive, making it easier to set up and manage the starting kit.

Create your own style using Vuexy’s unlimited color options.

Take advantage of our cutting edge features.
Vuexy has essential features that make it easier to create high-quality apps exactly how one sees them. Bookmarks, fuzzy search, a floating navigation bar, dark and semi-dark style choices, advance cards, and charts are some of the unique and useful elements included in the Vuexy admin design.

Experience effortless help.
Every client receives free six-month support. We also give multilingual help.

Vuexy Site Templates Get lifetime free updates.
Every purchase of the Vuexy administrative template includes lifetime access to free updates. This implies that you will have infinite access to all changes, improvements, and new features.


The nulled HTML template, Laravel,.NET, and Django versions support Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers and use the Bootstrap 5 and Laravel 10 frameworks, respectively.
VueJS versions are compatible with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera thanks to the Vuetify framework.
React versions are compatible with Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, and they use the MUI framework in conjunction with NextJS.
Laravel with Vue Integration: The integration of Laravel with Vue necessitates the only usage of Laravel as an API. Vue effectively manages important operations inside this framework, such as authentication and routing.
Because the HTML version of the template makes use of AJAX technology for functionality, it is recommended that it be executed on any local server (e.g., XAMPP, WAMP, Node, etc.) that supports the “http://” protocol. Using the “file:///…” protocol to open a browser from a hard disk (e.g., “file:///C:/path/to/some_page.html”) may result in functional restrictions.
Vuexy Site Templates Variations arise across versions due to the availability of different frameworks and components. Please check the appropriate demos for the precise edition you wish to buy. Before buying the template, consider asking any questions via the live discussion or the comments area.

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