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Name Your Price nulled plugin 3.5.12

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Name Your Price is a flexible plugin that allows businesses to accept specific products at a set price. It allows businesses to offer a minimum acceptable price or leave the decision up to the customer.

This plugin can be used to accept donations, make items more accessible, collect data on client willingness to pay, and accept variable amounts for bill payments. It can also help businesses increase their client base and collect data on customer willingness to pay for their products. The plugin is easy to setup and fully accessible to screen readers.

Name Your Price nulled plugin

The Name Your Price plugin allows you to be flexible about the price you are ready to accept for specific products. You can offer a price to your consumers and optionally enforce a minimum acceptable price, or you can leave the decision fully up to the customer!

You can also use this nulled plugin to accept donations, make your items more accessible to a larger audience, collect data on how much clients are prepared to pay, or accept variable amounts for other purposes such as bill payment.

What Can Naming Your Price Help You With?
  • Collect donations.
  • Sell gift cards and gift certificates (digital or printed)
  • Profit from things that you would otherwise give away.
  • Reach new clients with accessible and democratized pricing.
  • Increase client base by encouraging new trials.
  • Collect data on how much people are willing to pay for your products.
Simple setup, excellent support, and improved user experience.

Setup is simple for a variety of application scenarios right “out of the box!” Once you’ve created your product, select the Name Your Price checkbox, and you’ll be able to input the minimum, maximum, and suggested prices.

Our manual also includes step-by-step instructions and customization choices for a variety of other use situations, such as compatibility with a number of other plugins. Find that information here.

Furthermore, our new Name Your Price version 3.0 has an improved user experience (UX) and is fully accessible to screen readers.

Name Your Price is a flexible sales technique.

Many websites use it to handle donations, subscription payments, and even simple online bill pay with variable amounts (e.g., invoicing).


Raise more funds by allowing contributors to give at their own discretion, with or without a suggested gift amount.

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