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ProBot AI Mobile App Template 2.0.3

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ProBot is an AI ChatGPT tool with advanced language models, features like Google Admob, Firebase, and Apple Login, and offers multi-currency, multi-language, and state management.

ProBot AI Mobile App Template Disclaimer: The ProBot used to deliver responses to this API is a demonstration version. If you wish to utilize the same version of the ChatGPT API service’s responses in your own project, you must pay an additional charge for the openapi API. Please contact the ChatGPT team for pricing, terms, and conditions. Please see the open AI price list at https://openai.com/pricing.

Reference links: Probot apk. Apk demo: admin link.

ProBot AI Mobile App Template If you purchase an extended license, please submit a ticket to .
ProBot: ChatGPT AI Chatbo Probot is an open AI ChatGPT that lets users to ask inquiries on any subject. This chatGPT mobile app combines Google Admob and Video, Firebase Login, Apple Login, Biometric verification, Rewards, Chat, Image Generator, and word completion, making it easy to connect to the world’s most powerful AI language model. You may subscribe with PayPal and Stripe and earn money using Google Ads. Premium features include text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionality in many languages, as well as text and image sharing. However, Probot needs an account before you can use any of its tools, with certain restrictions; after that, you must register.This app will work with both Android and iOS smartphones. Probot also supports a variety of currencies and languages, as well as state management using GetX, Dart extensions, and RTL. This tool lets you construct stunning, feature-rich apps. You may include any piece of the code. You like it and use it in your code. Our code is well-structured, with all directories, file names, class names, variables, and functions included inside 70 lines. This code is properly named to make it easy to reuse and modify. This application has features like bright and dark modes.


Log in with Google and choose the e-commerce application template.
Multi-language support.
Supports several currencies and operates in the cloud. FireStore
RTL Support
Shimmer Loader Effect.
Light and Dark Modes Theme
Over 1000 hours saved in the fields. Validation
Code is clean, concise, and well-documented, with less than 70 lines.
Simple to set up. Custom Integrations:

Flutter Widgets:

  1.  AppBarCustomizable buttons
  2.  Popup Menu Button.
  3. Text Input.
  4. SVG Icons.
  5. Demo for FlatList

We do not provide refunds. (If the theme was already downloaded)
Please read the description and version compatibility information carefully before purchasing, as we do not provide refunds if you purchase by mistake.
All visual images and videos are for demonstration purposes only and are not included with the purchase packages.

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