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Woocommerce Custom Product Addons Pro nulled plugin 5.1.0

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The WooCommerce Custom Product Addon is a lightweight, performance-optimized plugin that allows users to add extra product options using a custom form builder. It includes input fields, text areas, select fields, file uploads, drag and drop uploads, checkboxes and radio groups, date and time fields, image selectors and color groups, custom price fields, custom price formulas, and fields with quantity. The plugin also allows users to select multiple items, set prices, and use jQuery datetime pickers. The plugin also supports image selectors and color groups, allowing users to choose from a variety of images and colors. The plugin also includes headers, paragraphs, hidden input, and tooltips and help text for each field. Overall, the WooCommerce Custom Product Addon is a powerful tool for adding additional product options to WooCommerce stores.

Woocommerce Custom Product Addons Pro nulled plugin is a performance-optimized, lightweight, and profitable plugin that is simply the finest for effortlessly adding more product choices using its custom form builder.
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Input Fields and Text Area

Woocommerce Custom Product Addons Pro nulled plugin Add custom product input fields of different sorts, such as text, number, password, and email address. You may also set a fee depending on the amount of characters or multiply by the user-entered value.
Textarea fields may be used to gather multi-line strings from clients. WooCommerce Addons allow you to include custom input fields on the front end of your WooCommerce site that consumers may fill out before adding the items to their basket. WooCommerce custom fields include the textarea field option, which allows you to enter information that are often longer than a single line.

Select the field and upload the file

The Select option allows you to add several things as a dropdown. Customers may choose one or more items as specified. You may also define a price that is common to all fields and a distinct price for each field.

The File Upload box may be used to gather files from users. Files may include photographs, videos, documents, and anything else that WordPress nulled themes supports. The uploaded file will be saved in the uploads folder and may be accessed via a URL from the site backend. WooCommerce Extra Product Addons offer this option, which strongly encourages consumers to submit the files after purchasing WooCommerce items. The WooCommerce custom product Addons plugin’s file upload field seamlessly integrates user-uploaded files into the product layout.

Drag and Drop Upload

Woocommerce Custom Product Addons Pro nulled plugin  To make field uploading simpler, use the WooCommerce Product Addons extension’s drag and drop upload feature. The most common form of file uploading allows you to create a drag and drop field that allows customers to rapidly pick several options.

Check Box and Radio Group

Checkboxes and Radio Groups make it easier to choose from several objects in the backend. Checkboxes are used to choose numerous things, while radio buttons are used for a single option. You may also define a separate price for each reach field.

Woocommerce Custom Product Addons Pro nulled plugin Admin may arrange to display Other alternatives for customers to choose if they desire options other than those specified, and users can even input their own value as another value. Woocommerce custom product fields plugin allows you to build distinct blocks of choices that can be included into items. Once you’ve created the block, you may add choices as needed by selecting components such as radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. You may thus allow the establishment of extra costs that are added to the product’s basic price.

Date and Time

This nulled plugins supports the Date field, the Date and Time field, and the Time field. Users may choose a date from the specially created calendar or input the data manually. Time fields operate similarly, displaying a selection of time slots from which the user may pick one.

The custom date picker makes use of jQuery’s datetime picker. The WooCommerce product Addons plugin allows you to access the date and time fields, so users may choose a date from a custom-set calendar. They may also directly provide the value input and choose one of the available time periods.

Image Selector & Colour Group

The picture selector allows you to set custom photos to pick from. The administrator may add as many photos of whatever size as they like to the backend as options. It may be configured to pick both multiple and single images.

Colour Groups function similarly to checkbox and radio groups, allowing you to provide a custom colour box or circle in place of the usual checkbox fields. A tick icon will indicate which item has been chosen.

WooCommerce extra product Addons allow the business to add a unique touch to the displayed items by using the additional capabilities available. Images that promote goods provide customers with a clear understanding and a true impression of the object being sold. Similarly, the colour group allows you to replace monotonous checkboxes with custom colour boxes, which makes it more attractive to users.

Custom Price Fields

Price may be adjusted for all of the fields accessible via the plugin. The price might be fixed or expressed as a percentage of the product’s basic price.

Price may be calculated using the amount of characters input by the user, or by multiplying the value entered.

Custom Price Formula

Woocommerce Custom Product Addons Pro nulled plugin this feature of the WooCommerce additional product options plugin calculates pricing using mathematical calculations. The formula may be configured to determine the price depending on user input, quantity, and the product’s base price.

Fields with Quantity

If you want to include a specified amount or number of units for a given choice or field, this function will assist you. If consumers want to buy numerous units of the same product, you can utilise the quantity fields to let them pick more.

Other Features:

Create bespoke HTML headers using

Paragraphs may be specified and shown as they are on the front end. They can be used to explain certain fields.

Hidden input.
Users will be unable to see the data if they utilise the hidden input type.

Tool Tip and Help Text
Help text for each field may be specified, and it can appear as a tooltip or beside the label.

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