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Green Forms Nulled Script is a powerful WordPress form builder that allows users to create unique forms that serve multiple purposes and look great on any website. With over twenty different parts, the plugin eliminates spam, allows for customization of fonts, colors, shadows, conditional behavior, mathematical expressions, and connectors with marketing, mailing, and CRM systems. It also includes a built-in caching method to reduce server demand and Google PageSpeed Insights scores.

Green Forms Nulled Script offers a drag-and-drop interface, customizable themes, multi-step forms, deterministic reasoning, payment forms, interacted forms, notifications through email, third-party integrations, HTML assembly, database management, personalized GET/POST queries, mode that appears suddenly, operation from a distance, data analysis, event tracking for Google Analytics, completely reactive design, unlimited alerts, notification conditional logic, field validation, superior email verification, unique error messages, Google fonts, 1,500 icon sets, real-time translation assistance, support, extensive documentation, Ajax powered submission, connectivity to customer relationship management and advertising platforms, integration with SMS gateways, and more.

The plugin also includes a built-in caching method to reduce server demand and ensure no form is created every time it’s displayed. Users can choose to participate twice in the validation process, keep private data safe, and customize CSS and classes. The plugin also supports importing and exporting forms across different installations, creating copies of form data, and running individual JavaScript handlers once the form is initialized or submitted successfully.

In summary, Green Forms Nulled Script is an excellent tool for creating unique and visually appealing forms that serve multiple purposes and look great on any website.

Green Forms Nulled Script is a user-friendly and efficient tool for creating forms on websites. It is a simple and efficient way to create and manage forms. The script is installed using a wizard, which requires only MySQL and Admin Panel credentials. The plugin is activated in the “Installed Plugins” section of the Dashboard and can be incorporated with minimal coding. To update the script, users can download the latest version from CodeCanyon and save only two files.

Green Forms Nulled Script

Green Forms Nulled Script. You can run this script independently as a form builder. Look no further than Green Forms Nulled Script – Form Builder if you’re in the market for a WordPress form builder.

Without a doubt, the best form builder available!
Meet the fastest and most powerful form builder on the market. With Green Forms, you can create forms that serve several purposes and look great on any website. Fonts, colors, shadows, conditional behavior, mathematical expressions, and connectors with marketing, mailing, and CRM systems are just a few of the many adjustable aspects. With just a little bit of copy-and-paste JS/HTML code, you can easily incorporate any of our forms into any third-party website, whether it’s a standard form or a popup.

The optimization of performance has been our primary focus. To stop the plugin from loading unnecessary JS and CSS files, you can disable assets that aren’t needed for this project. Additionally, it includes a built-in caching method to reduce server demand, meaning the form doesn’t have to be created every time it’s displayed. Consequently, Google PageSpeed Insights scores are not significantly affected by the plugin.

Give Green Forms Nulled Script a go and see what all the fuss is about.
Go to https://greenforms.pro/standalone-demo/ and enter the demo username to access the admin panel.
Password: prototype.


Create forms with ease using a drag-and-drop interface. The Form Builder is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool for creating forms. Coding knowledge is not necessary.
Over twenty different parts make up the shape. All the tools necessary to create unique forms are available in Form Builder. You have limitless potential for creative expression.
Grid system in its whole. Use a unique drag-and-drop grid technique to create elaborate layouts. Supports an endless number of columns nesting.
Eliminates spam automatically. Captchas and recaptchas are rendered obsolete by Green Forms’ ground-breaking anti-spam technology.
Style your forms. Simply apply styles to specific form elements by adjusting the global styling parameters. Any need can be satisfied by choosing from a variety of options.
Custom themes built from the ground up. There is a pre-defined net theme in Form Builder for any purpose.
Manages themes internally. Design and manage unique form templates.
Multi-step forms. To make your complex form easier to use, break it down into multiple steps. No sweat.
Deterministic reasoning. Respond to user input and choices by processing form fields, confirmations, notifications, and more.
formulae in mathematics. Use user input and choices to generate complex mathematical calculations in real-time.
Forms for making a payment. Make it such that users must pay before you can proceed with processing their payment. You can connect your Green Forms to PayPal.
Forms that can be interacted with. By instantly displaying the results of user input, forms actively involve users.
Receive notifications through email. Distribute user confirmation emails and tailored email alerts. Conditional logic can be used as needed.
Third-party integrations. Make user choices and inputs automatically sent to popular marketing, mailing, and CRM platforms.
Assembling forms using HTML. Your service provider may offer third-party HTML forms; automatically transport user input and selections to them.
database managed by a third party… Save user choices and input to an external MySQL table or database automatically.
Personalized GET/POST queries. Send GET and POST requests to an external URL in order to transmit user input and selections automatically.
Mode that appears suddenly. When you click on an element, like a button, link, or menu item, a form will pop up.
Operation from a distance. With only a few lines of code in JS or HTML, you can embed any form onto any website.

Data analysis

Data on all form submissions, views, confirmations, and payments made for all forms, anytime.
the Data analytics in the field. Bar charts are one practical way to display a set of input data.
Start by filling in the fields. You can accomplish this by setting static default settings or by retrieving dynamic data from a URL.
The logic underlying the verification process! Display affirmations that are relevant to the user’s input and selections.
Input filtering for users. Eliminate extraneous information by making use of the filters provided.
Efficiency is improved. Form Builder has been fine-tuned to ensure optimal functionality.
Event Tracker for Google Analytics. Keep track of when forms are submitted.
Not a single programme. No coding knowledge is necessary to use green forms.
Completely reactive. Every device looks excellent when using a form.
Unlimited alerts are available to you. You can send as many emails as you like with just one submission.
Notification conditional logic. Notify recipients by email in response to their feedback and preferences.
Validation of fields. Use the fourteen built-in validators to check user input.
Superior email verification. Use a third-party service such as Clearout, Kickbox, or TheChecker to verify the domain’s MX record.
Unique messages for mistakes. Depending on the validation findings, display a personalized error bubble.
The fonts powered by Google. Personalize form elements with a plethora of fonts.
1,500 icon sets. You can use Green Forms with the latest Font Awesome package.
Real-time translation assistance. Compatible with RTL websites is Green Forms.
Support. We are prepared to provide you with prompt assistance.
Informational materials. Green Forms has extensive documentation.
powered by Ajax. No page refresh is required for form submission.
Connectivity to customer relationship management and advertising platforms. Green Forms works with 47 different providers: Acelle Mail, ActiveCampaign, ActiveTrail, AgileCRM, Automizy, AvangEmail, AWeber, BirdSend, Bitrix24, Campaign Monitor, CleverReach, Constant Contact, Drip, FreshMail, GetResponse, HubSpot, INBOX, Klaviyo, Mad Mimi, Mailautic, MailChimp, MailerLite, MailFit, Mailgun, Mailjet, MailPoet, Mailster, MailWizz, Mautic, Moosend, Mumara, and Omnisend.
Integration-based conditional logic. Execute integrations in response to choices made by the user.
Integration with companies that offer payment processing. Payment options supported by Green Forms include Yandex, Perfect Money, PayUmoney, Instamojo, Skrill, Authorize.Net, Blockchain, and Instamojo. Quick, Money, PayFast, WePay, and InterKassa.
Integration with SMS gateways. If you’re using BulkSend, FatewayAPI, Nexmo, or Twilio, Green Forms is the way to go.
Always choose to participate twice. The users’ email addresses must be validated.
Keep private data safe. Choose what user information will go into the database.
Paperwork for importing and exporting. Effortlessly move forms across different installations.
Make a copy of the form data. Put all the data from the form into a CSV file.
Repeated paperwork. Quickly create an exact copy of an already-existing form.
It is possible to personalize CSS and classes. Insert them into any element of the form.
Individualized JavaScript handlers. Run your own JavaScript script once the form is initialized or submitted successfully.

Setting up Green Forms Nulled Script
For the purpose of facilitating the script’s proper installation, we developed a wizard.

After downloading a ZIP file, extract its contents and upload them to your server.
Access it through your web browser, and the wizard will launch immediately. Parameters for MySQL and credentials to access the Admin Panel are all that’s needed.
After that, in the “Installed Plugins” part of the Dashboard, locate the “Green Forms” box, and click on it. The plugin is activated.
When activated, the plugin will add the desired item to the menu on the left.
Navigate to the “How to Use” submenu item. It explains how to incorporate a plugin into your site with minimal coding (only a few lines of JavaScript or HTML).
Recent Developments
It is necessary to update the script by hand. It’s easy to understand. Rest assured.

Go over to CodeCanyon and grab the latest script version.
Save only two files: /inc/config.php and /content/data/, then replace all others on your server with those.
Not a single form or setting will be lost. They are stored in a database called MySQL.

Server requirements
Here are the requirements your server must fulfill: That is already done by any modern server.

You need PHP 5.5 or later.
You need MySQL 5.0 or later.
Please get in touch with us so that we can help you out right away if you run into any problems while executing the script.

Update Record
To view the changes made or additions made to the most current version of Green Forms, please visit Changelog.

When it comes to creating forms, no one does it better or faster than Green Forms!

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