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YITH Custom Thank You Page nulled plugin 3.7.0

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Customize your business’s Thank you page with text, upselling goods, and coupons to increase customer satisfaction. This can be done by creating a unique page or multiple pages based on product categories or payment methods, promoting best-sellers, encouraging repeat purchases, and allowing social media sharing.

YITH Custom Thank You Page nulled plugin

The only method to customize the WooCommerce thank-you page is to use the YITH Custom Thank You Page nulled plugin.
Expressing gratitude to customers for their purchases placed with your company is a crucial first step in delivering a wonderful shopping experience and fostering client loyalty.

Thanking those who have trusted your brand and products is important, and if you do it well, it may become an upsell strategy or a way to persuade the buyer to buy something else right now.

WooCommerce’s default thank-you page is rather dull and simple, only showing the order information and a pre-written greeting. With YITH personalized Thank You Page for WooCommerce, you can create your own customized Thank You pages with any kind of content, such as an image or an original photo, the contact details for Customer Care, a heartfelt message, a list of potential upsell items, a 15% discount that can be applied to your subsequent purchases, etc.All of these elements could catch your customers’ attention and put them at ease, which will change things and encourage them to come back to your establishment.

Make as many customized Thank You pages as you like.

Make a single Thank You page for every order placed on your website, or many sites if you’d like, and configure certain parameters to show them based on the products or categories the consumer purchased or the payment method they choose. As per the standards, you are only permitted to provide assembly instructions or suggest a premium delivery service in the event that the customer has made a substantial purchase.

Six ready-made templates

Do you want to create a fantastic thank-you page but don’t know where to start? Be at ease! Six pre-configured themes with eye-catching images and captivating text are included with the nulled plugin. Any design may be altered to meet your needs and used for your company.

You may modify the page in a complicated way by using the block editor.
In essence, every Thank You page is a page inside your shop that you can update and add to using the block editor. This allows you total control over the look and feel of the page. You may add any kind of material you want, such text columns, images or graphics, a mailing form, shortcodes for complex content, and more.

Personalize the products table and order details.

The most crucial part of any thank-you page is the section that contains the order data: the products table (which includes the price and numbers requested), the delivery method, the payment method, and so on. This section gives customers an overview of their most recent purchase and lets them verify that the details (size, color, quantity, price, and so on) are correct. You may choose which elements to show or hide, change the font and color scheme, and add or remove elements (such product images, which are not available on the standard WooCommerce page).

YITH Custom Thank You Page nulled plugin Give the customer information area a unique feel.

Using the block editor, you can choose where the customer information will show up (top, bottom, after the products table, etc.). The plugin options allow you to change the colors and text formatting, as well as whether to show the payment and shipping information in one column or two.

YITH nulled plugin: Custom Thank You Page

To advertise best-sellers, products that are on sale, or similar items, put up a section for upselling.
Put an upsell section on the thank-you page and choose which items to show your customers from your store’s best-selling, featured, or comparable products based on what they have already purchased. The Thank You page’s upsell section will increase revenue, client satisfaction, and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Give them a coupon to encourage them to make a larger purchase.

his is the perfect moment to persuade them to make another purchase and maintain their interest in your company after the buying process has ended, the order has been delivered, and the customer is happy and satisfied (maybe even experiencing endorphins!). How? by offering them a discount on their subsequent purchase.

YITH Custom Thank You Page nulled plugin Encourage customers to share their purchases on social media to drive more traffic to your website.
How about adding a little em>special treat/em> to your Thank You page? Permit customers to use WhatsApp or social media to share their purchases. It’s a great way to generate buzz about your business and increase traffic, especially if some of your clients are well-known social media influencers.Using the builder, print a copy of the Thank You page.

In order to have a formal record of their most recent transaction, a lot of customers like to print the Thank You page. With the integrated Gutenberg builder, you can alter any of the pre-built templates to create a printed version of the page, giving your customers an easy-to-use option. Customers will see exactly what they need when they click the “Print” button: a PDF file including the purchase information, personalized content, and a polished design that is consistent with your brand.

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