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YITH Store Locator nulled plugin 2.30.0

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Implement a shop locator on your website to provide real-time directions to your stores, strengthen your brand image, and improve the purchasing experience. Display a “Find in stores” button, manage product stock, and provide clear instructions for on-site purchases. Enable geolocation and set up filters to help customers find stores with specific services or amenities.

YITH Store Locator nulled plugin

YITH Store Locator nulled plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce The majority of consumers prefer to visit the store’s or company’s website and use the store locator tool to get correct and up-to-date information, even though many rely on Google Maps to locate real stores and receive instructions.There are many reasons why consumers go online before making a purchase: they use the shop locator to discover the closest location, to verify the hours of operation, to locate the Customer Care phone number, or to identify which store offers a certain service or sells a particular product type.For all of these needs, our YITH nulled plugin Store Locator is your one-stop shop.

Make a ton of shops with customized content and highlight the well-known companies.

You are allowed to create an unlimited number of real stores, each with an individual name, address, phone number, email address, description, and photo. Lastly, the shops you want to highlight will show up in the top two search results.

Provide categories and filters so consumers may do advanced searches.

Make a ton of filters for the services you provide (such as garment collection, free parking, home delivery, and restrooms). Regarding certain product categories, to help your customers find and find their way to businesses that provide the goods or services they need.

YITH Store Locator nulled plugin Permit users to turn on geolocation so they may get information according to their present location.
Enable one of the most helpful and well-liked features: geolocation gives customers who use your store locator to receive personalized information based on their current location without requiring them to manually enter any information. They can find the closest store, calculate its distance, and see the best route with just one click.

Open a modal window to see information when you click or hover over it.

A modal window with the store’s name, address, contact information, and directions will open as soon as you click or hover over the pin on the map representing its location.

Make distinct websites with contact details, forms, photos, and other content for every connected shop.
In order to enhance both the consumer experience and the ranking of your company on Google, create pages with original content, comprehensive information about each store, contact forms, photographs, and much more.

Offer a comprehensive and quick search option right away

Users will get real-time results when they type in an address or place name in the search box. This makes the search process quicker and easier, which improves the usefulness and user experience of your store locator.

Modify the map’s parameters in its entirety.

Adjust the magnification level, the search radius, the number of shops shown in the search results, the specific information to display, and other settings. The nulled plugin comes with an advanced panel that has all the necessary parameters to adjust the store locator to your needs and your customers’ wants!

Both Gutenberg and Elementor are supported.

Using Elementor, the most popular page builder ever, create your store location page. Which do you prefer, Gutenberg or not? As of version 2.0, the plugin is also compatible with WordPress’ built-in block builder.

Present the “Find it in Stores” button and set up each shop’s product inventory.
One of the most popular and widely used features on major online businesses: as of version 2.0, you can specify the product inventory for each store and allow customers to search for the physical store where they may get the items they desire by displaying the “Find in stores” button on product pages. Either a CSV file import or manual updating of the stock are options.

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