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YITH Automatic Role Changer nulled plugin 1.37.0

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Automatically change user roles based on product purchases or shop spending. Configure roles and trigger events, adding value to users and rewarding frequent purchases. Use plugins like YITH Role Based Prices or YITH Points and Rewards to build customer loyalty and promote purchases.

YITH Automatic Role Changer nulled plugin

YITH Automated Role Swapping Plugin nulled The user automatically changes into a different role when certain conditions are met.
The core of business is this: every customer is different, and even if they are aware of your policies on pricing and handling them, they will still always want more. If you can’t satisfy their needs, they will get irate and choose to do business with your rivals.

What is the number of distinct types of clientele you have?

YITH Automated Role Swapping Plugin nulled Because they make large monthly purchases, some of them want to be treated differently from others; others want to be given preference because they have been customers for a long time, and so on.

YITH Automatic Role Changer nulled plugin However, given that everyone of your customers has different wants, how could you possibly provide them all special treatment?

Granted, when our company grows to 10, 20, or 100 clients, we could need to adjust the user role to provide them advantages that others do not have by gaining access to WooCommerce’s preferences.

The most important thing is to provide some consumers’ advantages automatically!

The Automatic Role Changer for WooCommerce YITH nulled plugin performs this function while taking into consideration the needs of both you and your clients.

Once installed, you may designate VIP status to customers who spend above a given amount, or even provide that privilege to them for a certain length of time. You can even grant a specific user role to anybody who buys a particular product.

Are you aware of the potential effectiveness of this marketing strategy?

This plugin works with point and reward systems, membership plugins, subscription plugins, and more. Discover every function and how it works with other plugins.

Establish a system for assigning roles automatically.
Make as many rules as you want, then choose which responsibilities to assign to your customers after a transaction or many.

Select the items that customers must purchase to fulfill a certain function.
Choose whether you want to allocate a spot after the purchase of a specific product or one from a designated category or tag.

Establish the minimal payment required to get hired for a certain position.
Ascertain the minimum and maximum quantity required.
Assign a deadline to every regulation.
Select the start and/or end dates for timed offers, after which roles will be removed and no longer issued.

Stop a job from being applied improperly.
indicating which user roles you wish the particular rule to not apply to

Stay informed about the accomplishments of your clients’ duties.
Administrators and consumers get an email notice after a transaction is completed and a role is issued.

Orders with a role attribution are simple to recognize.
Role-attributed orders are identified by a note on the specific order page and a unique symbol on the “Orders” page.

Icon and Metabox

Make use of the roles that the Members nulled plugin has created.
Expanding the plugin’s capabilities beyond what is typically required for WordPress and WooCommerce

YITH Automatic Role Changer nulled plugin Adapt roles automatically
Certain requirements must be met for your position to automatically change.

Switch roles

Utilize the compatibility with WPML.
With the help of WPML’s advanced tool, you can translate the plugin rapidly.

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