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YITH WordPress Title Bar Effects nulled plugin 1.1.12

short description

What the plugin accomplishes
Get your customer’s attention by displaying an animated headline on his browser bar.
What you can get from it:

When your consumers open a new tab in their browser and leave your e-commerce, you will attract their attention.
Even if you have a lot of tabs open, the motion effect will make your e-commerce one stand out.
By recovering suspended purchases, you will be able to enhance conversions by encouraging the consumer to return to your e-commerce to finish the transaction.

YITH WordPress Title Bar Effects nulled plugin Nothing should be left to chance.
What about giving it one more shot?Let me clarify what I mean: when researching user behavior throughout the buying process, we discovered that many of them open several windows inside the same browser to get more information or to compare prices.

YITH WordPress Title Bar Effects nulled plugin This kind of distraction generally results in site desertion. That is why we chose to attract the consumers’ attention while utilizing this kind of surfing and attempt to bring them back to our business, allowing them to finish what they were doing before.

When a user changes browser windows, there isn’t much we can do. Nonetheless, YITH nulled plugin has considered a method to re-engage distracted consumers and entice them to return to the site.

Our plugin 98% successfully draws customers’ attention and returns them to our store by using minor effects applied to the title bar.

When your consumers are surfing, impress them.
If the page is briefly abandoned, the browser bar will animate.
Animation of the title bar

Choose one of the three animation types: “typing,” “scrolling,” or “intermittence.”

Set the animation cycle’s time frames.
Set the animation speed as well.
Delay and timing settings for title bar effects

Display advertising messaging
When the animation is implemented, the default title is replaced with custom text.
Set the title bar’s title, prefix, and suffix.

When uploading or momentarily leaving the website, the browser bar title will animate.
There are three animations available:
Intermittent scrolling when typing
Adjust the animation speed.
Apply a delay at the start of the animation.
Stop the animation once a certain amount of time has passed.
Set a time limit for the animation cycle to run.
During the animation, display a title other than the page’s default.
Every page title should be animated.
Set a unique title for each post, page, and product.


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