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WASender Nulled Script 3.5

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WASender is a WhatsApp marketing platform built on Laravel and Node.js, enabling users to create automated chatbots and connect with their target audience. It supports multiple automated payment gateways and offers a variety of features for users, including dashboard cleaning parts, QR-based device support, user authentication, bulk message sending, email sending in bulk, notification buttons, message lists, location messages, and automated response mechanisms. WASender also provides connected services, subscription modules, administrator-specific functions, and various payment gateways. The script requires a server with at least 2 gigabytes of RAM and Node.js version 16 or later. It also includes PHP SCRIPTS and nulled scripts for easy installation.

WASender Nulled Script – Whatsapp server and bulk sender (SAAS)

WASender Nulled Script. Constructed utilizing Laravel and Node.js, WASender is a WhatsApp marketing platform. WhatsApp, which boasts a monthly active user base exceeding 2 billion, is undoubtedly one of the most widely used messaging applications globally. The platform’s allure stems from its capability of facilitating connections between companies and both existing and prospective clients. To effectively communicate with their target audience, WASender users may assemble an assortment of devices. WASender enables the development of automated chatbots by users. WASender provides a multitude of functionalities that enable direct communication with the intended audience. The WASender Nulled Script provides support for scores of automated payment gateways in addition to an infinite number of offline gateways. For script installation in graphical user interface mode, an online installer is integrated.

Features for Users:

  • Dashboard cleaning parts are offered at both free and premium prices.
  • Supported by multiple devices QR-Based Device User authentication; one-on-one message transmission;
  • bulk message sending with plain text.
  • Email sent in bulk with a pre-made template.
  • Notification button (web, iOS)
  • Message list (web, iOS)
  • Message regarding location
  • Message Template
  • An automated response mechanism
  • Connected Services
  • modules enabling programs to develop APIs
  • Modules for saving contact book templates for later use.
  • Timely communication
  • List of Chats Group Chat Keep track of communications.
  • Various subscription modules.
  • Supplemental components
  • Reminder email before subscription expiration.
Administrator-specific functions
  • Informative Control Panel
  • Lay out courses.
  • Place a module order.
  • Client’s modules
  • Payment gateways
  • People who have logged in
  • Supplemental components
  • Effortless Create a blog menu and customize storage options (local and Wasabi Cloud). Based on roles and
  • several administrators.
  • Ten or more automatic payment processors
  • Web design.
  • SEO.
  • Configuration choices for developers.
  • Email notifications.

Characteristics of the Website

  • Without a doubt responding Commonly Asked Questions: [Questions] Compliant with Search Engine
  • Optimization (SEO) standards
  • Maintaining a Attacks that Employ Cross-Site Scripting
  • Style that is both individualized and modern.
  • script with the ability to be completely altered.
  • Dashboard for the Administrators Clean and tidy.
  • Logs from the web.
  • Every every page should have its own SEO.
  • More than that…

To run this script, you will need to have a server with at least 2 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM) and Node.js version 16 or later.




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