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YITH WooCommerce Uploads nulled plugin 1.30.0

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Customize your e-commerce platform by allowing customers to add files during checkout, such as PDFs, papers, photos, and graphics. This allows for easy management of custom orders, avoiding email exchanges and allowing for communication with the user through the order process. This feature allows for more personalized products and better customer experience.

YITH WooCommerce Uploads nulled plugin

One feature that gives consumers an advantage over others is the option to customize their orders. With YITH WooCommerce Uploads, let them upload images, text documents, or any other kind of material to meet your needs and those of your clients!

This nulled plugin objective is quite clear: to help you manage your e-commerce website. If you want to let customers add an image or text to the T-shirts you offer, need special signed paperwork, or want to enable users upload a particular file for orders that contain changes, you need YITH WooCommerce Uploads.

You may lose all of your clients’ attachments and create confusion if you received all of those files via email. After all, who would be happy to get a printed T-shirt with someone else’s image on it? Thankfully, YITH WooCommerce Uploads eliminates this problem by enabling the upload of any file and neatly arranging orders together with their related attachments, so there is no possibility of miscommunication!

Accept or reject attachments

Handle user files and provide them another chance to submit a new file if needed.

Identify objects immediately

Your customers may submit attachments from the cart or the “Thank You” page for a single transaction.

Sort similar product items in the basket separately and allow customers to upload different files for each item.

Link the attachments to the whole purchase if you don’t need to use them with just one product.

Ascertain how many files to attach.

Depending on what you need, you may enable or deactivate the ability to attach files to certain objects.

Files Make it possible to delete files
Give users the flexibility to change their attachments and set the order status to let them to do so!

There should be notes in the related files.
To get the intended result and give more information, you and your clients may make comments.

Take note
Communicate with your subscribers with messaging.
A prompt email system allows you to send messages directly from the WooCommerce order detail page.

Forward an email alert.
Tell your users if you accepted or rejected their files.

Email notification
Choose the file saving option.
To make them simpler to find, sort them by order ID or order number!

YITH WooCommerce Uploads nulled plugin Attachments may be requested from different pages on your website:
Page of the checkout, “Thank you,” or cart

Permit the uploading of files

If the product doesn’t need an attachment, hide the upload button.
in order to prevent users from unintentionally uploading unnecessary documents.

Utilize the compatibility with WPML.
With the wonderful WPML tool, you can translate the plugin rapidly.

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