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xProfile Mobile App Template 1.1

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PerfectX is a profile picture border frame app that allows users to create stylish profiles with various patterns, colors, and shapes. It supports multiple ad networks and has a clean code source. Owned by iStudio, it’s not an official meta platform and offers free support for bugs. The app is not available for sale in the Envato market.

xProfile Mobile App Template This profile image border frame serves as a story generator. Using the DP Maker 2023, you can create an own profile image with gorgeous and trendy frames. A border frame may be easily added using a profile picture maker. Impress your contacts with a dynamic profile photo created by a dp creator. To increase interest in your account, you may change your profile image at any time. And more, thanks to this amazing profile photo border frame app.

We have an endless supply of exquisite designs featuring a variety of patterns on square frames and pixiets, such as neon, floral, badge, love, bokeh, and gradient, among others, with background hues that can completely alter and transform the image into an entirely new and amazing appearance. Use a range of brilliant colors and interesting new shapes in your images to convert the ordinary into the magnificent and remarkable.

xProfile Mobile App Template
Donate your stunning artwork to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.
Please note that PerfectX is a personal application and not included with a Regular or Extended License. Therefore, it cannot be purchased on the Envato market. However, I am happy to offer the source code for the PerfectX software to anybody who is interested in acquiring it. xProfile: Your Custom Portrait Creator  xProfile: Your Custom Portrait Generator
● Avoid running several programs under the same license. A normal license only allows you to have one app on the Play Store. Furthermore, premium applications cannot be live-streamed with a normal license.
In advance, PREVIEW:
xProfile: Create a Custom Portrait  xProfile, Your Custom Portrait Maker
Your Personal Portrait Creator (xProfile)

FEATURES: ● Over 250 popular border frames for DPs; ● Adjustable photos within frames; ● Rotate and flip photos; ● Color changes for DP frames; ● Crop photos for editing and enhancing DPs; ● A collection of stickers for appending to photos and improving DPs; ● Saved DPs with multiple sharing options for social media. ‘FAN BIDDING’ Admob, Fan, Admanager, Applovin Max, IronSource, Unity, Startapp, and Wortise ● Banner, AppOpen, Interstitial, and Native TemplatesMulti-Ad Format AppearanceFeatures include a responsive user interface, compatibility with all devices, support for Android 13 Target SDK 33, awesome UI design, Android Studio Pure Java Code, RTL/LTR support, in-app updates, in-app reviews, free updates, clean code source, and simple reskin.

ADISCLAIMER: ● This application uses business, product, and service names exclusively for identification. The use of brands and trademarks does not imply endorsement. We “iStudio” own the profile picture border frame/pfp creator app, which is not an official meta platform like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, or Snapchat. We have no official affiliation, association, authorization, endorsement, or connection to any of the social media applications listed.
xProfile, Your Individual Portrait Creator, Version 6.

Envato’s policy states that free support is only available for project-related issues and does not include package name changes or release apk creation.
Our refund policy: ● No refunds are available. ( “Should the item be downloaded” )Before making a purchase, please read the description and compatibility information thoroughly. In the case of a mistake, no refund is provided.

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