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YITH Request a Quote nulled plugin 4.22.0

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What the add-on does
For every product, hide the price and/or the “Add to cart” button and let customers request a customized quote.

Benefits include: adding price-free goods and services to your catalog and allowing customers to ask for custom quotes; hiding the price and add-to-cart button on each item to entice buyers to get in touch with you for a customized offer; hiding competitor prices to develop a competitive pricing strategy; and capitalizing on the concept of scarcity by providing customers with temporary quotes and alerting them when an offer is about to expire.
The quoting process can be easily controlled at each step. The quote becomes an order when the customer accepts it and is directed to the payment page.
For customers who get in touch with you over the phone or in person at your store or office, manually create quotes.

YITH Request a Quote nulled plugin

YITH WooCommerce nulled plugin quote request The all-inclusive way to let your customers ask for a customized quote for the products they desire.
Numerous companies offer goods or services for which a price tag is insufficient.

YITH Get an Estimate nilled plugin For off-the-shelf or customized products, for which huge quantities of the same product may be purchased, a buyer typically decides to get in touch with the supplier to negotiate an ad hoc pricing solution. Requesting a quote is a way to engage in negotiation, which can be challenging in online retailers.

In order to bridge the gap between customers and suppliers, YITH Request a Quote for WooCommerce was created. Unlike other, sometimes constrictive e-commerce platforms, it allows you to quote multiple products simultaneously and only displays a custom price for a single product.

By using a quotation request form, one of the most challenging parts of online shopping—contacting and haggling with potential customers—can be resolved.

Thanks to our plugin, you could be able to display a “Add to Quote” button or link on your product pages. Consumers can fill out the form, add items to a list, and then ask for a customized quote.

It is also possible to hide the “Add to cart” buttons in order to entice customers to get in touch with the suppliers. In this manner, you can offer attractive custom prices based on their needs while concealing wholesale or retailer rates. This is the actual spot where the bargaining happens.

WHERE is the “Add to quote” button supposed to show up?

The “Add to quote button” can be enabled for all of your products or for specific products, categories, or tags alone. The quotation button can be shown or hidden based on the built-in exclusion list; it can be shown only on product pages or in WooCommerce shortcodes (like the Shop page, for example). You can choose to just allow (or prohibit) the quotation option for products that are out of stock; the plugin offers a plethora of configuration options.

Select WHO can click the “Add to quote” button.

Choose whether the “Add to quote” button should be accessible to all users or inaccessible to guests (those who haven’t signed up or registered yet). It is also possible to limit the quotation request feature to specific user roles.

Alter the button text and color scheme.

Select the button type (text or full), as well as all design parameters (wording, location, color scheme, etc.) to make sure the final product perfectly matches the layout of your store.

Both the “Add to cart” buttons and the product price should be hidden.

YITH Get an Estimate nilled plugin If you want to make sure that your consumers get in touch with you regarding product pricing, you can enable the quotation request option for all of your items by hiding the price and the cart button. Turning your e-commerce site into a product catalog only requires two clicks!

Give users the option to monitor their product list using the integrated widgets.
Make advantage of the header or sidebar widget to enable users to simply access and track their product list.

Modify the page where you request a quote.

Choose the information to appear in the product list and configure the structure of your quotation request page (displaying the form on the right or bottom). Use the shortcode on a page that you may customize whatever you’d like, such adding more text or a custom photo to the top.

YITH Get an Estimate nilled plugin Utilize and modify the integrated form

The plugin includes a preset form with editable fields that you can rearrange, add or remove, and modify the content of. You can choose to enable the optional reCaptcha and auto-complete, which, if enabled, will automatically fill in the form with the user’s saved information if they are signed in. The most interesting part, though, is that the data the user enters will be automatically linked to WooCommerce fields and included to the quote and related order.

YITH Get an Estimate nilled plugin Make use of a Ninja Forms, WP Forms, Gravity Forms, or Contact Form 7.
The plugin integrates with other plugins that let you design and manage forms, like as Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, WP Forms, and Ninja Forms, if you don’t want to use the default form.

Keep track of quotation requests in the table provided by the plugin and download them in CSV format.
Plugin version 3.1 introduced a table that lets you manage all quotation requests and their different statuses. Additionally, you may download data as a CSV file and filter requests based on status, customer, or date from the same page.

YITH Get an Estimate nilled plugin To save the client from having to fill out the form, manually create a quotation and email it to them.

A customer contacts you via phone or drops by your office to ask for a quote? By using this plugin, you can create a quotation by hand and provide it to your client, sparing them the trouble and time of having to do it themselves.

Enable the automated quotation option in order to send out the preset product pricing.

The plugin can be used to create personalized quotes. On the other hand, you can set up automatic quotations so that whenever a customer sends in a request, a quote reflecting your items’ default pricing—the prices you set in your store and that are hidden by the “Hide prices” option—is sent out right away. With only one click, you may activate this option, and the plugin will take care of the rest.

Choose whether to permit orders with the status “New quote request” to be automatically created for every request that is made.
This plugin’s primary strength is its ability to manage quotation requests. You can either manually handle them or, more crucially, enable automated order preparation. Every quotation request will consequently have the unique status “New quote request” and be kept in the Orders panel. Directly from the Orders page, you can submit your quotation. The order status will be updated immediately if the client approves and pays. clear, simple, and quick.

From the admin interface, quotes can be created, sent, and tracked immediately.

The entire quote process can be fully monitored and managed from the backend: quotation requests are stored in the Orders list, and all it takes to submit a quotation is to access the order, make the necessary configurations, and press the submit button. It only requires a few clicks and a few seconds.

Modify the cost of the goods and include delivery charges, extra costs, or coupon codes in the quote.
Prior to submitting the quote, you can add shipping or other costs, modify the product pricing (e.g., by significantly lowering them to offer a discount), and include a discount code (e.g., a 10% discount for a client who buys from you often or for the first time) in the estimate.

To determine a timeframe for quotations, apply the urgency principle.

Make a unique offer that your user won’t be able to reject, and incorporate the themes of urgency and scarcity by giving the quotation an expiration date. The buyer is more likely to accept the lower price and finish the transaction right away if it is only offered for a brief period of time, so as not to lose out.

Make a PDF copy of the quote that can be downloaded from the My Account section and attached to the email.
If you would like the quotation to be available for download in the My Account section or as an attachment to the quote email, you can enable the creation of a PDF copy of the quotation.

To edit the Quotation PDF, utilize the advanced Gutenberg builder.

Using the new, advanced Gutenberg editor, customize the PDF quote by selecting from nine different style options. You may create really creative quotations by modifying the colors, adding text blocks, and adding photographs.

Quote the author of PDFs

Customers can follow their quotation requests directly from the My Account page with the help of the YITH Request a Quote nulled plugin.
Thanks to the “Quotes” section of My Account, users may monitor the status of their quote requests, download the quotation in PDF format (if enabled), and view the details of each quote request.

Permit the quotation to be eligible for the “Accept | Reject” option.
Give your customers the option to accept or reject the quotation offer by clicking the link found in the PDF quote or email.

Quotations may be approved or disapproved.

Send the visitor to the payment page if the quotation is accepted.
The buyer will be sent to the checkout page to finalize the purchase at the agreed-upon price after accepting the quotation.

Make sure the “Ask for a quote” button is enabled on the checkout page.
Enable this option to convert your customer’s basket into a quote request on the checkout page.

YITH Get an Estimate nilled plugin Transform the items in your shopping basket into a request for a quote.
Permit customers to obtain a quote from their shopping cart.
Provide customers with the option to turn the items in their shopping cart into a quote request by displaying a “Ask for a quote” button on the cart page. When you click on the button, a modal window containing the same form as the one on the request a quotation page will open.

Remind clients about the quotation by sending them follow-up emails.

Customers can receive two possible follow-up emails from the plugin: one can be sent X days after the quote is made, and the other can be sent X days before to the quotation expiring. These emails can be used to follow up on unfinished business and remind clients of your concepts.

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