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YITH WooCommerce Affiliates nulled plugin 2.15.0

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Launch an affiliate marketing strategy to boost store traffic, attract new customers, and boost income. Encourage users to become affiliates, collaborate with influencers, and create automated advertising campaigns. Affiliates earn commissions on sales, and an integrated dashboard allows easy monitoring. Drive traffic, create leads, and improve SEO.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates nulled plugin

The plugin YITH WooCommerce Affiliates nulled Utilize influencers and affiliate users to increase traffic to your website, raising brand recognition, drawing in new customers, and boosting sales.
An affiliate program is a partnership between a business and an affiliate, who posts content online (on blogs, social media, etc.) to drive visitors, or potential customers, to the target company’s e-commerce site in exchange for a cut of the sales.

Any business may make a lot of money with affiliate marketing, and over 80% of online businesses offer their customers an affiliate program, from the smallest and most specialized e-commerce sites to the biggest ones like Amazon, AliExpress, Zalando, and Airbnb. As to Business Insider, ties are responsible for 25 percent of a store’s foot traffic and 15–38% of its earnings. These are very high numbers, and it is anticipated that they will increase over the course of the next year due to the growing popularity of the “influencers” phenomenon as a method of online advertising.

With just one nulled plugin, you can get leads, traffic, and sales from targeted partnerships with influencers and bloggers who represent your typical customer base. With YITH WooCommerce Affiliate, you can quickly launch an affiliate program in your shop and save money on advertising (where you are supposed to pay per click even if no sales are generated).


Create a registration page with a form that you may edit to your liking.
Create your own registration form and choose the data you want from the person wishing to sign up for your affiliate program. Name, email, URLs to a blog or social media account, a brief bio, and so on. You just need to decide whether to approve or disapprove the application. Use the shortcode to add the form to any page in your shop. Easy and quick to use.

Registration Form for Affiliates

You can keep an eye on and oversee each of your affiliates from a single table.
You may approve or reject affiliate applications that come via your shop’s registration form from the Affiliates table, and you can manually add new affiliates by choosing from among current users or adding a new one via the modal window. Access to a single affiliate information page and a quick overview of all affiliate commissions, earnings, and conversion rates are provided by the table.

Track all of the information about the users who are your affiliates.
The Affiliates table provides access to all affiliate information pages. You may see details about your personal information (website, registration date, referral URL, and so on) as well as information about the generated payments and commissions on this page. You will have the ability to redlist affiliates and perform other actions in addition to being able to override the global% commission and set up a custom one.

An affiliate’s detail page

Affiliate commission amounts differ based on the work, user, and product.
Establish a default commission and then include rules to specify different amounts according on the user role, product, or individual.
Decide on a global commission that will be applied to all affiliates by default. Certain affiliates may be able to override this number, and custom rules may be made to establish different commissions based on the product that is being marketed or the affiliate’s particular user role. For instance, you may set a general rate of 20% for every item and a different rate for only one particular product.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates nulled plugin  Decide how commission payments will be handled.
Choose whether to automatically or manually pay the earned commissions. When paying commissions by hand, you have the option to pay them immediately (from the Commissions or Affiliates tables) or you may wait until the affiliate submits a payment request via their dashboard. When it comes to automated payments, you have the option of paying all commissions every day, every month (say, on the 15th of the month), when a certain amount is reached (say, the affiliate will receive payment when they reach the $100 threshold), or a combination of the last two options (i.e., issue the payment every month but only if the commission threshold is met). In addition, you have the option to set a maximum payment amount (for instance, if the affiliate has $1,000 in generated commissions, you might request a maximum of $500 and pay the rest amount by a later request).

Affiliate commission payments

Affiliate commissions may be paid via Stripe or PayPal.
Decide on the commission payment method.
For easier and faster processing, pay the commissions manually by bank transfer (then mark them as paid in the plugin panel) or using PayPal or Stripe. This may be accomplished by combining it with our plugin, YITH Stripe Connect, YITH PayPal Payouts, or YITH nulled plugin Account Funds, which completely automates commission payment, saving you the trouble.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates nulled plugin  Commissions may be managed by utilizing the assigned table.
You may track and manage all commissions, the commodities that generated them, manually pay commissions, and see the details of each payment in the Commissions table.

Commissions table Dashboard for affiliates

Give your affiliates access to a different dashboard where they may see their commissions, clicks, and profile.
Choose whether to let affiliates use a custom website with the integrated shortcode or an endpoint that appears in My Account after checking in to visit the affiliate dashboard. Through the dashboard, affiliates will have access to a comprehensive summary of the leads (visits, clicks, etc.) and commissions generated. In addition to many other features, they will be able to search for and create new referral links, check their own credit and request commission payment (if the admin has enabled the corresponding option), and change their personal information (billing address, PayPal email to receive money, etc.).

Give your affiliates discount codes so they may provide a discount to clients they refer to your shop.
Do you want your affiliates to successfully promote your store? Make use of the strategy used by some of the biggest online retailers, including Zara, Zalando, Shine, and others, and create a coupon code for every affiliate. This enables affiliates to provide a discount to their social media followers or blog readers, boosting traffic to your company.

affiliate savings

Affiliate statistics for administrators
With the integrated dashboard, keep an eye on affiliate earnings and the affiliate users that drive the most traffic.
Through the integrated dashboard, you will be able to easily and often keep an eye on the trends and status of your affiliate program. For instance, you may find out how much sales your affiliates generate, which affiliates are more productive, and which products generate the most leads.

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