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FlipBook 2.5.0 nulled plugin

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The FlipBooknulled plugin in WordPress enables users to create a FlipBook quickly and easily, offering features like a bookshelf, pop-up, zoom, table of contents, hard covers, a flat design, configurable styles, and a slow load. It is powered by HTML and jQuery, making it compatible with both computers and mobile devices. The plugin features a sleek layout, allowing users to create thick books by uploading pages in bulk. It also allows for easy conversion of PDF files into flipbooks with a free add-on. The plugin is fully responsive, retina-ready, and customizable, with a simple control interface with no coding skills required. It includes over 1000+ icons, a table of contents, headings, body text, and over 650 Google Fonts. The plugin is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices and offers a straightforward style, resizing, and navigation options.

FlipBook nulled plugin

FlipBook nulled plugin  Create a FlipBook in no time at all. Includes a bookshelf, pop-up, zoom, table of contents, hard covers, a flat design, customizable styles, and a sluggish load (extensions sold separately).

he Responsive FlipBooknulled plugin is developed by the same team who created the world’s best-selling FlipBook. There is no need for Flash since everything is built on HTML and jQuery. It is compatible with PCs and mobile devices! The user experience remains constant across devices as a result of responsive design. A powerful control panel makes it easy to make changes. It was fully redone from the ground up for version 2.0. Many thanks to 24beyond for providing brochure and magazine mockups!

FlipBook’s feature-rich and sleek layout
See also: WYSIWYG editor.

Compact disks

It’s easy to create thick books simply uploading pages in bulk.

Convert PDF files to flipbooks with ease with a free add-on.

Download four PSD book mockups.

Eleven predefined layouts.

Create a table of contents.

Search for words or images.

FlipBook nulled plugin Using the whole screen.

A magnetic pop-up book,

Including a bookcase.

Powered by HTML and jQuery.

Retina ready and totally responsive

Exposure to a slideshow

Page by page.

the navigation skin has adjustable borders, colors, backgrounds, radius, width, padding, and margins.

Navigation alignment: top, left, right, and bottom.

Select an icon for the menu bar.

Adopting WPML.

Two Types of Tables of Content

Short-form Content Table

There are five possible locations where the navigation arrows may be positioned.

With this book’s always-open design, you won’t need any covers!

Connect with a website.

Changing the full-screen background’s color and transparency

Page after page of books.

The advanced control interface makes setup straightforward, and no coding skills are necessary.

FlipBook nulled plugin Add shortcodes to your posts and pages with the click of a button.

Parallel texts

Display options for automatically produced page numbers.

Simple page formatting with HTML and CSS

Suitable for both desktop PCs and mobile devices,

Upload files in bulk,

Page Previews in the Sidebar,

Config export and import,

Open a new window.

Scrolling zoom,

Separate web URLs for each page.

No Flash plugin is needed.

A straightforward style,

that can be resized and scaled to fit the screen of any device.

The best tool for presenting content

Use your keyboard’s arrow keys to flip pages.

One page-flip book for each domain.

The Visual Composer Shortcodes have been completely mapped.

More than a thousand icons

Table of Contents, Headings, Body Text, and 650+ Google Fonts

Clearly established.

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FlipBook nulled plugin We have more than 18,000 delighted customers, and we add new goods daily.

Our previous flip book is currently ActiveDen’s second best-selling product ever.

We assist as much as we can.

Freelancing is a possibility for us.

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